SAP PP Tables | Production Planning and Control Module Tables & Fields

PP is a SAP module coming under SAP_APPL component. Total 915 PP tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP PP. You can also refer SAP PP transaction codes from this link

  • Module description : Production Planning and Control
  • Application component : HLA0009520
  • First release : 30A
Production Planning and Control tables in SAP

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SAP PP Tables

SAP PP Tables by sub module wise

select distinct submodulename,tcount,desp from table_submodules where modulename='PP' AND submodulename!='PP' order by submodulename ASC
Module NameDescription
PP-BD-CAP TablesComputer Aided Process Planning  
PP-BD-RTG TablesRouting  
PP-CRP-LVL TablesCapacity Leveling  
PP-FLW TablesFlow Manufacturing  
PP-FLW-SEQ TablesSequencing  
PP-IS TablesInformation System  
PP-MES TablesIntegration with Manufacturing Execution Systems  
PP-MP TablesProduction Planning  
PP-MP-DEM TablesDemand Management  
PP-MP-MFC TablesMaterial Forecast  
PP-MRP TablesMaterial Requirements Planning  
PP-MRP-BD TablesMaster Data  
PP-PDC TablesPlant Data Collection  
PP-PI TablesProduction Planning for Process Industries  
PP-PI-CFB TablesConsumer Products for Food & Beverage  
PP-PI-MD TablesBasic Data  
PP-PI-MIR TablesMaterial Identification and Reconciliation  
PP-PI-PCM TablesProduction Campaign  
PP-PI-PDO TablesProcess Data Documentation  
PP-PI-PMA TablesProcess Management  
PP-PI-PMA-CWD TablesCampaign Weighing and Dispensing  
PP-PI-PMA-MGT TablesABAP List-Based PI Sheet  
PP-PI-PMA-PMC TablesBrowser-Based PI Sheet / Cockpit  
PP-PI-POR TablesProcess Order  
PP-PN TablesProduction Network  
PP-PN-ALN TablesProduction Allocation  
PP-PN-GIS TablesGeographical Information System  
PP-PN-MES TablesMeasurement System  
PP-PN-NM TablesNetwork Modeler  
PP-PN-NO TablesNetwork Objects  
PP-PN-NOP TablesNetwork Operations  
PP-PN-OWN TablesOwnership  
PP-REM TablesRepetitive Manufacturing  
PP-SFC TablesProduction Orders  
PP-SFC-IS TablesInformation System  
PP-SFC-PLN TablesOrder Planning  
PP-SOP-BD TablesBasic Data  
PP-SOP-DRP TablesDistribution Requirements Planning  
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