SAP AIE (Auto-ID Enterprise) Module Tables list

AIE is a SAP module coming under AIN component.Total 238 AIE tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP AIE.You can also refer SAP AIE transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Auto-ID Enterprise
  • Application component : /AIN/R4D0000001
  • First release : 700

AIE Tables

SAP AIE Tables by sub module wise

AIE-AII ( View full 224 Tables )
/AIN/TBTTYPEBusiness Transaction Types
/AIN/DM_ATDGRRelation of Action Type to Device Group Role
/AIN/TPRFTYP_USEProfile Type and element set usage relationship
/AIN/TDGTYPEValues for Device-group Types
/AIN/DM_DOC_OBJDocument object information
AIE-AII-AP ( View full 7 Tables )
/AIN/KBNDGR2KSTKanban: Device Group to Kanban Status Mapping
/AIN/KBNASSKanban assignment to device group
/AIN/KBNIDBUFMemorize ID Buffer
/AIN/KBNINPBUFField value buffer
/AIN/KBNDETKanban Detection Data
AIE-AII-UI ( View full 7 Tables )
/AIN/TOPERATORCondition Table for Operator UI Packing
/AIN/TUI_URLDesktop WebUI URL links
/AIN/TUIBUSPGRAIUI User Data: Business Process, GRAI -> Profile
/AIN/TUIBUSPROCUI User Data: Business Process -> Profile