BELNR_D Field in SAP | Accounting Document Number Data Element using tables

BELNR_D is a data element in SAP used for storing Accounting Document Number data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this BELNR_D field in SAP.

  • Data Element : BELNR_D
  • Description : Accounting Document Number
  • Data Type :CHAR

Accounting Document Number tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using BELNR_D Field

ABS_IV_KEYFIG_HDAbsolute Key Figures at Header Level
ABS_IV_KEYFI_ITMAbsolute Key Figures at Item Level
ACCRPOSTAccrual/deferral postings
ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
AGKOCleared Accounts
ANEPAsset Line Items
APERB_PROTLog Table for Periodic Posting
ARC_IDB_ITArchive-Indextable for JV_BILLING
ARC_IDJ_ITArchive-Indextable for JV_OBJECT
ARC_IDX_ITArchive index table for FI-SL line items
ARC_IPC_ITArchive index table for FI-SL line items
ARIX_BKPFFI_DOCUMNT: Header-Oriented Document Index for Archive
AUAVDocument Segment: Transactions
AVIPPayment Advice Line Item
BFIT_AFI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: G/L Account Items
BFIT_A0FI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Zero Bal.Postings for Bus.Area
BFOD_AFI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: Customer Items
BFOD_ABFI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Valuatn Diffrnce in Customer OIs
BFOK_AFI subsequent BA/PC adjustment: Vendor items
BFOK_ABFI subseq.BA/PC adjustmnt: Valuatn difference in vendor OIs
BFO_A_RAVersions for Resetting Cleared Items
BKDFDocument Header Supplement for Recurring Entry
BKORMAccounting Correspondence Requests
BKORRAccounting correspondence requests
BKPFAccounting Document Header
BKPF_ADDAccounting Document Header
BLPPDocument log item
BSADAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
BSAD_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
BSAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSAK_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSASAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
BSAS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
BSBMDocument Valuation Fields
BSBMTText for Valuation Adjustment or Deductible per Item
BSBWDocument Valuation Fields
BSECOne-Time Account Data Document Segment
BSEDBill of Exchange Fields Document Segment
BSEGAccounting Document Segment
BSEGCDocument: Data on Payment Card Payments
BSEG_ADDEntry View of Accounting Document for Additional Ledgers
BSESDocument Control Data (Obsolete)
BSETTax Data Document Segment
BSE_CLRAdditional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information
BSE_CLR_ASGMTDoc. Segment Add. Data: Clearing Info with Acct Assignment
BSIAArchive Index for FI Documents (Outdated! See ARCH_IDX)
BSIDAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSID_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSIKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors
BSIK_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for vendors
BSIMSecondary Index, Documents for Material
BSIM_BAKSecondary Index, Documents for Material
BSIPIndex for Vendor Validation of Double Documents
BSISAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
BSIS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
BSIWIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
BSIXIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
BSPLSplit Posting Procedures
BVORIntercompany posting procedures
BWFI_AEDATBW FI: Log Table for Changed FI Documents
BWPOSValuations for Open Items
BWPOSIValuations for Open Items
CACSFI_DOCFI_COSettlement to FI: Reference Document Costs
CACSFI_DOCFI_HDSettlement to FI: Reference Document Header
CACSFI_DOCFI_PDSettlement to FI: Reference Line Item
CACSFI_DOCFI_TXSettlement to FI: Reference Document Tax
CATT_DOCSCATT recording documents
CIAP_D_QUOTACIAP record quota
CKMVFM_BSEG_OUTDisplay of FI Documents, Transaction CKMVFM, SAP Note 912984
CNV_20000_CBKPFData collected from BKPF for item tables coversion in FY
CNV_20000_MAPPMapping for the errneous table
CNV_20000_RSEGBackup copy of RSEG (line item for incoming invoice)
