SAP LE (Logistics Execution) Module Tables list

LE is a SAP module coming under SAP_APPL component.Total 696 LE tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP LE.You can also refer SAP LE transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Logistics Execution
  • Application component : ALR0000091
  • First release : 45A

LE Tables

SAP LE Tables by sub module wise

LE-DSD ( View full 16 Tables )
/DSD/DX_CVERSDEX Customizing - Version
/DSD/DX_CSTRUC_TDEX Customizing - Structures of segments (text table)
/DSD/DX_CDTELDEX Customizing - Data elements
/DSD/DX_HDDEX Stream Header (backend)
/DSD/C_OC_PRCDEFDef. of Sales Doc. Type & Item Usage for Price Determination
LE-DSD-DC ( View full 12 Tables )
/DSD/PR_FBFGMDSD Promotions - Feedback Free Goods
/DSD/PR_ASGNMDSD Promotions - Promotion Assignment
/DSD/PR_RSFGMDSD Promotions - Promotion Result Free Goods
/DSD/PR_CUSTMDSD Promotions - General Settings
/DSD/PR_HEADMDSD Promotion - Promotion Header
LE-DSD-DC-CN ( View full 94 Tables )
/DSD/ME_TOUR_SHPDSD CN: Assignment of Shipment Types to DSD Tour Scenarios
/DSD/ME_ACT2RFCDSD Connector: Determine RFC Destination
/DSD/ME_ORD_AUTDSD CN: Assignm. of Sales Doc. Types to DSD Order Scenarios
/DSD/ME_COCI_HDDSD CN: Check-out Check-in Header Data
/DSD/ME_OPIM_HDDSD CN: Open Items header data
LE-DSD-DC-DU ( View full 53 Tables )
/DSD/HH_RACOCIMIDSD Route Settlement: Check-Out Check-In - Items
/DSD/HH_RAECDSD Route Settlement: Receipts/Expenditures
/DSD/HH_DRVTXTDSD: Download HH - Driver Messages
/DSD/HH_RAIVHDDSD Route Settlement: HH Billing Document Header
/DSD/HH_RAPAYTYPDSD - RA: Payment Type (Valid for Payment Term)
LE-DSD-ES ( View full 5 Tables )
/DSD/ES_ORDDSD Order Signatures
/DSD/ES_CUST_REPDSD Signature Repository
/DSD/ES_INVDSD Invoice Signatures
/DSD/ES_DELDSD Delivery Signatures
/DSD/ES_TEXT_IDDSD Signature text id
LE-DSD-GS ( View full 16 Tables )
/DSD/GS_GENDAT_IDSD: Generic Data Container
/DSD/GS_CEXTVDSD: Define Extraction Variant for Statistical Application
/DSD/GS_CDMI_IPRDSD: Define InfoProvider
/DSD/GS_ADM_HDSD: Generic Statistical Data Header
/DSD/GS_CEXTV_TDSD: Text Table for Extraction Variant
LE-DSD-LOC ( View full 2 Tables )
/DSD/ME_CUST_TAXDSD CN LOC: Customer Tax Classifications per Country
/DSD/ME_MAT_TAXDSD CN LOC: Material Tax Classifications per Country
LE-DSD-OC-VD ( View full 1 Tables )
/BEV1/VDT685Permissible Terms of Delivery: Types for R/3 Beverage
LE-DSD-RA ( View full 1 Tables )
LE-DSD-RA-DE ( View full 1 Tables )
/DSD/DE_FUPRECTour Data Entry Control
LE-DSD-RA-SL ( View full 45 Tables )
/DSD/SL_DIFIACDSD Settlement: Interim Accounts
/DSD/SL_TCSTAMAPDSD Route Settlement:Document Ctrl.Customer Sales Trans.Type
/DSD/SL_TBSODSD Route Settlement: Settlement Office
/DSD/SL_CON_RNDSD Route Settlement: SA Result per Status of Cust. Trans.
