SAP PP – PI Master Recipes

Master Recipes in SAP is used to get the details of a specific process without the order for that process in Process Industries under PP module. Task list items for Master Recipe Routings Inspection plans Maintenance task lists Standard networks Tables used for master Recipe PLAS : selection of operations/activities PLFH : production resources/tools PLFL […]

BOM in SAP (Bill of Material)

BOM in SAP stands for Bill of Material. For making a product or assembling, there needs several components (part of product). A well structured list of these components is known as BOM. The list will contain object number of each components and its unit of measure with quantity. Technical types of BOM  |  BOM structure  |  tables and tcodes […]

SAP PP Transaction codes (tcodes)

SAP PP stands for Production planning control. Here are some useful and important SAP PP transaction codes which are commonly used in this module. Routing  |  Capacity  |  Planning Work Center transaction codes CEWB: Engineering Workbench CC04: Display product structure CR01, CR02, and CR03: Create, change and display work center respectively. CA85 Replace work center CR11, CR12, and CR13: […]

SAP PP Tables

SAP PP stands for Production Planning and Controlling. Here is a list of important SAP PP tables which are mainly used in production planning and control. Capacity  |  Routing  |  Backflushing Documents Tables for Work Center CRHD: In this table work center header data is stored CRTX: work center short descriptions CRCO: The assignment of work center to cost […]