SAP SRM Tables | Supplier Relationship Management Module Tables & Fields

SRM is a SAP module coming under BBPCRM component. Total 1630 SRM tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP SRM. You can also refer SAP SRM transaction codes from this link

  • Module description : Supplier Relationship Management
  • Application component : A4C0000121
  • First release : 620
Supplier Relationship Management tables in SAP

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SAP SRM Tables

SAP SRM Tables by sub module wise

select distinct submodulename,tcount,desp from table_submodules where modulename='SRM' AND submodulename!='SRM' order by submodulename ASC
Module NameDescription
SRM-BW Tables
SRM-CAT TablesCatalogs  
SRM-CM Tables
SRM-EBP TablesEnterprise Buyer  
SRM-EBP-ADM TablesEnterprise/Business Partner Management  
SRM-EBP-ADM-ORG TablesOrganizational Management  
SRM-EBP-ADM-USR TablesUser Maintenance  
SRM-EBP-ADM-XBP TablesExternal Business Partner  
SRM-EBP-BID TablesBid Invitation  
SRM-EBP-CA TablesCross-Application Functions  
SRM-EBP-CA-DEX TablesDocument Extensibility  
SRM-EBP-CA-NUM TablesSRM Configurable Line Item Numbering  
SRM-EBP-CA-PRS TablesPartner / Partner Screen  
SRM-EBP-CA-PWL TablesPersönlicher Arbeitsvorrat  
SRM-EBP-CA-SRH TablesSchnellsuche und erweiterte Suche  
SRM-EBP-CA-UI TablesUser Interface/Templates  
SRM-EBP-CMT TablesContent Management  
SRM-EBP-CON TablesPurchase Contract  
SRM-EBP-CRI TablesCross-Industry Functions  
SRM-EBP-CUS TablesCustomizing  
SRM-EBP-ESA TablesSRM Enterprise Services  
SRM-EBP-EXR TablesExternal Requirement  
SRM-EBP-FW TablesSRM Framework  
SRM-EBP-INV TablesInvoicing  
SRM-EBP-LCA TablesAuthoring Tool for Legal Contracts  
SRM-EBP-PD TablesProcurement Document Methods  
SRM-EBP-POR TablesLocal Purchase Order  
SRM-EBP-PPS TablesPublic-Sector Functions  
SRM-EBP-PRC TablesProcurement Card  
SRM-EBP-REP TablesReporting  
SRM-EBP-RMS TablesIntegration with SAP Records Management  
SRM-EBP-SHP TablesShopping cart  
SRM-EBP-SOC TablesSourcing  
SRM-EBP-TEC-MW TablesMiddleware  
SRM-EBP-VE TablesVendor Evaluation  
SRM-EBP-WFL TablesWorkflow  
SRM-LOC TablesLocalization - Country Versions  
SRM-ROS TablesRegistration of Suppliers  
SRM-SUS TablesSupplier Self Services  
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