MBLPO Field in SAP | Item in material document Data Element using tables

MBLPO is a data element in SAP used for storing Item in material document data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this MBLPO field in SAP.

  • Data Element : MBLPO
  • Description : Item in material document
  • Data Type :NUMC

Item in material document tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using MBLPO Field

ADPIC_HOLD_MIGOStore BADI goitem for MIGO hold / restore functionality
AFFWGoods Movements with Errors from Confirmations
AFWISubsequently posted goods movements for confirmations
AFWISTable of Reprocessing Records Already Reposted
AUFMGoods movements for order
AULWDelivery Phases
AUVWDelivery Phase for Distribution Center
CCRCT_PULOEHS: Reference to Confirmed Purchased Quantities
CCRCT_SOLOEHS: Reference to Confirmed Sold Quantities (CCRCT_SO)
CDBD_GM_IMaterial Document Item Table
CDBD_GM_SERIALSerial Number Table
CDBD_GM_SLNOSerial Number Table
CFB_WEIGH_LISTDatabase of Weigh List
CHVWTable CHVW for Batch Where-Used List
COMPMOVEGoods Movement of Components
COWIPB_CHVWWIP Batches with Where-Used List
DUVMSEG_EXTRACTduv mseg extract for performance
EKBEHistory per Purchasing Document
EKBEHRemoved PO History Records
EKBEH_MARemoved PO History Records at Account Assignment Level
EKBE_MAHistory of Purchasing Document at Account Assignment Level
EKBE_SCComponent Consumption History for Subcontracting
EKBZHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKBZHHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKBZH_MAHistory Table Delivery Costs at Account Assignment Level
EKBZ_MADelivery Costs at Account Assignment Level
EKRSERS Procedure: Goods (Merchandise) Movements to be Invoiced
EKRSDCERS Procedure: Planned Delivery Costs to be Invoiced
HUINV_ITEMHandling Unit: Physical Inventory Document Item
HUMSEGReference-HU-Item for Material Doc.Item that was Posted Last
IMEXTEnhancement Fields for Goods Receipt
ISEGPhysical Inventory Document Items
J_1BFIFOINIncoming FIFO relevant Consignment movements (BRAZIL)
J_1IGRXREFGoods Receipt to Excise Invoice Coss Reference
J_1IGRXSUBGR reference to subcontracting challans
J_1IPART1Excise part I detials
J_1IQRDEPQuarterly Returns Depot structure
J_1IRG1Excise RG1 details
J_1IRG23DRG23D register for the depot
J_3RFGTDSource Customs Declaration Contents
J_3RFGTDMATGTD usage in material documents
J_3RMWOINMaterial issues without invoices.
LDK01Communication Record 01 Decentralized WMS: GR/GI R/2 -> ERP
LDK02Communicat.Record 02 Decentralized WMS: Transfer R/2 -> ERP
LTAPTransfer order item
LTBPTransfer requirement item
LUBUPosting Change Document
MILL_PBWUMill: Process Batches with Usage
MLAUFMaterial Ledger Item Table for Order History
MLAUFCRMaterial Ledger Currency Table for Order History
MLAUFCRHHistory table for summerized MLAUFCR data
MLAUFHHistory table for summarized MLAUF data
MLAUFKEPHML: Cost Component Split (Components) for Order History
MLAUFKEPHHHistory table for summarized MLAUFKEPH data
MLBEMaterial Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transaction
MLBECRMaterial Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact.
MLBECRHMaterial Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact.
MLBEHMaterial Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transaction
MLBEKEPHML: Cost Comp. Split (Elements) for Purchase Order History
MLITMBMaterial valuation document row information
MMINKON_UPCorrections due to Technical Problems with Stock
MSEGDocument Segment: Material
MSEGO1Quantity Conversion Parameters for Material Documents
MSEGO2Material Document Quantities in Additional Units of Measure
MWXMSEGZMSEG: Interface for Posting of Value
MWXVM07MFields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07M
MWYMBUZLine Assignment
MWZMSEGZMSEG:Interface for Posting of Value
MWZVM07MFields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07M
MYML1LIFO: Transaction-Related Material Layer
MYML1QLIFO: Transaction-Related Material Layer (Quantity)
MYML1VLIFO: Transaction-Related Material Layer (Values)
MYMP1Receipt Data LFIO/FIFO Valuation
MYSEG_EXTRACTDocument Segment: Material
N1OLDDOCIS-H*MED: Medication; History for N1DRUGDOC
OIB09Log for missing MSEGO1 and MSEGO2 documents
OIB_MIGO_HQCIStore the QCI-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIB_MIGO_HTSTStore the TST-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIGSMVTD Material Balance on Vehicle
OIH30ITracking item
OIH_J_1BMSEG_NFLink between Gain and Losses Movements and Nota Fiscal
PKPSControl Cycle Item / Kanban
PSOSEGSRecurring Request Document Segment, G/L Accounts
QALSInspection lot record
QAMBQM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material Document
QAPPInspection point
QCPRQM quality certificates in procurement
QPRNSample drawing of phys. samples
RBDRSEGBatch IV: Invoice Document Items
RKWAConsignment Withdrawals
RLACPOITAccount Posting Record
RLREPROCReprocessing Record for Returnable Packaging Acct Postings
SER03Document Header for Serial Numbers for Goods Movements
TXW_S_MSEGRetrieve MSEG from archive
VBSEGSDocument Segment for Document Parking - G/L Account Database
VLCGISSUEVELO : Material Document /Goods Issue
VLCGMOVEMVELO : Material Documents (Other)
VLCGRECEIPTVELO : Material Document / Goods Receipt
VTBMMORMM: open requests
WSTI_POS_EVENTPhysical Inventory in an Opened Store: POS Trans by Receipt
/BEV2/CS_ITEMCS Process: Items
/BEV2/CS_IT_HEMCS Process: Items - History
/BEV2/CS_MSEGARCEMCS Process: ARC in Material Document Items
/BEV2/CS_MSEGA_HEMCS Process: ARC in Material Document Items - History
/BEV2/EDMSEExcise Duty Document Table
/BEV2/EDMSSMaterial Documents Whose Processing Flags Have to Be Reset
/BEV2/EDMSTDocument Texts for Manual Corrections
/BEV2/ED_LDS_POSAAD: France: AAD Header
/SAPMP/MIGOBPMNGBAdI in MIGO: Cumulated Order Price Quantity
/SAPSLL/CUWLAR3Relevant Goods Issues for Transfer to SAP GTS
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