/DSD/SL_SLD_QBALSettlement Document: Quantity Differences
LE-DSD-RP ( View full 19 Tables )
/DSD/RP_SUMTotals Fields Categories
/DSD/RP_DEBGEOCustomer's Geo-Coordinates
/DSD/RP_MOTRCATMeans of Transport Type for Each Equip. Type and Veh. Type
/DSD/RP_DRVLOCKDriver's Lock Times
/DSD/RP_DRVLICDriver's License Class of Driver
LE-DSD-RP-LU ( View full 8 Tables )
/BEV1/LUT907Shipment Types for which Load. Unit Determination Is Allowed
/BEV1/LUTTLU: Permitted Document Types Transport
/BEV1/LUT903Units of Measure and Tolerances
/BEV1/LUT906Check Table for LU Groups in Material Master
/BEV1/LUTALU: Permitted Document Types Order
LE-DSD-ST ( View full 13 Tables )
/DSD/ST_CSCENTour scenario
/DSD/ST_CSCEN_TTour scenario (text table to /DSD/ST_CSCEN)
/DSD/ST_CSCEN_VLAssignment visit list <-> sales scenario
/DSD/ST_STATUSCurrent tour status
/DSD/ST_CTYPE_SHShipment relevant for DSD
LE-DSD-SV ( View full 29 Tables )
/DSD/SV_CNTGRTDescription of counting group
/DSD/SV_RACOCICIDSD SV: Check-Out / Check-In - Money Item
/DSD/SV_LC_CGDSD LC: Loading Confirmation Item on Counting Group Level
/DSD/SV_MAIL_RECDSD SV Recipient for Express Mail
/DSD/SV_ACTDSD Activate Stock Visibility
LE-DSD-VC ( View full 25 Tables )
/DSD/VC_VLH_RDSD: Visit List - Header Data: Reference Documents
/DSD/VC_VPTYPETDSD: Visit Schedule Type - Texts
/DSD/VC_TSTRDSD: Customer / Calendar Type / Time Stream ID
/DSD/VC_V7_PRNDSD: Message Types for Print Output for Shipment
/DSD/VC_CALTYPDSD: Calendar Type
LE-DSD-VSO ( View full 5 Tables )
/VSO/R_CUSTAdditional Data for Vehicle Space Optimization for KNA1
/VSO/R_RELRelevance of the Delivery Item Categories for VSO
/VSO/B_FLEETVehicle Type for Vehicle Space Optimization
/VSO/B_FLEET_TTexts for Vehicle Type from Vehicle Space Optimization
/VSO/R_DPOINTCollective Unloading Point for VSO
LE-DSD-VSO-MP ( View full 29 Tables )
/VSO/M_PALVCLAssignment Packaging Material to Vehicle Type (VSO)
/VSO/M_I_VEHInput Data: Vehicle Data (Vehicle Space Optimization)
/VSO/M_DATA_CLUSCluster Table for Vehicle Space Optimization Data
/VSO/M_I_PAL_DATInput Data: Pallets (Vehicle Space Optimization)
/VSO/M_O_SHP_HDRResult Data: Shipment Header (Vehicle Space Optimization)
LE-DSD-VSO-PP ( View full 10 Tables )
/VSO/P_RSLT_PLTIResult of VSO: Packing Proposal Items
/VSO/P_HU_CREATEControl Automatic Creation of Handling Units (VSO)
/VSO/P_RSLT_PLTHResult of VSO: Packing Proposal (Header Data)
/VSO/P_PAL_TOAssignment VSO Packing Proposal Items to WM TO Items
/VSO/P_TXT_PRTYPTexts for Process Type of Vehicle Space Optimization
LE-IEW-OUT ( View full 4 Tables )
/SPE/MVT_ACCGRPDefinition of Accounting Type Groups
/SPE/DIRITM_CATGItem Category Determination for Direct Outbound Deliveries
/SPE/DIRDLV_TYPEDelivery Type Determination for Deliveries from EWM
/SPE/MVT_DETERMDetermination of Movement Type per Accounting Type Group
LE-IEW-X ( View full 1 Tables )
/SPE/PP_DLV_TYPEDelivery Type Determination in EWM Manufacturing Integration
LE-MOB ( View full 15 Tables )
T3130CScreen Management
T313DDefinition of Application Identification
