CRM in SAP – Introduction Tutorial

CRM in SAP stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is one of the parts of SAP Business Suite Software. SAP CRM supports all customer related processes and activities like sales and services. It enables the collaboration between the in-house employees, field employees, partners and customers. SAP CRM supports various types of interaction channels like internet, Mobile Phones etc to communicate with customers directly.

SAP CRM contains several sub modules for dealing customer oriented activities

  • SAP CRM Sales: Focused on several sales activities like sales planning and forecasting, territories, accounts, contacts, activities, opportunities, quotations, orders, product configuration, pricing, billing, and contracts
  • SAP CRM Marketing: Enhancing all marketing activities through all customer interaction points
  • SAP CRM Service: Improving the customer satisfaction, at the same time reducing the cost for services. Call centers, channel service, and e-service are some of the channels for service delivery.
  • SAP CRM Analysis: Tools for analyzing customers for providing better servings. Analytics provides a detailed insight picture of Sales, marketing and Services areas.
  • SAP CRM Interaction Center: Activities like telemarketing, telesales, customer service, multifunctional shared service, and interaction center management are coming under this module to boost revenue and customer interaction.
  • SAP CRM Web channel: using the internet as a medium to boost sales and reduce cost.
  • SAP CRM partner Channel Management: Managing the partner relationships by improving the processes like partner recruitment, partner management, communications, channel marketing, channel forecasting, collaborative selling, partner order management, channel service, and analytics for partners and channel managers.
  • Business Communications Management: Advanced hardware based communication systems to enhance contact center and communication-dependent business process by routing the contact to the right person with the right skills.

It’s only a basic introduction about CRM in SAP. Now you understand what CRM is and what the main activities of SAP CRM are. In our other tutorials you will get a detailed view about each of these activities in SAP CRM.