SAP FIN (Financials) Module Tables list

FIN is a SAP module coming under FINBASIS component.Total 3523 FIN tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP FIN.You can also refer SAP FIN transaction codes from this link

SAP FIN Tables

SAP FIN Tables by sub module wise

FIN-BA ( View full 69 Tables )

TCOCOF4F4 Values for Customizing
UATUBD_LIGHTBDLib Light: Generated Methods (Data Basis-Dependent)
UAUXS_DATATName of Object
UAUPLSTRUCREMOValue Table for Remote Structure Names of Costing Engine
TIPPE_TYPESImport iPPE: Assignment Types

FIN-BAC ( View full 54 Tables )

/EACC/TCOMPONComponents (Entity Table)
/EACC/DMM_CHACharacteristics of the Accounting Views
/EACC/DMM_DIMDimensions of the Accounting Views
URBWLTRealigner: DataSource Texts
/EACC/TCATA_USEDData Basis: Catalogs Used

FIN-BAC-AE ( View full 141 Tables )

/EACC/TOT_DELEGDelegation of Totals Administration
/EACC/V_TOTALS_FJournal Totals - Field List
/EACC/TMPDYNFLDFFixed Fields in the Entry Items
/EACC/DM_SERIMAXData Retention - Flow Control: Highest Serial No. of DataSrc

FIN-BAC-GL ( View full 22 Tables )

/EACA/GL_DOCNR_SValue Table for Number Range Subobject for GL Doc. Numbers
/EACA/TGLBAS_BSettings for Balance Tool
/EACA/TGLDYNFLDSPosition of the Screen Fields
/EACA/TGLTEMPLATCustomizing Templates in the G/L
/EACA/GL_DOCNR_XG/L Number Ranges: Counter for Generated Subobjects

FIN-BAC-INV ( View full 54 Tables )

FAIBSV01Incoming/Outgoing Invoices
CFIORMNT0CFIN Objects for Maintenance Orders
UAINVTSTLRULERSettlement Rule Receiver
FAIBSV11TConfiguration - Balance Sheet Val. Procedure Description
UAINVDEBCRIDocument Item for Revaluation Through Material Debit/Credit

FIN-BAC-PM ( View full 43 Tables )

/EACA/TPMVARIMETAssignment of Meta Data Continers to Variant
/EACA/TPMCGRPPM: Characteristic Group
/EACA/TPMCGRP1PM Characteristics of a Characteristic Group
/EACA/TPMNRSUBNRValue Table for Number Range Subobject
/EACA/TPMSTRUCTStructural Configuration for Profitability Analysis

FIN-CGV-MIC ( View full 144 Tables )

FOPCPHREFOPC:: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Informatn Objects
FOPCDEFICCUSMIC: Customizing Table for Deficiency Analysis
FOPC_GETFORMSPrint Reports Using Own Smart Forms
HRP1821DB Table for Infotype 1821

FIN-FB ( View full 360 Tables )

FINB_TIOBC_NMTTexts for Value Proposals for Info Object Catalog Names
ACCDBS02Assignment Data Basis - Generated ALV Reference Structure
ACCDOM02Business Domain <-> InfoObject Catalogs Assignment
UGMD1008FIN Master Data: Attributes Needed for Creating

FIN-FB-AET ( View full 2 Tables )

FINB_ST_VARGRPCVariable Groups for Structured Types
FINB_ST_VARGRPTTexts for Variable Groups for Structured Types

FIN-FB-MDF ( View full 13 Tables )

FINB_MD_0110Registration: Elements on Data Elements (Attr./Key)
FINB_MD_0200Registration: InfoObjects
FINB_MD_0210Registration: Attributes on Infoobjects
UGMD9102FIN Master Data: Local Domains (Only Folder)
UGMD9101FIN Master Data: Local Data Elements (Storage Only)

FIN-FB-SRV ( View full 87 Tables )

FINB_TMSGAPPL01Deviating Message Type (Required Error Weight) for Appl.
FINBGSPRGTR0CGenerated Programs, whose Variants Can Be Transported
FINB_RP_CONFIG3Technical Structure Assignment <--> Long Text
UATSAPPLEXTable Search: Possible Exit Times

FIN-FSCM ( View full 39 Tables )

