KOKRS Field in SAP | Controlling Area Data Element using tables

KOKRS is a data element in SAP used for storing Controlling Area data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this KOKRS field in SAP.

  • Data Element : KOKRS
  • Description : Controlling Area
  • Data Type :CHAR

Controlling Area tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using KOKRS Field

A013Overhead Type
A014Overhead Type/Overhead Key
A026Controlling Area/Cost Center
A027Controlling Area
A035Overhead Type/Plant
A036Overhead Type/Order Type
A037Overhead Type/Order Catg.
A038Overhead Type/Company Code
A039Overhead Type/Business Area
A058Controlling Area/Cost Center Type
A059Controlling Area/Company Code
A060Controlling Area/Business Area
A061Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost Center
A062Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center
A063Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center
A105Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area
A120Overhead Type/Version
A122Surch. type /Profit Center
A123Discount Type/Resp. Cost Center
A132Price per Cost Center
A136Price per Controlling Area
A137Price per Country/Region
A138Price per Company Code/Business Area
A139Price per Profit Center
A141Dependent on material and receiver profit center
A173CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A174CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A175CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area
A176CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund
A177CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area
A178CO Area/Ovrhd Type/GM_GRANT_N
A179CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/GM_GRANT_N
ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
AD01SRCARCResidence Time for DIP Sources
AD04KSUAAssessment preprocessor: assign CostElem to StKeyFigures
AFRUOrder Confirmations
AFRVConfirmation pool
AFRV_DELBackup Copy for Confirmation Pool
ARCU_COIT1Residence Times for CO Line Items
ASSOBAssignment Objects
AUAASettlement Document: Receiver Segment
AUAKDocument Header for Settlement
AUAVDocument Segment: Transactions
AUFKOrder master data
AUFMGoods movements for order
B066Cost center
BBP_PCACCProcurement Card: Accounting Data
BBP_PCMASProcurement Card Master Data
BBP_PCMODProcurement Card: Modified Statement Data
BBP_PDACCAccount Assignment
BSEGAccounting Document Segment
BSEG_ADDEntry View of Accounting Document for Additional Ledgers
BWOMA_USERBW Extraction: Last Extracted User for Cost Centers
BWOM_RHIERBCT-CO: Report Row Hierarchies
BWOM_RHIERTBCT-CO: Texts for Report Row Hierarchies
BWOM_RHIER_LINEBCT-CO: Rows for Report Row Hierarchies
BWOM_RHIER_LINETBCT-CO: Row Texts for Report Row Hierarchies
CATSCOCross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to CO
CATSDBCATS: Database Table for Time Sheet
CATSHRCross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to HR
CATSPMCross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to PM/CS
CATSPSCross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to PS
CATS_TEMPCATS: Database Table for Templates
CBPRCO-ABC: Activity Master Table
CBPTText Table for Business Process Master
CE1E_B1Model Bank
CE1S_ALAirline Route Profit
CE1S_CPTemplate for Consumer Goods Industry
CE1S_GOQuickstart Template
CE2E_B1Model Bank
CE2S_ALAirline Route Profit
CE2S_CPTemplate for Consumer Goods Industry
CE2S_GOQuickstart Template
CE4E_B1Model Bank
CE4E_B1_ACCTModel Bank
CE4E_B1_KENCModel Bank
CE4S_ALAirline Route Profit
CE4S_AL_ACCTAirline Route Profit
CE4S_AL_KENCAirline Route Profit
CE4S_CPTemplate for Consumer Goods Industry
CE4S_CP_ACCTTemplate for Consumer Goods Industry
CE4S_CP_KENCTemplate for Consumer Goods Industry
CE4S_GOQuickstart Template
CE4S_GO_ACCTQuickstart Template
CE4S_GO_KENCQuickstart Template
CECOEJCO-PA Account Based Line Items
CECOEPCO-PA Account Based Line Items
CEPCProfit Center Master Data Table
CEPCTTexts for Profit Center Master Data
CEPC_BUKRSAssignment of Profit Centers to a Company Code
CEPC_FSFinancial services enhancement for Profit center master
CEST4Segment table (CO-PA)
CFICC0CFIN Objects for Cost Centers
CFICR0CFIN Objects for Cost Center/Resource Pool
CFIOCONSI0CFIN Objects for Consignment
CFIOGMVMT0CFIN Objects for Material Documents (GR-Based IV)
CFIORGEN0CFIN Objects for Internal Orders
CFIORMNF0CFIN Objects for Manufacturing Orders
CFIORMNT0CFIN Objects for Maintenance Orders
CFIORNTA0CFIN Objects for Network Items
CFIORNTW0CFIN Objects for Networks
CFIORPURITM0CFIN Objects for Purchase Order Items
CFIORQMM0CFIN Objects for QM Orders
CFIORSRV0CFIN Objects for Service Orders
CFIORWBS0CFIN Objects for WBS Elements
CFIOSENTR0CFIN Objects for Services
CFIPVLOCPRD0CProduct Depending on Company/Location
CFIPVLOCPRDBTC0CProduct Depending on Company/Location/Batch
CKBSBase Planning Object - Unit Costing
CKBTTexts for CKBS
CKCMCosting Model
CKCM_TRCosting Model (Transportable)
CKHSHeader: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
