What is SAP NetWeaver

Since SAP Business Suite, the company SAP introduced a new integrated technology platform called SAP NetWeaver. In older version the basic SAP platform is called as basis. Using Sap NetWeaver the productivity and efficiency of an Organization can be improved a lot.

SAP NetWeaver supports several technologies like Microsoft .NET, Oracle Java EE, and IBM Web Sphere for customizations and other extending processes for customers. So the customers can use their current IT infrastructure for using SAP and they don’t need to invest more for IT infrastructure for their SAP implementation. Using NetWeaver and organization can improve their operational efficiency and can make faster decision making by accelerated business information access. Smooth end-to-end business and high process quality and efficiency are also some advantages of NetWeaver Platform.

Here is a list of major activities handles by SAP NetWeaver and the components used for that.

Netweaver Components used for Team productivity

Netweaver Components used for Information Management

Netweaver Components used for Business Process Management

Netweaver Components used for Composition

Netweaver Components used for SOA Middleware

Netweaver Components used for Foundation Management


Here is the list of major development tools used in SAP NetWeaver Platform

NetWeaver Tutorials

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