SAP PS (Project System) Module tutorial

Every small scale or large scale projects require a perfect planning for each activity involved in that project. Project managers are responsible for this task to do it in an effective and within budget methods. SAP PS stands for SAP project System. This module is used for close and constant monitoring of each activities of a project in technical and commercial aspects. Project system requires the data from all departments (MM, SD, FI, HR etc).

Project tasks characteristics

A project can be structured as

Here is the list of important single roles for SAP PS module

Worklist for Project Period-End Closing

Technical name: SAP_PS_PEREND_PROJ_WLM

To generate the worklist for the period and fiscal year to be processed as part of period-end closing.

Requirements Grouping

Technical name: SAP_PS_GROUPING

To group requirements for WBS elements within a project or across projects for planning purposes.

Claim Management

Technical name: SAP_PS_CLAIM

To create and edit notifications of type “Claim” and to obtain an overview of existing claims.


Technical name: SAP_PS_CEP

To depict business process between your business and external business partners (producers, sub-suppliers) based on the Internet.

Executing Controlling Reports


To execute hierarchy reports and cost element reports.

Maintaining and Displaying Documents

Technical name: <SAP_PS_DOCUMENTS>

To maintain and display texts and documents for a project and its objects, and to conduct targeted document searches using a search engine.

Line Item Reports

Technical name: SAP_PS_REP_LINE_ITEM

To display line item reports.

Reports on Revenues and Earnings

Technical name: SAP_PS_REP_REVENUES

To display reports on revenues and earnings.

Progress Determination

Technical name: SAP_PS_PROGRESS

To determine the progress values for your project(s).

Overall CO Planning for Projects


To manually plan costs and revenues in the work breakdown structure.

Progress Information System

Technical name: SAP_PS_REP_PROGRESS

To display progress analysis reports.

Materials Information System

Technical name: SAP_PS_REP_MATERIAL

To display reports about materials

Structure Information System

Technical name: SAP_PS_REP_STRUCT

To evaluate your project structure flexibly, per various criteria.

Information System Tools

Technical name: SAP_PS_REP_TOOLS

To create and edit report forms in the Report Painter, and execute inheritance runs, to draw data from the system for, among other things, the Executive Information System (EIS).

Actual Payments in Projects

Technical name: SAP_PS_PAYMENTS_PLAN

To transfer actual payments and display the transfers.

Project Year-End Closing

Technical name: SAP_PS_PROJ_YEAREND

You can use the transactions for this role as part of the fiscal year-end closing to carry forward commitment values that are still open into the first period of the next fiscal year, and to carry forward unused project budgets to that fiscal year.

Cost Reports

Technical name: SAP_PS_REP_COSTS

To display all cost reports.

Mass Changes

Technical name: SAP_PS_MASS_CHANGE

To execute mass changes for projects and evaluate them in the log.

Materials in Projects

Technical name: SAP_PS_MATERIAL

To plan and monitor project material requirements and costs, and to regulate and schedule the flow of materials.

Displaying Materials in Projects


To display project material requirements and costs.

Project Funds Commitments


To enter expected costs or revenues, even at an early stage when you do not know which transaction (purchase order, material reservation, and so on) will actually cause them.

Project Period-End Closing: Individual Processing

Technical name: SAP_PS_PEREND_PROJ_IND

You can use the transactions for this role as part of period-end closing to carry out period-related commercial transactions for each project individually.

Period-End Closing: Collective Processing


You can use the transactions for this role as part of period-end closing to carry out period-related commercial transactions for several projects simultaneously.

Project Periodic CO Planning

Technical name: SAP_PS_PER_CO_PLAN_PROJ

To determine all the plan data to be taken into account for a period, and to compile project plan data for enterprise controlling purposes.

Evaluating Human Resources

Technical name: SAP_PS_PERS_RES_EVAL

To evaluate human resources.

Planning Human Resources

Technical name: SAP_PS_PERS_RES_PLAN

To display reports on human resources, in a project view and a work center view.

Planned Payments

Technical name: SAP_PS_PAYMENTS_PLAN

To plan revenues and expenditures in one or more WBS elements, and to display the planned payments.

Project Budgeting

Technical name: SAP_PS_BUDGET_PROJ

To execute budgeting and availability control for your project.

Maintaining and Displaying Project Structures

Technical name: SAP_PS_STRUCT

To maintain the structures for your project.

Display Project Structures

Technical name: SAP_PS_STRUCT_DISPL

To display the structures of your project.

PS Input: Line Manager Generic Role

Technical name: SAP_PS_LINE_MANAGER


Technical name: SAP_PS_CONFIRM

Maintaining Work Center Master Data

Technical name: SAP_PS_BASIC_WRKPL

Displaying Work Center Master Data


To display the work center master data.

Displaying Standard Structures


To display the standard structures of your project.

Maintaining Standard Structures

Technical name: SAP_PS_STD_STRUCT

To maintain the standard structures for your project.

Maintaining Dates in Projects

Technical name: SAP_PS_DATES

To maintain dates in your project.

Displaying Dates in Projects

Technical name: SAP_PS_DATES_DISPLAY

To display all the dates in the work breakdown structure.

Monitoring Dates for Materials


To monitor dates for materials.

Actual Transfer Prices


To allocate a transfer price from a transfer price agreement, so that actual revenues are posted in the sender and actual costs in the receiver.

Planned Transfer Prices


To agree a transfer price for the rendering of a particular

Service between two WBS elements, display, and change the agreement.

Summarized Cost Reports


To combine a number of projects with like characteristics, thereby effecting more efficient project control.

Calculating the Sales Price

Technical name: SAP_PS_SALES_PRICING

To calculate the sales price for a customer inquiry re a product or service, and save the result in a document.

Allocation Templates

Technical name: SAP_PS_MODEL_PROJ

To carry out allocation to allocate overhead costs.

Payment Reports

Technical name: SAP_PS_REP_PAYMENTS

To represent the value flow of project-related payment data in a single project, in partial projects, or across projects according to hierarchical points of view.

Payment Transfer for Project Period-End Closing


To record partial payments and payments that reference invoices in Project Cash Management.


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