SAP PP (Production Planning and Control) Module Tables list

PP is a SAP module coming under SAP_APPL component.Total 915 PP tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP PP.You can also refer SAP PP transaction codes from this link

SAP PP Tables

SAP PP Tables by sub module wise

PP-BD-CAP ( View full 42 Tables )

VERTEAssignment of CAPP processes to work centers
TCAM2CAPP menus, level 2: header lines
TCARTRounding categories (Text)
TMATYMachine types
TCERSRounding & additional values keys

PP-BD-RTG ( View full 1 Tables )

TCALAObject overview

PP-CRP-LVL ( View full 48 Tables )

TCY56TTexts for profiles for pln. tab.(tab. form) in cap. leveling
TCY45Graphical element category
TCY46TSelection of graphic object type: Texts
TCY62Representation profile for selection of graphic object type
PIBZProcess planning interface: Production commitments

PP-FLW ( View full 8 Tables )

CPABPRTJIT call profile long text
CTIMEDEFTime definition
PABASNLinking Summarized JIT Call - Shipping Notification
B131Plant/JC prof./vendor
CPABPRFJIT call profile

PP-FLW-SEQ ( View full 14 Tables )

TSPG2Order characteristic
TSPG3Relationship between order profile and characteristics
TSPP2Default Planning Profile (Sequencing) of Plant
TSPP0Planning profile for sequencing
OPITSchedule record for planned order

PP-IS ( View full 8 Tables )

MCKALKVVersions: Cost Itemization
MCPPCUSTPerformance Customizing: PPIS
MCKALKWVersions: Cost Itemization
MCAFVGVVersions: Order Procedure

PP-MES ( View full 4 Tables )

TCOPODISTControl of Distribution of Production Orders to an MES
AFDISTDistribution Information on Production Order
COMES_CONF_PROGTable for MES Confirmation Progress
TCOSERNRCHECKSerial Number Checks in MES Production Orders

PP-MP ( View full 6 Tables )

TCPFS3External planning tool: lock table
TCPFS4TPlanning tool description
TCPFS5External planning tool: start parameters for Windows NT
TCPFS1Organization of data adjustment for external planning tool
TCPFS4External planning tool

PP-MP-DEM ( View full 24 Tables )

T450FField selection maintaining independent requirements
T459XText table for ind. reqmts reference table
T459USettings for Maintaining Planned Independent Requirements
TPLVPPlanning Profile
T450PTransaction control for maintaining ind. requirements

PP-MP-MFC ( View full 1 Tables )

T440XAllocation of forecast model to model groups

PP-MRP ( View full 35 Tables )

MRP_BUF_PLANT_DTCurrent dates of Plant
SDM_DEM_PROF01Demand profile for SDM routines
MRP_BUF_PLANT_THTime horizons of MRP buffer
MRP_BUFFER_RUNBuffer Run Lock table
MRP_BUF_SUPPLIERBuffer Table Supplier

PP-MRP-BD ( View full 30 Tables )

T439CScope of Planning MRP Unit: Sequence
T399DControl Parameters for MRP
TMW00MRP Default Values per Material Type
T000MDMRP at MRP Area Level
T463Customizing Table Display Filter - Settings -

PP-PDC ( View full 4 Tables )

T705RAssignment of work center to subsystem link group
T705WPDC Communication Parameters
PDERRError Table for Subsystem Confirmation
RUECKTemp. storage for subsystem confirmations

PP-PI ( View full 7 Tables )

DTSCHEMADowntime Schema
DTELTXDowntime Element Text
DT2KAPARDowntime for Capacity Category
DTCTTXDowntime Category Text
DTCTIDDowntime Category ID

PP-PI-CFB ( View full 8 Tables )

CFB_KALM_TMPTMP Save / CK40N Selected Materials
CFB_SCALE_ASSIGNAssign Scale Groups
CFB_WEIGH_LISTDatabase of Weigh List
CFB_VERID_MRPRelease/Lock Production Version for Mat. Req. Planning
CFB_BACKFLUSHBackflush of Batches

PP-PI-MD ( View full 2 Tables )

