SAP PPM (Portfolio and Project Management) Module Tables list

PPM is a SAP module coming under CPRXRPM component.Total 695 PPM tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP PPM.You can also refer SAP PPM transaction codes from this link

SAP PPM Tables

SAP PPM Tables by sub module wise

PPM-CF ( View full 70 Tables )

INM_DFM_RFC_CFGConfiguration table for RFC calls in DFM sync framework
INM_NAV_INF_WINM Navigation Information
INM_OBJ_STRUCStructures for synchronization of INM objects
INM_DFM_DPR_ST_IInbound mapping from DFM activity to cPro activity
INM_OBJ_HEADERStores the object header field configurations

PPM-PFM ( View full 396 Tables )

/RPM/ITCT_MAPItem Template to cProject template mapping table
/RPM/COLLECTN_DCollection Persisted Data
RPM_PROJ_CAT_TProject Category
RPM_FES_ALO_DISTDistribution of Resource Assignment
/RPM/RV_STATUS_NReview Status : Next possible statuses

PPM-PRO ( View full 57 Tables )

DPR_FC_OBJTYPE_TField Control: Object Categories (Text Table)
DPR_FC_FLD_IN_FGAssign Fields to Field Groups in Field Control
DPR_CI_FGRP_FLDcProjects: Assignment of Customer Fields to Field Groups
DPR_CONF_DETProject Management Confirmation: Detail Fields of Tasks

PPM-PRO-BW ( View full 3 Tables )

DPR_BW_DQ_DScProjects BW: Object Cat./DataSource/DataSource Type Assign.
DPR_BW_SYSSTATCustomizing: BW Status Mapping / OLTP System Status
DPR_BW_USERSTATCustomizing: BW Status Mapping / OLTP User Status

PPM-PRO-CPL ( View full 19 Tables )

DPR_CTRLPLAN_HControl Plan: Header
DPR_CP_BADI01_TText Table for DPR_CP_BADI01
DPR_CP_SYSTEM_TTexts: Test Systems in Control Plan
DPR_CP_ITEMMaster Data Table for Control Plan Characteristics
DPR_CP_SAMPLESamples in Control Plan

PPM-PRO-DOC ( View full 4 Tables )

DPR_COLL_LINKDPR Application Object Link - Collaboration
DPR_COLL_RFCDESTRFC Destinations for cFolders Systems
DPR_DOCUMENTProject Management Application Object Link - EDMS Document

PPM-PRO-EVA ( View full 37 Tables )

EVE_ATTRIBUTEApplication Structure: Attributes
DPR_DASHBOARDDashboard Data for Project
EVE_EXTRACT_OBJExtract Layout: Object Types
EVE_VIEW_SECOEvaluation (Layout): Object Types
EVE_APPLICATIONTApplication Description

PPM-PRO-EXT ( View full 11 Tables )

DPR_SRM_PROD_CATable of SRM Product Categories
DPR_FIELD_DETAILField Structure configuration
DPR_OBJLINK_SC_IItems for SRM Shopping Cart
DPR_OBJLINK_SCPOPurchase Order and Purchase Order Item for SRM Shopping Cart
DPR_SRM_PROD_CATLanguage-Dependent Texts of SRM Product Categories

PPM-PRO-EXT-API ( View full 2 Tables )

DPR_BAPI_BUS_TRABusiness Transaction Match BAPI <-> DPR
DPR_BAPI_ACO_ACTMatching Table of Authorization Activities BAPI <-> ACO

PPM-PRO-EXT-FIN ( View full 6 Tables )

DPR_RATESCustomizing: Cost/Revenue Rates for Project Roles
DPR_FIN_GECCO_CUAccounting Integration Using Cost Collector in ERP System
DPR_FIN_INT_SCENScenario for Accounting Integration
DPR_FIN_INT_S_TText Table for Accounting Integration Scenario
DPR_RATES_TCustomizing: Cost/Revenue Rates for Project Roles

PPM-PRO-EXT-OBL ( View full 24 Tables )

DPR_OBL_OBTYPProperties of Object Link to Object Type
OLR3_URL_SRVURL of a Web Server
OLR3_FRAMEASSGAssignment of Fields (OLR3_FIELDS) to Frames (OLR3_FRAMES)
OLR3_PROXY_CLAssignment of Obj. Cat.and Name of Proxy Class in ERP System
OLR3_URL_SRV_PARSystem Parameters for Web Server URL of an SAP Transaction

PPM-PRO-EXT-PMT ( View full 1 Tables )

DPR_XML_TRANSTable for Transporting Templates

PPM-PRO-RES ( View full 32 Tables )

DPR_ENTITY_LINKRole Assignments
RPM_BUPA_LOCATResource assignment to a location
PRP_BUPA_DETCUSTCustomer-Specific Fields for Business Partner (BAdI Control)
PRP_ACTION_TStaffing Actions
DPR_DIST_VALMake Settings for Distribution

PPM-PRO-STR ( View full 27 Tables )

DPR_PRO_CATEG_TTexts for Project Categories
DPR_CLH_TYPEChecklist Type
DPR_PRO_TYPEProject Type
DPR_PRO_CATEGProject Category
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