SAP WEC (Web Channel) Module Tables list

WEC is a SAP module coming under WEBCUIF component.Total 119 WEC tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP WEC.You can also refer SAP WEC transaction codes from this link

SAP WEC Tables

SAP WEC Tables by sub module wise

WEC-APP ( View full 9 Tables )

CRMD_WEC_BP_C_PDTable is obsolet - not used any more
COMC_WEC_BP_CPGCheckout Profile Groups
COMD_WEC_BP_CPCheckout Profile
CRMC_WEC_BP_CPGTable is obsolet - not used any more
CRMD_WEC_BP_CPCheckout Profile for a BP

WEC-APP-CI-REV ( View full 8 Tables )

CRMD_RATING_HTable to store the Object Ratings
CRMD_OBJ_INAPREVStore the Inapp. Review
CRMD_OBJ_REVIEWReviews for products
CRMC_WEC_RPROFTable to store review profiles and workflow task IDs
CRMC_OBJECT_TYPETable to store the Object Types

WEC-APP-COL ( View full 1 Tables )

CRMC_CHAT_OPT_WCContains the Customizing Information for Chat Server

WEC-APP-KM ( View full 13 Tables )

CRMC_WEC_CH_TText TAble for Channel
CRMC_WEC_URL_INFCustomizing Table for URL Info
CRMC_WEC_CHANNELCustomizing Table : Channel
CRMC_WEC_URL_PARCutomizing Table for URL Parameter
CRMC_WEC_URL_TXTText Table for URl Information

WEC-APP-MKT ( View full 1 Tables )

CRMC_WEC_NL_CUSTCRM Web Channel: Newsletter General Settings

WEC-APP-PAY ( View full 8 Tables )

COMC_WEC_PSP_PTPPayment Service Provider Payment Transaction Status Profile
COMC_WEC_PSP_SELPayment Service Provider Identification
CRMC_WEC_PSP_PTSPayment Service Provider Payment Transaction Status
COMC_WEC_PSP_S_TPayment Service Provider Payment Transaction Status
COMC_WEC_PSP_P_TPayment Service Provider Payment Transaction Status Profile

WEC-APP-PCT ( View full 14 Tables )

CRMD_MDM_PRODUCTProduct list exchanged between CRM and MDM
CRMC_MDM_FILTR_TText Table for Description
CRMC_MDM_CRITFLDFilter criteria field maintenance
CRMC_MDM_CONData Synchronization Activation
CRM_MDM_SITEMDM site attributes

WEC-APP-PER ( View full 2 Tables )

WECD_PERS_USERUser Personalization
CRMD_PERS_USERUser Personalization

WEC-APP-SLS-CRM ( View full 2 Tables )

CRM_ISA_ST_MAP_TWeb Channel: text table for status desc. - Depricated -
CRMC_ISA_STS_MAPWeb channel : Status description mapping - Depricated -

WEC-APP-SLS-ERP ( View full 1 Tables )

WEC_MAIL_TMP_MAPMail template type and Mail Scenario mapping

WEC-APP-SRV-COM ( View full 4 Tables )

CRMC_WEC_CR_BVTFCustomizing for a billing predecessor doc's valid time frame
CRMC_WEC_CR_GENWEC: Complaints and Returns general customizing
CRMC_WEC_CR_TVTFCustomizing for a one-order predecessor doc valid time frame
CRMC_WEC_CR_MVTFCustomizing for a multichannel transaction valid time frame

WEC-APP-SRV-INB ( View full 2 Tables )

CRMC_WECIB_BPPCustomizing Table for Web Channel eService iBase BP Profile
CRMC_WECIB_BPPTText Table for Web Channel E-Service IBase BP Profile

WEC-APP-SRV-SCO ( View full 1 Tables )

CRMC_WEC_SCEMAILDatabase for checking if the Service Contract enabled emails

WEC-APP-SRV-SRE ( View full 1 Tables )

CRMC_WEC_SREMAILDatabase for checking if the Service Request enabled emails

WEC-APP-UM ( View full 14 Tables )

CRMD_WEC_BP_A2PWEC Mapping table to connect an address with a person
CRMC_WEC_ADRLAYTWeb Channel Address Layout Descriptions
COM_WEC_KEY_MAPStores the Activation key
CRMC_WEC_ADRLAYWeb Channel Address Layouts
WEC_SEC_QTNTWeb Channel Security Questions Text

WEC-APP-UM-ERP ( View full 10 Tables )

ERPD_WEC_CUST_CPCheckout Profile for a customer
ERPC_WEC_ADRLAYWeb Channel Address Layouts
ERPD_WEC_CU_PAYMCustomer Payment Methods ( Web Channel )
ERPD_WEC_CU_DFPMDefault Payment method for a Customer ( Web Channel )
ERPD_WEC_BP_CPCheckout Profile for a customer

WEC-FRW ( View full 22 Tables )

COM_WECWCMIDXSTACOM_WECWCM: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for PHIOs
COM_WECWCMPHHRCOM_WECWCM: Use of target anchors in physical objects
COM_WECWCMPHFCOM_WECWCM: Physical information object incoming relationshi
COM_WECWCMLORIPRCOM_WECWCM: Logical information object attribute values
COM_WECWCMPHPRCOM_WECWCM: Checkout data for physical information object

WEC-IS-T-MAC ( View full 3 Tables )

CRMC_IST_WP_PRCVIS-T UI Assignment WebChannel Process-->WebChan Process View
CRMC_IST_WP_VWIS-T WebChannel Process Views

WEC-WCB ( View full 2 Tables )

COM_WCB_WRKFLOWS WCB Configuration Approval Workflows
COM_WCB_CFG_WFWCB Configuration Approval Status Details
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