MKALProduction Versions of Material
MKAL_AENDChange History of Production Version (Recipes Only)

PP-PI-MD-MRC ( View full 6 Tables )

CPC_CMX_DB_R_COSRouting: Context Table for Operations
CPC_CMX_DB_COSMaster Recipe: Context Table for Recipe Operations/Phases
CPC_CMX_DB_R_CORRouting: Context Table for Plan Header
CPC_CMX_DB_CORMaster Recipe: Context Table for Recipe Header
CPC_CMX_DB_LOGXSteps: Change Log

PP-PI-MIR ( View full 8 Tables )

RCDEFReconciliation: definition of movement type groups
RCDEFTReconciliation: definition of movement type groups
TCUMICustomizing for material identification
MISTATUSStatus Table for Material Identification on Mat./Batch Level
BEREITMaterial identification: staging data

PP-PI-PCM ( View full 6 Tables )

PCMO2Pegged production campaign: requirements
PCMO1Pegged production campaign: material
PCMPProduction campaign item
PCMHProduction campaign header
PCMO4Production campaign pegged reqmt resource network

PP-PI-PDO ( View full 13 Tables )

MCHPVTBatch Record: Long Text for Version
REBR4EBR: Inspection Scope of Insp. Lot in Deviation Analysis
MCHPVBatch Record: Versions
REBR1Batch Record: Layout Profile
REBR3TBatch Record: Profile for Deviation Analysis Text

PP-PI-PMA ( View full 150 Tables )

CMX_XS_DB_XAVDXSteps: BAdI Exits, Standard BAdI Variants
POC_DB_EXEC_STRADomain Model: Table for Execution Strategies
CMX_XS_DB_NRELXSteps: Links to Non-Historic Objects (Relationships)
CMX_XS_DB_XCCXSteps: BAdI Exits, Categories for Custom Node Types
CMX_XS_DB_XDTYTXSteps: BADI Exits, Descriptions of Destination Types

PP-PI-PMA-CWD ( View full 3 Tables )

CWD_MATERIALCampaign Weighing Component Materials
CWD_CRD_SCALECampaign Weighing Control Recipe Dest. to Scale mapping
CWD_EQUI_CLASSCampaign Weighing Equipment Class and Characteristics

PP-PI-PMA-MGT ( View full 11 Tables )

COFVPPI Sheet: Process Instruction Characteristics
COCHPPI sheet: Control Recipe Header
TCOPCApplication-Specific Passwords
TCB19Control Table for PI Sheet Header
COFTPPI Sheet: Process Instructions

PP-PI-PMA-PMC ( View full 11 Tables )

POC_DB_ARC_CONNOptical Archiving: Link Data (ArchiveLink)
POC_DB_CU_ADDONPI Sheet: Settings for Enhancement Objects
POC_DB_OBJECTSTable of Enhancement Objects
POC_DB_DEV_SIGNSignature Key: Metadata Signature Process Step
POC_DB_C_TRIGGERDomain Model: Trigger Collection

PP-PI-POR ( View full 3 Tables )

COCR_CMX_DB_CRContext Data for Root Node
COCR_CMX_DB_CSContext Data for XSteps
COCR_CMX_DB_CO43Assignment Production Scheduling Profile and Standard XStep

PP-PN ( View full 9 Tables )

GHO_PE_TYP_TText Table for Oil and Gas Entities
GHO_AGGR_TYP_TText table of platform type
GHO_PRDENTY_TYPETable for Holding Oil and Gas Entity
GHO_AGGR_TYPEPlatform type

PP-PN-ALN ( View full 84 Tables )

GHO_REP_MATReproduced Material details table
GHO_ALLOC_GLG_TGas Lift Gas TCM text table
GHO_ALLOC_GLGAssign formation TCM to Gas Lift Gas TCM
GHO_ALLOC_MVMetered Volume TCM configuration

PP-PN-GIS ( View full 17 Tables )

