SAP MM (Materials Management) Module Tables list

MM is a SAP module coming under SAP_APPL component.Total 587 MM tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP MM.You can also refer SAP MM transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Materials Management
  • Application component : HLA0009510
  • First release : 30A

MM Tables

SAP MM Tables by sub module wise

MM-CBP ( View full 51 Tables )
TGDRDDelivery Relationships for External or Internal Matl Group
WRPRReplenishment: replenishment runs
WSAF_FIELDSAdditional Usable SAF Parameters
WSAF_EVENTS_TEXTDefinition of Calendar Effects (Text)
TWRPPReplenishment: requirement groups
MM-EDI ( View full 1 Tables )
PRICAT_K009PRICAT: Catalog Item Scales for Condition
MM-IM ( View full 13 Tables )
WRMA_MANDTSingle Client Settings for RMA
WRMA_T001WDefine plant-dependent parameter for RMA
WRMA_T023RMA Value-Only Article Assignment for Merchandise Category
WRMA_EVALIDOCDocument flow for RMA revaluations
WRF_PRICE_CHECKSeas. Proc. Consigm.: Customizing: Price Test Configuration
MM-IM-ED ( View full 140 Tables )
/BEV2/CS_C_EMCSActivation of ED EMCS
/BEV2/ED994TED DB Optimization: Access Identifications
/BEV2/ED937KTAdditional Fields for Stock Ledger List (ALV Grid)
/BEV2/EDMSEExcise Duty Document Table
S465ES465 - Structure Information
MM-IM-GF ( View full 2 Tables )
T159VText table for T159w
T159WFoundation transactions and corresponding posting keys
MM-IM-VP ( View full 47 Tables )
TSVERText Descriptions for LIFO Layer Versions
TNIW9Reduction of Sales Prices (Lowest Value)
MYPS2Rules for Pool Splitting Method for LIFO Valuation
TAPOLAutomatic Allocation of Materials to LIFO Pools
MYSEG_EXTRACTDocument Segment: Material
MM-IS-VE ( View full 12 Tables )
IMG_IV_VE_SEGVendor Segment
EVAL_IV_ERR_ITMError Log for Evaluations at Item Level
EVAL_IV_RES_HDResults of Vendor Evaluation (Header)
EVAL_IV_ERR_HDError at Header Level
EVAL_IV_RES_ITMResults of Vendor Evaluation (Item)
MM-IV-GF ( View full 5 Tables )
T149CGlobal Valuation Categories
TASSIGN_IV_T169BAuxiliary Table for Status Information IV Maintenance View
T149EGlobal Valuat.Type/Valuat.Categ. Combinations
T149TGlobal Valuation Category Descriptions
T149DGlobal Valuation Types
MM-IV-LIV ( View full 4 Tables )
WRFT_PREPAY_FCHSSystem Table: Control Header Field Readiness for Input
WRFT_PREPAY_ACCTAccount Determination: Prepayment Clearing Account
WRFT_PREPAYMENTPrepayment Control at Company Code Level
WRFT_PREPAY_FCHGControl Input of Header Fields in Logistics Invoice Verif.
MM-IV-LIV-ERS ( View full 4 Tables )
CVALID_TName of settlement profile for automatic ERS
CVALIDSettlement profile for automatic ERS
ISAERSLISTERS Collective Settlement List
CEKRSMovement type parameters for automatic ERS
MM-IV-LIV-IVB ( View full 1 Tables )
WRF_ASSIGN_GRPAssignment Test Group
MM-PUR ( View full 87 Tables )
WRFT_POTB_DB2Customizing Table for OTB Special Release
WGRC_ASS_ACT_POAssignment of Times to Door/Area Capacities
EKCCIndex Table for CCP Process
T161CSettings for Documents from CRM/BBP
MM-PUR-EM ( View full 3 Tables )
/BEV1/NESETTINGSEmpties Management: General Settings
/BEV1/NEINVBALBalances of Empties Qties and Empties Values f. Inv.Receipt
/BEV1/NEINVITMEmpties Quantities and Values from Invoice Receipt
MM-PUR-EM-PO ( View full 1 Tables )
/BEV1/NELINKTPOLinkage Table in the Purchase Order
MM-PUR-FIP ( View full 52 Tables )
FIP_C_DSTRGY_TText table for distribution strategies
FIP_C_RNDSTGY_TText table for fair share rules
FIP_C_BAL_CONF_TCustomer defined global assignment of access type
FIP_D_SP_MAT_RCPRelationship supplying plant, material, recipient for FIP
FIP_D_PROMO_TPromotion data Texts
MM-PUR-GF ( View full 6 Tables )
T161SNAssignment of Serial Number Profile to Item Category
BBP_ES_SETTINGSSettings for the E-Sourcing-ERP Integration
BBP_ES_CNDMAPSRVMapping of ES Conditions to ERP Service Conditions
MMPUROCI_SEMM Purchasing Secure Catalog Launch Credentials
MM-PUR-GF-CPE ( View full 4 Tables )
CPEC_MM_VALTERMArea of Validity for Commodity Pricing Term in MM
CPEC_MM_FA_PROCCPE in MM: Determination of Procedure for Formula Assembly
CPEC_MM_VALFORMArea of Validity for Commodity Pricing Formula in MM
CPEC_MM_VALRULEArea of Validity for Commodity Pricing Term Rule in MM
MM-PUR-GF-ES ( View full 4 Tables )
T175ESOA_DOC_CControl for Access to Documents / Attachments
T175ESOAEnterprise Services Context vs. ESOA
T175ESOA_TRIG_CTriggering Technique for Outbound Service Call
T175ESOA_TRIG_STriggering Technique for Outbound Service Call - Events
MM-PUR-OA ( View full 4 Tables )
MMBSI_PO_SRM_INFDB table for storing additional SRM data related to PO
EKKO_TECHCentral Contract: technical attributes
MMBSI_PRC_MODEPricing Mode during PO creation for SRM central agreements
MMBSI_KSCHL_CONVMapping of SRM to ERP Condition Types
MM-PUR-PO ( View full 9 Tables )
WBO5Calculated Actual Vendor Service Level
WBO2Log item file for simulative list for load building
T6I2Document Category WIND Direct Entry
T6I2SStructure of the Variable Fields per Doc. Cat.
T6I1Document Index: Allowed Condition Types/Tables
MM-PUR-REQ ( View full 3 Tables )
CFB_C_RMC_BSARTDocument Types in Raw Material Procurement Cockpit
CFB_C_RMC_PERI_TRaw Material Procurement Cockpit: Period Under Review Text
CFB_C_RMC_PERIODPeriod Under Review for Raw Material Procurement Cockpit
MM-PUR-SSP ( View full 21 Tables )
/SRMERP/C_WF_TRCCustomization for Workflow Trace Activation
/SRMERP/C_MSG_SMessage Handler Properties - system settings
/SRMERP/C_TXCPIText Copy Rule Item
/SRMERP/D_DSS_IRDocument Item Reference
MM-SRV ( View full 6 Tables )
T362TService Category Names
T362OOrg. Status: Service Category
ASMDTService Short Texts
T362Service Categories
ASMDService Master: Basic Data