SAP EP (Enterprise Portal) Module Tables list

EP is a SAP module coming under SAP_BASIS component.Total 211 EP tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP EP.You can also refer SAP EP transaction codes from this link

SAP EP Tables

SAP EP Tables by sub module wise

EP-KM ( View full 5 Tables )

UWLUSERDBUWL: user tracking for logon and logoff
CPETASKLOGDatabase table with log information for Ad hoc Workflow
SUWLNOTIFREGTBLRegistration table for java side server instances
UWLPARAMETERSUWL table used for storing global variables and parameters
SUWLNOTIFCFGTBLConfiguration table for UWL java-side notifications

EP-PCT ( View full 1 Tables )

EPM_TARGETSYSTEMManaging System for Key Figures and Key Figure Values

EP-PCT-MAN-PS ( View full 4 Tables )

RMAN_PRSP_SCREENMaintain Confirmation Layouts
RMAN_PRSP_CO_SCRMaintenance for WD Components for Confirmaton Layouts
RMAN_PRSP_RU_SCRAssignment of Confirmation Layout

EP-PCT-MGR-CO ( View full 137 Tables )

FCOM_PL_ROOMSPlanning Rooms Back End Parameter
FPB_EXP_INSTTExpress Planning: Instance Texts
FPB_EXP_CA_ASSMExpress Planning: Assignments Context Elem. / Roadmap Elem.
FPB_LP6_F_R_CFolder <---> Reports Assignment
FPB_EXPPHNMSDOK: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects

EP-PCT-MGR-HR ( View full 63 Tables )

TWPC_ORGVWGRP_PGroup of Organizational Views - Position
EREC_METHODSStart Methods for Requisition Creation
TWPC_NAVDefine Navigation Types
EREC_FORMSForm groupings based on type of Managers and Forms
TWPC_PCR_GROUPSGroupings for PCR Scenarios for Employee Groups

EP-PCT-PLM-PSS ( View full 1 Tables )

RPLM_RFCDEST_CPRRFC Destination for cProjects System
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