SAP CS Tables | Customer Service Module Tables & Fields

CS is a SAP module coming under FI-CA component. Total 35 CS tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP CS. You can also refer SAP CS transaction codes from this link

  • Module description : Customer Service
  • Application component : ALR0000081
  • First release : 45A
Customer Service tables in SAP

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SAP CS Tables

  • CRM_CIC_OPDELC : Object Provider Service: class delegation - customer
  • CRM_CIC_OPDELS : Object Provider Service: class delegation - delivery
  • CRM_CIC_OPFACT : Object Provider Service: class definition
  • CRM_CIC_OPFACTT : Object Provider Service: class definition
  • ECCPCALLBACKRV : Reasons for callback
  • ECCPCALLBACKRVT : Reasons for callback (texts)
  • ECCPRECEIVE : Configuration of office-recipient for workflow start
  • ECCPRECEIVET : Configuration of office-recipient for workflow start (texts)
  • ECICCONTHIST : CIC Profile: Contact History
  • ECICCONTHISTT : Customizing Table for Contact History
  • ECICWFINB : Profile for CIC workflow inbox
  • ECICWFINBFLT : Task Filter for Profile- for CIC Workflow Inbox
  • ECICWFINBT : Profil for CIC workflow inbox (text)
  • EECICLAYOUT : Control of CIC Framework Layout Switch
  • EECICTOOLBAR : CIC Function Bar Profile
  • EECICTOOLBAR_PRG : CIC Function Bar Profile: Main Program for Status
  • EEFO01 : Settings for Account Balance in CIC
  • EWBPROCTX : Front Off. Process: Text
  • EWBPROCX : Front Office Process
  • EWBWEBGUIITS : ITS Basic Address for Method Inplace-Calls in the CIC
  • EWCUSTENVCLS : Customer Information Cluster Builder
  • EWCUSTENVCLST : Customer Information Cluster Builder (Text)
  • EWCUSTENVG : Customer Information Cluster Builder: Generic Profile Data
  • EWCUSTENVGT : Customer Information Cluster Builder Profile: Text
  • EWOPSCOND : OPS: Conditions
  • EWOPSCONF : OPS: Configuration
  • EWOPSLDCONST : OPS: Language-Dependent Constants
  • EWVIEW : CIC View: View of Object Data Environment
  • EWVIEWATTR : CIC View: Attribute Control
  • IWWO : Pervasive Service: Cluster with Internet Data
  • RESTO : Reservation records for PM technical objects
  • T399A : Control: Automatic Order Creation
  • T399C : Control: Service Assembly Processing
  • TCM_ECN : List of Change Numbers (Configuration Management)
  • VBPM : Supplement for Sales Document Items: Technical PM Objects

SAP CS Tables by sub module wise

select distinct submodulename,tcount,desp from table_submodules where modulename='CS' AND submodulename!='CS' order by submodulename ASC
Module NameDescription
CS-CI-CIC TablesCustomer Interaction Center  
CS-IB TablesInstalled Base Management  
CS-SE TablesService Processing  
CS-SE-FS Tables
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