AWTYP Field in SAP | Reference procedure Data Element using tables

AWTYP is a data element in SAP used for storing Reference procedure data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this AWTYP field in SAP.

  • Data Element : AWTYP
  • Description : Reference procedure
  • Data Type :CHAR

Reference procedure tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using AWTYP Field

ACCTCRCompressed Data from FI/CO Document - Currencies
ACCTHDCompressed Data from FI/CO Document - Header
ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
ACEPSOITLine Items for Accrual Item in Accrual Engine
ANEKDocument Header Asset Posting
ARC_IDX_ATIndex table for ACCTIT/ACCTHD/ACCTCR archives
ARIX_BKPFFI_DOCUMNT: Header-Oriented Document Index for Archive
AVIKPayment Advice Header
BBP_PCACCProcurement Card: Accounting Data
BBP_PCMODProcurement Card: Modified Statement Data
BKKPOHDPayment Order, Header Data
BKKPOHD_TMPPlanned Payment Order, Header Data
BKKPOHD_TMP_DELPlanned Payment Order, Header Data
BKPFAccounting Document Header
BKPF_ADDAccounting Document Header
BPDKHeader Entry Document
BSPLSplit Posting Procedures
CE1E_B1Model Bank
CE1S_ALAirline Route Profit
CE1S_CPTemplate for Consumer Goods Industry
CE1S_GOQuickstart Template
CEERRORCO-PA: Incorrect records from SD
CKMI1Index for Accounting Documents for Material
CKMVFM_BSEG_OUTDisplay of FI Documents, Transaction CKMVFM, SAP Note 912984
CNV_20100_COESDuplicate COES keys (target values)
COBKCO Object: Document Header
COESCO Object: Sales Order Value Line Items
COFIPSingle plan items for reconciliation ledger
COFISActual line items for reconciliation ledger
COK41C_IXIndex Table for Documents in a Posting Run
COOICommitments Management: Line Items
COOI_PIBW CO-OM: Commitment Management: Deleted Line Items
COPPP_HDRCO Postprocessing List - Headers
CUP_DOC_ITDocument relevant for CUP/CIG Number
DBERDZDB Table: Individ. Lines - Print Document
DFKKKOHeader Data in Open Item Accounting Document
DFKKKO_SHORTHeader Data for Contract Accounting Document - Extracts
DFKKMKOHeader data for sample contract accounting document
DFKKORDERRequests: Header Data
DFKKORDER_SRequest Templates: Header Data
DPR_CONF_LIProject Management Confirmation: Line Item
EBKPFFin.Accntng Doc.Header (of Docs from Extern.Systems)
ECMCASAP Cons.: Journal Entry Table (Actual)
ERDBDocuments for Print Document (ERDK)
ERDB_SHORTDocuments for Print Document (ERDK) - Extraction
ETXDCHExternal tax document: header info
EWUFICRDOCEMU conversion: Documents to RFEWUDOC
EWUFI_CDOCEMU conversion: Documents to RFEWUDOC
FAGLCOFITRACELog of Real-Time Integration CO->FI
FAGLFLEX00General ledger: Transaction attributes
FAGLFLEXAGeneral Ledger: Actual Line Items
FAGLFLEXPGeneral Ledger: Plan Line Items
FAGLFLEXTGeneral Ledger: Totals
FAGLFLEXT_BAKGeneral Ledger: Totals
FAGLFLEXT_DIFDelta Table: G/L Totals
FAGL_BW_LOG_TOTLFI-GL: Log for BW Extraction: Totals Records
FAGL_MIG_FICHA1Worklist for FI Reassignment Tool
FAGL_MIG_PROCESSDocument-Specific Business Transaction Assignment
FAGL_MIG_RPITEMSMigration in New G/L: Objects To Be Posted Subsequently
FAGL_QUEUE_LOGLog of Delta Queue for Error Analysis
FAGL_SPLINFOSplittling Information of Open Items
FAGL_VAL_LOGValidation of Document Splitting: Log
FAGL_VAL_PROCESSDocument Splitting: Validation Mode Dependent on Processes
FBICRC001AICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Documents
FBICRC001PNot in use
FBICRC002AICRC: GL Accounts: Documents
FBICRC002PNot in use
FBICRC003AICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Documents
FBICRC003PNot in use
FCABKFI-CA: Document Header
FCO_DOC_HEADFailure Cost Document Header
FDM1Cash Management & Forecast: Line Items of MM Documents
FDM2Cash management line items from MM purchase requisition
FDMVCash Planning Line Items of Earmarked Funds
FDM_CCM_CORRTrigger Table for Manual Adjustments (Claims Management)
FDM_DOC_MIRRORDocument Information (Raw Data in Substitute System)
FDS2CM&F Line Items in SD Documents (fromr Release 4.0)
FDSPCash Mgmt Adjustment Items from Document Splitting
FEBEPElectronic Bank Statement Line Items
FEBKOElectronic Bank Statement Header Records
FERC_D2Documents per sender and account
FILA_GF_ITEMDOCSAssignment of Process - FI/CO Document Numbers
FILA_GF_ITEMLINKAssignment of Objects to Assets
FILCAFI-LC: Actual journal entry table with 2 object tables
FILCPFI-LC: Plan line items for object table
FIOTPOIOne-Time Postings: Items
FKKBEPElectronic Bank Statement Line Items
FKK_VBRK_SHORTHeader Data for SD Billing Document - Extracts
FLQITEMSO_FCLiquidity Calculation-Forecast Line Items from Sales Orders
