SAP LE (Logistics Execution) Module Tables list

LE is a SAP module coming under SAP_APPL component.Total 696 LE tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP LE.You can also refer SAP LE transaction codes from this link

SAP LE Tables

SAP LE Tables by sub module wise

LE-DSD ( View full 16 Tables )

/DSD/DX_CVERSDEX Customizing - Version
/DSD/DX_CSTRUC_TDEX Customizing - Structures of segments (text table)
/DSD/DX_CDTELDEX Customizing - Data elements
/DSD/DX_HDDEX Stream Header (backend)
/DSD/C_OC_PRCDEFDef. of Sales Doc. Type & Item Usage for Price Determination

LE-DSD-DC ( View full 12 Tables )

/DSD/PR_FBFGMDSD Promotions - Feedback Free Goods
/DSD/PR_ASGNMDSD Promotions - Promotion Assignment
/DSD/PR_RSFGMDSD Promotions - Promotion Result Free Goods
/DSD/PR_CUSTMDSD Promotions - General Settings
/DSD/PR_HEADMDSD Promotion - Promotion Header

LE-DSD-DC-CN ( View full 94 Tables )

/DSD/ME_TOUR_SHPDSD CN: Assignment of Shipment Types to DSD Tour Scenarios
/DSD/ME_ACT2RFCDSD Connector: Determine RFC Destination
/DSD/ME_ORD_AUTDSD CN: Assignm. of Sales Doc. Types to DSD Order Scenarios
/DSD/ME_COCI_HDDSD CN: Check-out Check-in Header Data
/DSD/ME_OPIM_HDDSD CN: Open Items header data

LE-DSD-DC-DU ( View full 53 Tables )

/DSD/HH_RACOCIMIDSD Route Settlement: Check-Out Check-In - Items
/DSD/HH_RAECDSD Route Settlement: Receipts/Expenditures
/DSD/HH_DRVTXTDSD: Download HH - Driver Messages
/DSD/HH_RAIVHDDSD Route Settlement: HH Billing Document Header
/DSD/HH_RAPAYTYPDSD - RA: Payment Type (Valid for Payment Term)

LE-DSD-ES ( View full 5 Tables )

/DSD/ES_ORDDSD Order Signatures
/DSD/ES_CUST_REPDSD Signature Repository
/DSD/ES_INVDSD Invoice Signatures
/DSD/ES_DELDSD Delivery Signatures
/DSD/ES_TEXT_IDDSD Signature text id

LE-DSD-GS ( View full 16 Tables )

/DSD/GS_GENDAT_IDSD: Generic Data Container
/DSD/GS_CEXTVDSD: Define Extraction Variant for Statistical Application
/DSD/GS_CDMI_IPRDSD: Define InfoProvider
/DSD/GS_ADM_HDSD: Generic Statistical Data Header
/DSD/GS_CEXTV_TDSD: Text Table for Extraction Variant

LE-DSD-LOC ( View full 2 Tables )

/DSD/ME_CUST_TAXDSD CN LOC: Customer Tax Classifications per Country
/DSD/ME_MAT_TAXDSD CN LOC: Material Tax Classifications per Country

LE-DSD-OC-VD ( View full 1 Tables )

/BEV1/VDT685Permissible Terms of Delivery: Types for R/3 Beverage

LE-DSD-RA ( View full 1 Tables )


LE-DSD-RA-DE ( View full 1 Tables )

/DSD/DE_FUPRECTour Data Entry Control

LE-DSD-RA-SL ( View full 45 Tables )

/DSD/SL_DIFIACDSD Settlement: Interim Accounts
/DSD/SL_TCSTAMAPDSD Route Settlement:Document Ctrl.Customer Sales Trans.Type
/DSD/SL_TBSODSD Route Settlement: Settlement Office
/DSD/SL_CON_RNDSD Route Settlement: SA Result per Status of Cust. Trans.
/DSD/SL_SLD_QBALSettlement Document: Quantity Differences

LE-DSD-RP ( View full 19 Tables )