GHO_INT_OBJATTRTable for Internal Object Attributes
GEO_CONTEXT_APPLApplication Specific Geo Context
GHO_GEN_OBJ_TYPGeneric Object Types
GHO_GISCMOBJTYPECustomizing Table for Configuration Object Types
GHO_PER_SCRNSIZEPersonalization table for Screen Sizing

PP-PN-MES ( View full 22 Tables )

GHO_WELL_STD_ITable for storing the well test standard item values
GHO_WELL_PRIORCapture Measurement - Well Test Priority
GHO_MEAS_TANKMeasurement - Tank Parameters
GHO_MEAS_GRP_TMeasurement Group Text Table
GHO_MEAS_LOGOBJMeasurement error log object mapping to MII system ext ID

PP-PN-NM ( View full 8 Tables )

GHO_OBJ_GR_ATTRNetwork Object Graphical Attributes
GHO_OBJ_ATTR_LNetwork Object Attributes Link Level
GHO_SIM_INETObject Links for Network Simulation
GHO_NETWORKProduction Network
GHO_VARIANT_HVariant Header

PP-PN-NO ( View full 79 Tables )

GHO_MODEL_OBJNetwork Modeling Objects
GHO_PUMP_APL_TText Table for Pump Application
GHO_MODEL_OBJ_TText Table for Network Modelling Objects
GHO_STATNetwork Object Status
GHO_WCSTATUSWell Completion Status

PP-PN-NOP ( View full 18 Tables )

GHO_PP_PTABLE_LNSchedule Lines Table for Results of GHO Planning Table
GHO_NETVER_HHeader Data of a Production Network Version
GHO_PP_PT_PRF_TCustomizing: Text Table for GHO Planning Table Profile
GHO_PP_PT_PROFILCustomizing: Table for GHO Planning Table Profile
GHO_PP_PTABLE_HDHeader Table for Results of GHO Planning Table

PP-PN-OWN ( View full 29 Tables )

GHO_TRO_BG_HDRBearer group header details created from Transfer Request
GHO_OWN_TRO_DOIDOI for Ownership transfer request
GHO_OWN_DOI_SSMOwnership Sliding Scale Maintenance
GHO_OWNRES_IOwnership results items
GHO_CUVD_OWN_MDCustomer/Vendor Ownership Master Data of Business partner

PP-REM ( View full 28 Tables )

COMPMOVEGoods Movement of Components
T437XCost Collector Strategy
T437DControl Parameter Plant for Repetitive Mfg
RESCOReprocessing Pointer Table
RMUSERUser Settings for REM Backflush Transactions

PP-SFC ( View full 103 Tables )

COWB260PARParameter for Request for Deletion Flag
COCF_SR_SNGRPTDescription of Shift Note Group
COCF_CU_SR_PDFDefinition Shift Report Type for Class CL_COCF_SR_PDF
COMPCONFOCM: Comparison result, state of change numbers
COCF_CU_SRTYPEShift Report Type - Definition

PP-SFC-IS ( View full 11 Tables )

COCF_MD_ADM_SYSTMandash System Status Customization table
COCF_MD_APPL_TXTMaintain Application ID for Manufacturing Dash Board
COCF_MD_TMBUKTXTtime bucket desc
COCF_MD_VRNT_GRPCOCF MANDASH Overall/Group Variant Table
COCF_MD_VRNT_TABCOCF MANDASH Tab specific Variants Table

PP-SFC-PLN ( View full 2 Tables )

TCORUSHVALCheck Table for Header Screen Customizing SingleScreen Entry
TCORUSSVALCheck Table for Detail Screen Customizing SingleScreen Entry

PP-SOP-BD ( View full 5 Tables )

T444PLIS Planning: Key Matrix Selection Control Table
T444KLIS Planning: Screen Sequence Control Table
T444MPlanning: Control Table - Key Matrix Screen
P444VPlanning Versions: Info Structures
P44VPlanning Versions

PP-SOP-DRP ( View full 17 Tables )

MDRP_NODEPPositions of the nodes in a DRP network
MDRP_NODENodes for DRP Network
MDRP_NODTNode Type for DRP Network
MDRP_MENUMenu for DRP network
MDRP_POCOEvent Table: Deployment Run
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