EDX_TRANSF_INEDX: Configuration for Incoming Transformations
IHC_PI_INB_ACCTSPI: Clearing Partner Details for Inbound IDOC
BNK_TIMEOUTTimeout for Batch between two status
BNK_XSTAT_MSGExternal Status Message
EDX_SETUPEDX: Configuration (General)

FIN-FSCM-BC-SB ( View full 10 Tables )

FBC_BM_CESTCost Event Subtype
FBC_BM_CTContract Type
FBC_BM_CETCost Event Type
FBC_BM_CETTCost Event Type - Text
FBC_BM_ESEvent Sender

FIN-FSCM-BD-AR ( View full 41 Tables )

TEBPPPERIODTTexts for Time Period Groups
TEBPPCATTText Table for Log Entries
TEBPPCOMMPRDAssign Communication Event to a Time Period Group
EBPP_T043GBiller Direct: Settings for User Tolerances
TEBPP_REC_INV_ASAP Biller Direct: Bill Receipt Processing: Archive

FIN-FSCM-CLM-CM-CM ( View full 44 Tables )

FDAUCash Managment Advice Authorization Catalog
FEBPIPolling Statement Line Item Information
T243BConvert Sender Planning Group
T243DConvert Sender Business Areas
T028XReturns Reasons

FIN-FSCM-COL ( View full 65 Tables )

UDM_GRP_SPLAssignment of Collection Specialist to Collection Group
UDM_BASIS_RULETName of Basic Rules
UDM_PR_SEL_OPTSelection Options for Parallel Processing

FIN-FSCM-COL-AR ( View full 27 Tables )

FDM_COLL_BR_HEADBranch/Head Office Relationship in Collections Management
FDM_INVOICE_METHProcedure for Providing Invoice Information
FDM_CONT_MIRRORContact Person Assignment (Substitute <-> Original)
FDM_COLL_TROBJFSCM-COL: Trigger Table for Collections Management

FIN-FSCM-COL-COL ( View full 1 Tables )

UDM_P2P_ATTRPromise to Pay

FIN-FSCM-CR-AD ( View full 9 Tables )

UKM_PI_SGM0CSAP Credit Management: Segment Data
UKM_KKBER2SGMAssignment of Credit Control Area to Credit Segment
UKM_DCDOBJCredit Management Link to DCD Case
UKM_COM_0TSAP Credit Management: Texts for Credit Exposure Categories
UKM_TRANSFER_ARVData from AR for SAP Credit Management

FIN-FSCM-CR-CR ( View full 50 Tables )

UKM_CRLT_RULE0TSAP Credit Mgt: Rule for Calculating Credit Limit (Texts)
UKM_CHCK_SGMPARAssignment of Credit Segment Parameter to Individual Check
UKM_LIMIT_RULE0TSAP Credit Mgt: Rule for Calc. Score and Cr. Limit (Texts)
UKMBP_CMSSAP Credit Management: Credit Master Data for Partner
UKM_CRLT_RULESAP Credit Management: Rule for Credit Limit Calculation

FIN-FSCM-DM-AR ( View full 45 Tables )

FDM_COLL_COMPCODFSCM-COL: Active Company Codes of Collections Management
TFDM_RSTGRReason Codes for CCM Process
FDM_COLL_FUNCDEADeactivate Additional Functions
TFDM_BDREASONTFSCM-DM: Default Values for Company Code
TFDM_TARGETFIELDFDM_AR: Target Fields in Document

FIN-FSCM-DM-DM ( View full 54 Tables )

UDMDOCL01Dispute Management: Instances of Logical Information Objects
UDMLORI02Disp. Mgt: Incoming Relationships of Log. Info. Objects
UDMLOPR02Dispute Management: Attribute Values of Log. Info. Objects
UDMPHNM02Disp. Mgt: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Object
SCMG_LOC_FIELDSInput Fields for Case Search

FIN-FSCM-DR ( View full 9 Tables )

UHC_T001_BDo Not Execute Action - Prerequisite Case Status
UHC_CASE_ALISTActions in Collection Case
UHCCASEATTR20Collection Case Attributes
UHC_T001Actions - Definition of Actions
UHC_T002Action List

FIN-FSCM-IHC ( View full 77 Tables )

