SAP Standard Toolbar Buttons

Here is the main Standard Toolbar button in SAP screen with its functions and keyboard shortcut for your reference. Enter or Continue Button (Keyboard ENTER key can be used as shortcut key) Save Button (CTRL + S can be used as keyboard shortcut key) Back Button ( F3 button on keyboard can be used a […]

TABLES – the data dictionary object

Tables are the important and mainly used data dictionary object. It is defined independently of the RDBMS. Each field of the table should be defined with its data type and length (or can populate this with using an activated domain).Normally a table definition consists of fields, foreign keys, technical settings and indexes. In SAP data […]

SAP Work Processes

Work processes are part of the application server which can handle maximum one presentation server request at a time. It contains a task handler, ABAP interpreter, screen interpreter and database interface. All the requests are passed through task handler. Screen Interpreter is responsible for interpreting the screen flow logic contains in the requests.ABAP interpreter is […]

SAP R3 Architecture -sapgui, application and database server

SAP is having a 3 tier client-server architecture containing the Presentation Server, Application Server and Database server. Presentation Server This is the displayed part for a user. It’s a program named sapgui.exe. It usually installed on a user’s computer. Starting this application will open the SAP window in user computer. This program is responsible for […]