SAP WP Tables | Obsolete Product: Workplace Module Tables & Fields

WP is a SAP module coming under SAP_BASIS component. Total 28 WP tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP WP. You can also refer SAP WP transaction codes from this link

  • Module description : Obsolete Product: Workplace
  • Application component : BIO0000021
  • First release : 46C
Obsolete Product: Workplace tables in SAP

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SAP WP Tables

  • PBLAYOUT : Layout Data for Portal Builder (Internal Data)
  • TCBRCUSTOM : Customer Branding Parameter Table
  • TCBRGROUP : Customer Branding Parameter Groups
  • TCBRGROUPT : Customer Branding Parameter Groups
  • TWPCUSTMCT : Text Table for Customer System Settings for Workplace
  • TWPCUSTOM : System Setting for the Workplace
  • TWPCUSTOMC : Customer-Defined System Setting for the Workplace
  • TWPCUSTOMT : Text Table for System Settings for the Workplace
  • TWPLGRPLNG : Table for Matching Logon Groups for Languages
  • TWPLNGLNG : Conversion Table for Logon Languages (WP on Component Sys.)
  • TWPOBJOBJ : WP Runtime: Compatibility Between Objects
  • TWPPRSTIME : Time Stamp: Last Change to the Personalization Data
  • TWPSRVCLSS : Runtime for Service Classification (Workplace Server)
  • TWPSRVDEVI : WP Runtime: Dependencies of Services on End Devices
  • TWPSRVLOGS : Runtime for Release Status of Logical System (Workplace Srv)
  • TWPSRVOBJ : WP Runtime: Assignment of Services to Business Objects
  • TWPSRVPARM : Runtime: URL Parameter for Services
  • TWPSRVPART : Text Table for Web Application Parameters (WP Runtime)
  • TWPSRVSFIN : Runtime: Service File Name & Attribute (Workplace Server)
  • TWPSRVTXTS : WP Runtime: Text for Services
  • TWPURLPATH : Paths for Different Web Server Types
  • TWPURLSVR : Logical Web Servers for Logical Systems
  • USRGENPRS : Table for General Workplace Personalization Data
  • USRSYSLNG : User's Language in a System
  • USRURLPRS : Table for Personalization of Services
  • USRURLSVR : Logical Web Servers for Logical Systems (User-Specific)
  • W3DEVFAV : MWP: Favorites for Mobile Terminals
  • W3DEVFAVT : Text Table for W3DEVFAV

SAP WP Tables by sub module wise

select distinct submodulename,tcount,desp from table_submodules where modulename='WP' AND submodulename!='WP' order by submodulename ASC
Module NameDescription
WP-FRM Tables
WP-WSR TablesWorkplace Server  
WP-WSR-URL TablesURL Generation  
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