IHC_TAB_GUI_ACTTIHC: GUI Actions - Description
IHC_DB_PN_BPIHC: Address Data of Bus. Partners Involved in Payment Order
IHC_DB_CMVAR1Cash Management Variants: Bank Area Assignment
IHC_TAB_TRN_ATTRIHC: Processing of Transaction Types in Bank Area
IHC_DB_TRAPOIHC: Customizing Table for Transfer Posting Report

FIN-FSCM-TRM ( View full 52 Tables )

TFKY4Serves as check table for depos. bank help-view structure
VVWL8Output sequence
TZRPTValuation principle description
TWL5Display sequence (check table)-previously only revenue list
TW52Market sectors

FIN-FSCM-TRM-AN ( View full 86 Tables )

RDB_REC_CURRPOS1Single Record Items: Generic Key Figs with Crcy (Template)
AFWGO_EVALPROC2PEvaluation Procedure Fin. Results Records: PH Assignment
AFWKF_DEFINTKey Figure Definition (Text Table)
RDB_REC_GENPOS1Single Record Items: Generic Key Figs w/o Crcy (Template)
RDB_APPLAnalyzer Application: Settings for Results Database

FIN-FSCM-TRM-AN-IS ( View full 13 Tables )

AIS_FORMULA_TXTCustomizing of Formulas in AIS
AIS_LAYOUT_MATABKey Figures on Mat. Band Tab for Standard Reporting on RDB
AIS_LAYOUT_SSTABKey Figures on Line Items Tab for Standard Rep. on RDB
AIS_KEYF_CLASSCFM: Assignment of Key Figures to Reporting Areas
AIS_LAYOUT_ADMCFM: Administration Table for Layout for Standard Reporting

FIN-FSCM-TRM-BF-BP ( View full 18 Tables )

FSBP_BP3000_10_SStatus Tab. for Conversion Report FSBP_FTBU_BP3000_TO_BP3010
TB025_PARBP Grp Type - TR-BP Cat. Assignment for Parallel Maintenance
BPUM_TABConversion: Database Tables
TP17UBusiness Partner: Convert Industries
BPUM_ROLConversion: Data elements to be converted

FIN-FSCM-TRM-MR ( View full 124 Tables )

ATVSTNames of scenario types
ATVO61Volatilities - Mapping from Reference Interest Rates
JBRRHBLATT_BACKBackup Table JBRRHBLATT (Required for Transport Imports)
ATRFBETARisk factor description beta factors
VTVSZIDXScenario Database: Stock Indices

FIN-FSCM-TRM-PA ( View full 52 Tables )

AFWKF_PRDFLWCC_HKey Figures: Flow for Period in Evaluation Currency
AFWKFPA_PRDFLWKey Figures: Flow for Period in Transaction Currency
AFWKFPA_YLDSNCKey Figures: Yield from Transaction Currency Since CALCSINCE
BMA_BMTOLD CFM Benchmarking: BM Central Master Data
AFWKF_FLWCC_HKey Figures: Flow in Evaluation Currency

FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM ( View full 270 Tables )

TRGC_TAXCFM: Derivation Rules for Tax Flows
TRQT_ASSIGN_ITEMTreasury: Assignment Position
TRGTS_CMP_PMCATAssignment of Position Change Categories to Components
TEMT_PROFILEPlanning profile
THMEXT_TRANSHedge Management: Transactions

FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-AC ( View full 113 Tables )

VALC_VAL_PROCOLD! TR: Definition - Valuation Procedure
TRLTS_STATE_TTexts for TRL Posting Status
TRLT_INIT_VAL_SEInitialization Values for TRL Positions: Securities
TRACC_MIG_AAREFMigration of Definitions of Account Assignment References
TRLT_VCL_FLOWFlows Valuation Class Transfer

FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-BO ( View full 72 Tables )

TRLC_PMC_TRADINGAssignment of Pos. Mgmt Procedures for Trading Positions
TRFC_MRG_FTTreasury: Assignment of Update Type to Flow Category
TRSC_DFTYPE_SDCFM: Update Type for 'Capitalize Dividends'
PINC_PI_TRFCust.Table for Generating Position Account-Position Indic.
TRSC_CONDITION_PUpdate Types for Condition Type (Passive Positions)

FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-IS ( View full 25 Tables )

FTI_BI_C_SWITCHNW700 Only: Switch for DataSource Feed (TRM)
FTI_BI_CONT_FLDSBI Fields for Reconciliation
FTI_SEL_DDIC_MAPTranslation Selections/Parameters in Field Names
FTI_DEALTYPETransaction Category - OTC / Non-OTC
FTI_NULL_ONOFFField Deactivated (for Hiding Zero Records of Logical DBs)

FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-TR ( View full 61 Tables )

TIDX_PRICE_VALUEValues for the Index
VTB_FMOD_SFUNKTLField Modification Values
FTR_TIER_DEFDefinition of Rank
VTBRELE1Transaction release: Change history
VTB_FMOD_FTRField Modification Definition

FIN-SEM-BCS ( View full 328 Tables )

UCL202CLog: Object Number
UCS01A1Tasks: Log Layout: Custom Layouts
UCM201CDefault Values
UCFE020SAP Cons: Assignment of Form to Data Entry Groups
UCF6310C/I: Methods: Threshold Values

FIN-SEM-BCS-CSF ( View full 19 Tables )

UCFV100Validation: Check Hierarchy
UCFV21GValidation Check: GUID
UCFV20GValidation Method: Hierarchy
UCFV220Validation Check: Selection Conditions
UCFV21TValidation Check: Text

FIN-SEM-BCS-IS ( View full 3 Tables )

UCRX02GSEM-BCS: XBRL Interface: Taxonomy Elements GUIDs
UCRX01CXBRL: Taxonomies
UCRX010XBRL Mapping Table

FIN-SEM-BIC ( View full 89 Tables )

UIDCPHNMPRUI Documents: Attributes of Target Anchor Relationships
BDSPHRE13 BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects
UIDCPHIOUI Documents: Instances of Physical Information Objects
UIDCPHHRUI Documents: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
BDSPHPR13 BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects

FIN-SEM-BPS ( View full 10 Tables )

UPE_MODELPlanning Modeler: Table Models
UPE_PARAMPlanning: Parameterization (SD files)
UPE_PARAMTPlanning: Parameter Group Texts

FIN-SEM-BPS-BP ( View full 48 Tables )

UPB_HI_REFPlanning Applucations: Reference to Hierarchy
UPB_DATA_EX_SYSPlanning Applications: Exception Table for Source Clients
UPB_CW_ESCost Center Wizard: Economic Specification
UPB_CW_CCSECost Center Wizard: Subapplication
UPB_CMI_KFCMI: Key Figures

FIN-SEM-BPS-PLA ( View full 2 Tables )

UPA_EXP_AFUNCAssignments of Layouts to Web-CCP Application
UPA_EXP_LAYOUTAssignments of Layouts to Web-CCP Application

FIN-SEM-CPM ( View full 197 Tables )

UMR_RI141TRMS: Risk-Reducing Activities - Milestones - Text Table
UMK_DFTRFCDefault BW Destination for Measure Builder
UMR_RF103RMS: Measure-Risk Value Fields BW Variables
BDSPHRE15BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects
UMC_TD100Task List

FIN-SEM-CPM-BSC ( View full 144 Tables )

UMB_SC153Scorecard: Objective: Assigned BW Queries
UMB_SC171TScorecard: BW Web Report (Obsolete)
UMB_SC184Scorecard: Status of a General Initiative
UMB_HI100Scorecard Hierarchy: Header Table
UMB_MA_PE102Miniapp Personalization - Status Filter

FIN-SEM-CPM-MC ( View full 70 Tables )

UMM_BU106Selections for Buffer of Transaction Data
UMM_DFT_BICDATADefault BIC Data for Frame
UMM_FR111Frames : Graphic - Settings in XML Format
UMM_BU100Selections for Buffer of Transaction Data
UMM_FR102Frames: Key Figures

FIN-SEM-SRM ( View full 171 Tables )

USSDLOIOUSS Documents: Instances of Logical Information Objects
USCNLOREPRUSC Profile Documents:: Outbound Relationship Attributes
USSFLOREUSS Folder:: Outgoing Relationships of Logical InfoObjects
USCDLOREPRUSC Documents:: Outbound Relationship Attributes of LOIOs
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