CKKSHeader: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
CKKTTexts for CKKS
CKMLAVRDOCITLines for Cumulation Posting Document
CKMLDUVCOUsage Differences for Each Account Assignment Object
CKMLDUVNCOUsage Differences for Each Account Assignment Object
CKPHMaster Record: Cost Object ID Number
CKPPPeriodic Values for Unit Costing Item
CKPSUnit Costing Items
CKPTTexts for CKPS
CKRCOAnchor Entry of Summarized CO Object (Summarization Object)
CMDT_BPGeneric master record business process enhancements
CMDT_CCGeneric Master Data: Cost Center Enhancements
CMDT_PCGeneric Master Record: Profit Center Enhancements
CMDT_PC_BUKRSGeneric Master Record: Company Code Assign. for Profit Cent.
CMFPStorage Structure for Errors Collected
CNFOW_TABCustomizing Table for Forecast Workbench
CNVA_CCD_ANA_CAContolling Area to be partially deleted
CNVA_CCD_ANA_OBJScanned Objects relevant for deletion by CNVA_CCD_ANA
CNVA_PCREA_WIP_OLT PC Reorg Analysis: WIP Reconciliation results (Level 2)
CNVA_PCREA_WIP_RLT PC Reorg Analysis: WIP Reconciliation results (Level 1)
CNV_20000_PERIVParticipating fiscal year variants and company codes
CNV_20100_CHECKResults of check programs
CNV_20100_CSKBBackup copy - CSKB
CNV_20100_DATABTemporary storage of old CSKB-DATAB/DATBI values
CNV_20100_KNUMKNUMV/KNUMH for org-dependent conversion KONV/KONH
CNV_20100_TKA01Backup copy - controlling areas
CNV_20100_TKA02Backup copy - TKA02
CNV_20305_CBUKRSSAP LT: Backup table of CEPC_BUKRS
CNV_20305_CEPCSAP LT: Backup table of CEPC
CNV_20305_COTPLSCopy of COTPLFS (full)
CNV_20305_TKA01backup table of TKA01 (certain fields only)
CNV_20305_TKA02backup table of TKA02 (certain fields only)
CNV_20306_TKA00Control parameters for controlling areas
CNV_20306_TKA00CControl parameters for controlling areas
CNV_20317_DATBIDetermination for date dependent tables
CNV_20551_CO_BELCO_BELNR that are marked for deletion
CNV_20551_KNUMHCondition record numbers selected for deletion (Dom. KNUMB
CNV_20551_KNUMVTCondition numbers selected for deletion (Domain KNUMV)
CNV_20551_KOKRS1Controlling areas to be partially deleted
CNV_20551_KONDTable has become obsolete
CNV_20551_MBLNRMaterial documents selected for deletion
CNV_20551_OBJNRCO object numbers selected for deletion (internal numbering)
CNV_20551_RKEOBJNumbers for reference objects (CO-PA)
CNV_20551_SCOBObjects selected for deletion (org. units, master data)
CNV_20551_SCOB1Objects selected for deletion (without parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB1AObjects selected for deletion, (50-digit, without parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB1BObjects selected for deletion (without parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB1CObjects selected for deletion, (50-digit, without parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB2Objects selected for deletion (with 1 parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB2AObjects selected for deletion, (50-digit, with 1 parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB2BObjects selected for deletion (with 1 parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB2CObjects selected for deletion, (50-digit, with 1 parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB3Objects selected for deletion (with 2 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB3AObjects selected for deletion (50-digit, with 2 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB3BObjects selected for deletion (with 2 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB3CObjects selected for deletion (50-digit, with 2 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB4Objects selected for deletion (with 3 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB4AObjects selected for deletion (50-digit, with 3 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB4BObjects selected for deletion (with 3 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB4CObjects selected for deletion (50-digit, with 3 parameters)
CNV_20551_VBELNSales documents selected for deletion
CNV_40305_POST_AAggregated amount to be reposted
COBKCO Object: Document Header
COEJCO Object: Line Items (by Fiscal Year)
COEJLCO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Fiscal Year)
COEJRCO Object: Line Items for Stat. Key Figures (by Fiscal Year)
COEJTCO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Fiscal Year)
COEPCO Object: Line Items (by Period)
COEPBCO Object: Line Items Variance/Period-Based Results Analysis
COEPBRCO Object: Valuated Line Item Settlement
COEPDCO Object: Line Item Settlement, Not Valuated, With Status
COEPLCO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Period)
COEPRCO Object: Line Items for Stat. Key Figs (by Period)
COEPTCO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Period)
COERSales Order Value Revenue
COESCO Object: Sales Order Value Line Items
COFIO2Transaction-dependent fields for reconciliation ledger
COFIPSingle plan items for reconciliation ledger
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