SAP EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Module Tables list

EHS is a SAP module coming under BBPCRM component.Total 1333 EHS tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules coming under SAP EHS.You can also refer SAP EHS transaction codes from this link

SAP EHS Tables

SAP EHS Tables by sub module wise

EHS-BD ( View full 32 Tables )

TCG06EHS: Assignment Table
EHSBT_PHRNOFlag Table for Phrase ID in First Database
RMWBC_20RMS-WB: Registration of a Service Group
RMWBA_81RMS-WB: Object Key for Favorites
EHSBC_BUF_PROTEHS-BAS: Object Change Log (see Documentation)

EHS-BD-CCK ( View full 11 Tables )

EHSBC_RC_CONSTREHS: Definition of Constraints
EHSBT_RC_ESTRHSHEHS: Table f. Storing Substs w. Constraints in Shared Memory
EHSBC_RC_COMTYPTEHS: Text Table of Composition Type
EHSBC_RC_ADPARAEHS: Composition Parameters
EHSBC_RC_FIPARAEHS: Parameters for Selecting Constraints

EHS-DGP ( View full 87 Tables )

TDG70DG: Checkbox Structure Description for Filling/Distribution
TDG98GG: Text Table for Approval Code Types
TDGT2DG: Transit countries, leg indicator, indicator sea/air
TDG09DG: Define dangerous goods classes
TDGB1DG: Defining dangerous goods check schema

EHS-HEA ( View full 179 Tables )

T7EHS00_TCG41EHS: User-Defined Text Type - Object Type Assignment
T7EHS00_BEFU_PRTPriority for Results Selection (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIAGSLTDiagnosis Key (Matchcode Table)
T7EHS00_LIMITTRestrictions / Incapacity to Work (Text Table)
T7EHS00_DIAGKTTDiagnosis Catalog Categories (Text Table)

EHS-HSM ( View full 14 Tables )

HSMC_112Segregation Rules
HSMC_021EHS: Customizing Priority of Validity Area per Cntry/Region
HSMC_100Check Schema
HSMC_104Check Schema/Check Method Assignment
HSMC_023EHS: Customizing Warehouse Nos with Country/Region Assignmt

EHS-IHS ( View full 171 Tables )

CCIHC_IH07EHS: Exposure Rating
CCIHC_IALPCATABSEHS: Assignment Grp Absence Type - Accident Category
CCIHC_RAREHS: Reason for Risk Assessment
CCIHT_RCEHS: Accident Causes (Root Causes)
CCIHC_AC08EHS: IHS Safety Measure Category - Language-Dependent Descr.

EHS-SAF ( View full 381 Tables )

CCGLC_PRNTREHS: Printer at a Print Station
CCGLC_MPDD_NEWEHS: Manual Print Dialog for Print Request Description
CCGLC_PRNSTTEHS: Print Station for Print Requests - Text
CCRCT_SOEHS: Confirmed Sold Quantities

EHS-WA ( View full 88 Tables )

EHSWAT001ACCMD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter - Accnt Assignment
EHSWAT_BPLIZLicenses for Partner
EHSWAT100MD (BDT): Business Partner Roles
EHSWAC_MNCATDisposal Documents: Types
EHSWAT_APPAMOUNTMD: Waste Permit Predicted Quantities
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