/DSD/RP_SUMTotals Fields Categories
/DSD/RP_DEBGEOCustomer's Geo-Coordinates
/DSD/RP_MOTRCATMeans of Transport Type for Each Equip. Type and Veh. Type
/DSD/RP_DRVLOCKDriver's Lock Times
/DSD/RP_DRVLICDriver's License Class of Driver

LE-DSD-RP-LU ( View full 8 Tables )

/BEV1/LUT907Shipment Types for which Load. Unit Determination Is Allowed
/BEV1/LUTTLU: Permitted Document Types Transport
/BEV1/LUT903Units of Measure and Tolerances
/BEV1/LUT906Check Table for LU Groups in Material Master
/BEV1/LUTALU: Permitted Document Types Order

LE-DSD-ST ( View full 13 Tables )

/DSD/ST_CSCENTour scenario
/DSD/ST_CSCEN_TTour scenario (text table to /DSD/ST_CSCEN)
/DSD/ST_CSCEN_VLAssignment visit list <-> sales scenario
/DSD/ST_STATUSCurrent tour status
/DSD/ST_CTYPE_SHShipment relevant for DSD

LE-DSD-SV ( View full 29 Tables )

/DSD/SV_CNTGRTDescription of counting group
/DSD/SV_RACOCICIDSD SV: Check-Out / Check-In - Money Item
/DSD/SV_LC_CGDSD LC: Loading Confirmation Item on Counting Group Level
/DSD/SV_MAIL_RECDSD SV Recipient for Express Mail
/DSD/SV_ACTDSD Activate Stock Visibility

LE-DSD-VC ( View full 25 Tables )

/DSD/VC_VLH_RDSD: Visit List - Header Data: Reference Documents
/DSD/VC_VPTYPETDSD: Visit Schedule Type - Texts
/DSD/VC_TSTRDSD: Customer / Calendar Type / Time Stream ID
/DSD/VC_V7_PRNDSD: Message Types for Print Output for Shipment
/DSD/VC_CALTYPDSD: Calendar Type

LE-DSD-VSO ( View full 5 Tables )

/VSO/R_CUSTAdditional Data for Vehicle Space Optimization for KNA1
/VSO/R_RELRelevance of the Delivery Item Categories for VSO
/VSO/B_FLEETVehicle Type for Vehicle Space Optimization
/VSO/B_FLEET_TTexts for Vehicle Type from Vehicle Space Optimization
/VSO/R_DPOINTCollective Unloading Point for VSO

LE-DSD-VSO-MP ( View full 29 Tables )

/VSO/M_PALVCLAssignment Packaging Material to Vehicle Type (VSO)
/VSO/M_I_VEHInput Data: Vehicle Data (Vehicle Space Optimization)
/VSO/M_DATA_CLUSCluster Table for Vehicle Space Optimization Data
/VSO/M_I_PAL_DATInput Data: Pallets (Vehicle Space Optimization)
/VSO/M_O_SHP_HDRResult Data: Shipment Header (Vehicle Space Optimization)

LE-DSD-VSO-PP ( View full 10 Tables )

/VSO/P_RSLT_PLTIResult of VSO: Packing Proposal Items
/VSO/P_HU_CREATEControl Automatic Creation of Handling Units (VSO)
/VSO/P_RSLT_PLTHResult of VSO: Packing Proposal (Header Data)
/VSO/P_PAL_TOAssignment VSO Packing Proposal Items to WM TO Items
/VSO/P_TXT_PRTYPTexts for Process Type of Vehicle Space Optimization

LE-IEW-OUT ( View full 4 Tables )

/SPE/MVT_ACCGRPDefinition of Accounting Type Groups
/SPE/DIRITM_CATGItem Category Determination for Direct Outbound Deliveries
/SPE/DIRDLV_TYPEDelivery Type Determination for Deliveries from EWM
/SPE/MVT_DETERMDetermination of Movement Type per Accounting Type Group

LE-IEW-X ( View full 1 Tables )