FMABP_AREASAssignment of application areas for automated budget posting
FMAVCAActual line item table
FMAVCPPlan line items table
FMBDAActual line item table
FMBDPFM Budget change line items table
FMBHFunds management budget header (entry documents)
FMCCFDFiscal Year Change Documents (FM)
FMCCFLOTCommitment Carryforward of Held Documents (Approval Proc.)
FMCFSIOFI-FM: Selected Open Commitment Documents
FMCFSIO_TRFI-FM: Selected Open Commitment Documents
FMCHA1Work List for Reassignment Tool
FMEUFEXPCertified Expenditure Documents
FMFGRCN_SAV_ITEMSaved reconciliation match item data
FMFG_PO_SUBSETZEKKN number to correct invoices for SES
FMFG_PO_ZEKKNZEKKN data for all FI items referencing service POs
FMFG_PPA_INV_HDPPA invoice header information (reason codes)
FMFG_PPA_INV_LNReason Codes for Accounting Documents (Item Level)
FMFG_SAV_FACTS1ASaved FACTS1A data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600
FMFG_SAV_FACTS2ASaved FACTS2A data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600
FMFG_SAV_FMUSFGASaved FMUSFGA data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600
FMFG_SAV_GLIDXASaved GLIDXA data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600
FMFYCVAValue Adjustments Before Fiscal Year Change
FMGLFLEX00General ledger: Transaction attributes
FMGLFLEXAGeneral Ledger: Actual Line Items
FMGLFLEXPGeneral Ledger: Plan Line Items
FMGLFLEXTGeneral Ledger Public Sector: Total
FMIAActual Line Item Table for Funds Management
FMIFIHDFI Header Table in Funds Management
FMIFIITFI Line Item Table in Funds Management
FMIOICommitment Documents Funds Management
FMIOICCNEarmarked Blocked Amounts for Commitments in Funds Managemnt
FMIPPlan Line Items Table for Funds Management
FMRBAActual line item table
FMRBPPlan line items table
FMSPLITAActual line item table
FMSPLITPPlan line items table
FMUSFGAActual line item table for US Federal Government
FMUSFGFACTS1AActual line item table
FMUSFGFACTS1PPlan line items table
FMUSFGFACTS2AActual line item table
FMUSFGFACTS2PPlan line items table
FMUSFGPPlan line items table
GGREFAExample for Global FI-SL Line Items (Actual)
GGREFPExample for Global FI-SL Line Items (Plan)
GLE_FI_ITEM_MODFECS: Modified FI Line Items (Header/Item/Currency Data)
GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIGECS: Original FI Line Items (Header/Line Item/Crcy Actg I/F)
GLFLEXAFlexible general ledger: Actual line items
GLFLEXPFlexible G/L: Plan line items
GLFUNCAActual Line Items Table for Cost of Sales Accounting
GLFUNCPPlan Line Items Table for Cost of Sales Accounting
GLFUNCURollup line item tables with function area for IDES
GLFUNCVRollup plan line items table with function area for IDES
GLIDXAIndex to Find FI-SL Documents Based on AWKEY
GLISDEAActual Line Item Tables for Insurance (DE)
GLISDEPPlan Line Item Table for Insurance (DE)
GLP0Local Logical General Ledger Plan Line Items
GLP1Local Logical General Ledger Plan Line Items
GLP2Global Special Purpose Ledger Plan Line Item Table
GLPCAEC-PCA: Actual Line Items
GLPCA_CTProfit Center Documents
GLPCPEC-PCA: Plan Line Items
GLPOS_C_CTFI Document: Entry View
GLPOS_N_CTNew General Ledger: Line Item with Currency Type
GLPPCProfit Center Accounting: Plan line items
GLREFAExample for Local FI-SL Line Items (Actual)
GLREFPExample for Local FI-SL Line Items (Plan)
GLREFUExample for FI-SL Rollup Line Items (Actual)
GLREFVExample for Rollup FI-SL Line Items (Plan)
GLS1Local Logical General Ledger Actual Line Items
GLS2Global logical Consolidation line items
GLSPCProfit Center Accounting: Line Items
GMAVCAActual line item table
GMAVCPPlan line items table
GMBDGTHEADERBudget Document Header
GMIAActual Line Item Table
GMIPPlan line items table
GRISDEAActual Line Item Table for Insurance (DE) - Rollup
GRISDEPPlan Line Item Table for Insurance (DE) - Rollup
HRAAHDRHR Interface Table: Document Header for Activity Allocation
HRAAITMHR Interface Table: Document Item for Activity Allocation
HRP1504DB Table for Infotype 1504
HRP1505DB Table for Infotype 1505
HRP1518DB Table for Infotype 1518
HRPADPMAdditional Data PADPM
IHC_DB_PNSource Document for Incoming Payment Orders
INTITFXFixed Interest Amounts per Invoice
ISSRFLDEAActual line item table
ISSRFLDEPPlan line items table
ISSRPREFLOWISSR: Basistabelle/Bewegungstabelle
JVGLFLEX00General ledger: Transaction attributes
JVGLFLEXAGeneral Ledger: Actual Line Items
JVGLFLEXPGeneral Ledger: Plan Line Items
JVGLFLEXTGeneral Ledger: Totals
JVPO1JVA: Plan Line Items
JVPSC01AActual line item table
JVPSC01PPlan line item table
JVSO1JV LI Table with Objects for JVTO1
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