T313CAssignment of application identifier type
T313FDefinition User Profile for Mobile Data Entry
T313GGeneral Parameters for Bar Code Type Definition
LE-SHP ( View full 17 Tables )
SHP_IDX_PICKOutbound Deliveries: Not Picked
FIP_C_SUBSTCustomizing Table Substitution Material
SHP_IDX_GDSIOutbound Deliveries: Not Posted for Goods Issue
TVPADDetermination Log Control
WSUBST_CTRLCustomizing Table Extension Logic
LE-SHP-DL ( View full 5 Tables )
LEDSPD_FLOWDocument Flow for Subsequent Outbound-Delivery Split
TVDSPProfile for Subsequent Outbound Deliv. Split per Deliv. Type
TVDSSProfiles for Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split
TVDSGRules for Groups of Outbound Deliveries (Subsqu. Deliv. Spl)
TVDSSTTexts: Subsequent Delivery Split Scenarios
LE-SHP-GF ( View full 17 Tables )
T313LLabel Category EAN128
T313HBar Code Profile: Header
LECI_CHK_PTTCheckpoint: Text Table
T313MDelimiter for Variable Barcode Lengths (Usage: Printing)
LECI_CARDExtended Pass for Registration at the Checkpoint
LE-TRA ( View full 16 Tables )
B045Shipment Type/Transportation Service Agent
TRXICTracking: Code Types for Tracking IDs
TRXECTracking: Main Transaction Types
TRXLCTTracking: Texts for location code types
TRXEVTTracking: Transactions and Events
LE-TRA-FC ( View full 31 Tables )
VFKONV(Freight) Conditions
VFSCAIS0Key Item: Shipping Material
VFSCAIFScale Item: Gross Volume
VFSCAR1Freight Rates (One-Dimensional)
TVFRDRTDescriptions for Rounding Rules
LE-TRA-IN ( View full 35 Tables )
VXSIPSTDescription of Packing Station
VXSIFNExpress Dlv. Company: Funct. Module for VXSITDL Data Fields
VLBLTDExpress Delivery Company's Carrier Assignment
VXSIQESmall Parcel Carrier: Conversion into External Qualifier
VTRKPTracking Data - Item
LE-TRM ( View full 112 Tables )
LMOBDObject class ID
LGPRIPriority log
LETYHEntity hierarchy in the priority model
LOBSLTObstacle - description
LTKRTTask - resource type
LE-WM-CD ( View full 4 Tables )
LEXUSExtension 2.0 usage
LXDTODecision TO cancel link
LXWHSCross Docking warehouse level customization
LXDCNCross Dock decision
LE-WM-DCC ( View full 1 Tables )
LCDCCCustomization for Dynamic Cycle Count
LE-WM-DWM ( View full 12 Tables )
T321DAssignment Movement Type RM-WMS Dec. ERP -> HOST Act. (R/2)
LDK01Communication Record 01 Decentralized WMS: GR/GI R/2 -> ERP
LDK06Communic.Record 06 Decentr.WMS (R/2-ERP):Batch Status Change
LDK04Communication Rec. 04 LVS Decentr.: DN Supplem. R/2 -> ERP
LDK03Communication Rec. 03 Decentralized WMS: Del.Doc. R/2 -> ERP
LE-WM-GF ( View full 8 Tables )
TCMCONTROLControl of change management in decentralized WMS
TWAP1Appointments: Appointments Profile
TWAP2TAppointments: Description for Deviation Reasons
T331CControl of storage type for putaway strategy K
LE-WM-VAS ( View full 4 Tables )
LVVWCVAS work center determination
LVVGCValue-Added Services (VAS) general customization
LVVROVAS request order
LE-YM ( View full 17 Tables )
LYLOCYard location
LYACTYard activities
LYLTYPhysical location type
LYDTPLocation time-dependent properties
LYSPFScheduling profile