/SPE/PP_DLV_TYPEDelivery Type Determination in EWM Manufacturing Integration

LE-MOB ( View full 15 Tables )

T3130CScreen Management
T313DDefinition of Application Identification
T313CAssignment of application identifier type
T313FDefinition User Profile for Mobile Data Entry
T313GGeneral Parameters for Bar Code Type Definition

LE-SHP ( View full 17 Tables )

SHP_IDX_PICKOutbound Deliveries: Not Picked
FIP_C_SUBSTCustomizing Table Substitution Material
SHP_IDX_GDSIOutbound Deliveries: Not Posted for Goods Issue
TVPADDetermination Log Control
WSUBST_CTRLCustomizing Table Extension Logic

LE-SHP-DL ( View full 5 Tables )

LEDSPD_FLOWDocument Flow for Subsequent Outbound-Delivery Split
TVDSPProfile for Subsequent Outbound Deliv. Split per Deliv. Type
TVDSSProfiles for Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split
TVDSGRules for Groups of Outbound Deliveries (Subsqu. Deliv. Spl)
TVDSSTTexts: Subsequent Delivery Split Scenarios

LE-SHP-GF ( View full 17 Tables )

T313LLabel Category EAN128
T313HBar Code Profile: Header
LECI_CHK_PTTCheckpoint: Text Table
T313MDelimiter for Variable Barcode Lengths (Usage: Printing)
LECI_CARDExtended Pass for Registration at the Checkpoint

LE-TRA ( View full 16 Tables )

B045Shipment Type/Transportation Service Agent
TRXICTracking: Code Types for Tracking IDs
TRXECTracking: Main Transaction Types
TRXLCTTracking: Texts for location code types
TRXEVTTracking: Transactions and Events

LE-TRA-FC ( View full 31 Tables )

VFKONV(Freight) Conditions
VFSCAIS0Key Item: Shipping Material
VFSCAIFScale Item: Gross Volume
VFSCAR1Freight Rates (One-Dimensional)
TVFRDRTDescriptions for Rounding Rules

LE-TRA-IN ( View full 35 Tables )

VXSIPSTDescription of Packing Station
VXSIFNExpress Dlv. Company: Funct. Module for VXSITDL Data Fields
VLBLTDExpress Delivery Company's Carrier Assignment
VXSIQESmall Parcel Carrier: Conversion into External Qualifier
VTRKPTracking Data - Item

LE-TRM ( View full 112 Tables )

LMOBDObject class ID
LGPRIPriority log
LETYHEntity hierarchy in the priority model
LOBSLTObstacle - description
LTKRTTask - resource type

LE-WM-CD ( View full 4 Tables )

LEXUSExtension 2.0 usage
LXDTODecision TO cancel link
LXWHSCross Docking warehouse level customization
LXDCNCross Dock decision

LE-WM-DCC ( View full 1 Tables )

LCDCCCustomization for Dynamic Cycle Count

LE-WM-DWM ( View full 12 Tables )

T321DAssignment Movement Type RM-WMS Dec. ERP -> HOST Act. (R/2)
LDK01Communication Record 01 Decentralized WMS: GR/GI R/2 -> ERP
LDK06Communic.Record 06 Decentr.WMS (R/2-ERP):Batch Status Change
LDK04Communication Rec. 04 LVS Decentr.: DN Supplem. R/2 -> ERP
LDK03Communication Rec. 03 Decentralized WMS: Del.Doc. R/2 -> ERP

LE-WM-GF ( View full 8 Tables )

TCMCONTROLControl of change management in decentralized WMS
TWAP1Appointments: Appointments Profile
TWAP2TAppointments: Description for Deviation Reasons
T331CControl of storage type for putaway strategy K

LE-WM-VAS ( View full 4 Tables )

LVVWCVAS work center determination
LVVGCValue-Added Services (VAS) general customization
LVVROVAS request order

LE-YM ( View full 17 Tables )

LYLOCYard location
LYACTYard activities
LYLTYPhysical location type
LYDTPLocation time-dependent properties
LYSPFScheduling profile
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