CNV_20200_DBBLGAccounting documents in table BKDF in relevant company codes
CNV_40305_POST_AAggregated amount to be reposted
COFIPSingle plan items for reconciliation ledger
COFISActual line items for reconciliation ledger
COFPDocument Lines (project cash management)
CRFILESTATPayment Card File: Status Information for Individual Records
CUP_DOC_ITDocument relevant for CUP/CIG Number
DEFTAX_ITEMData for Deferred Taxes
DKKOPBalance Audit Trail
DKOKPOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail
DSKOPBalance Audit Trail
EBKPFFin.Accntng Doc.Header (of Docs from Extern.Systems)
EBOXIndex of Settlement Documents for Subsequent Settlement
EBPP_AR_CONTACTIndex of the Comments Created in Biller Direct
EBSEGDoc.Segment of Fin.Accntng External Documents
ECMCASAP Cons.: Journal Entry Table (Actual)
EKBZHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKBZHHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKBZH_MAHistory Table Delivery Costs at Account Assignment Level
EKBZ_MADelivery Costs at Account Assignment Level
EKDFDocument Flow for Logistics Differential Invoice
EKRSDCERS Procedure: Planned Delivery Costs to be Invoiced
EPIC_BRS_SEGMENTEPIC: Bank Reconciliation Statement
EPIC_CBCEPIC:Cash budgeting control consumption table
EVAL_IV_ERR_HDError at Header Level
EVAL_IV_ERR_ITMError Log for Evaluations at Item Level
EVAL_IV_PERS_ITMPersistent Key FIgures with Info About Indicator
EVAL_IV_RES_HDResults of Vendor Evaluation (Header)
EVAL_IV_RES_ITMResults of Vendor Evaluation (Item)
EWUFI_INTVIntervals for document conversion for EMU conversion
EWUFI_SPLITEMU Implementation: Table of FAGL_SPLINFO* to Be Corrected
FAGLBSASAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
FAGLBSAS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
FAGLBSISAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
FAGLBSIS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
FAGLCOFITRACELog of Real-Time Integration CO->FI
FAGLFLEXAGeneral Ledger: Actual Line Items
FAGLFLEXPGeneral Ledger: Plan Line Items
FAGL_BSBW_HISTLGValuation History of Ledger-Group-Specific Items
FAGL_BSBW_HISTRYValuation History for Documents
FAGL_EXTRDocuments for Summary Document Transfer
FAGL_MIG_ADJUSTLog Table for Using Divergent Customizing Settings (Migratn)
FAGL_MIG_BSE_CLRMigration-Specific Override of BSE_CLR
FAGL_MIG_FICHA1Worklist for FI Reassignment Tool
FAGL_MIG_LINETYPDocument-Specific Item Category Assignment
FAGL_MIG_OPITEMSOpen Items from Period 0 (Creation of Split Information)
FAGL_MIG_PROCESSDocument-Specific Business Transaction Assignment
FAGL_MIG_REV_DOCDocuments from Inverse Postings During the Migration
FAGL_MIG_RPITEMSMigration in New G/L: Objects To Be Posted Subsequently
FAGL_R_APARReorganization: Object List for Receivables and Payables
FAGL_R_APAR_SPLReorganization: Assignment Btwn FAGL_R_APAR and FAGL_R_SPL
FAGL_R_APAR_VALReorg: Values for Receivables and Payables Object List
FAGL_R_OI_TRACK1Reorganization: Included Documents for Open Items
FAGL_R_SPLReorganization: Splitting Information of the Open Items
FAGL_R_SPL_VALReorganization: Splitting Information of Open Item Values
FAGL_SPLINFOSplittling Information of Open Items
FAGL_SPLINFO_LOGNew General Ledger Accounting: Log for Nonsplitted Documents
FAGL_SPLINFO_VALSplitting Information of Open Item Values
FAGL_VAL_LOGValidation of Document Splitting: Log
FBICRC001AICRC: Open Items GL Accounts: Documents
FBICRC001PNot in use
FBICRC002AICRC: GL Accounts: Documents
FBICRC002PNot in use
FBICRC003AICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Documents
FBICRC003PNot in use
FCABKFI-CA: Document Header
FCABPFI-CA: Document Item
FDFIEPCM: FI Line Items (OP of Deb/Cred for Drilldown)
FDM_BW_INV_DELTADelta Queue for BI Invoice Extractor
FDM_CDISCONFLICTFSCM-DM: Conflicts in Automatic Assignment of Items to Cases
FDM_CDISPROPOSALFSCM-DM: Proposal for Assignment of OIs to Cust.-Init. Disp.
FDM_COLL_LASTPAYLast Payments of Business Partner
FDM_COLL_PAY_RSPayments of a Business Partner (Customer Involved)
FDM_DOC_MIRRORDocument Information (Raw Data in Substitute System)
FDM_INVOICE_MEMInvoice Information Provided
FDM_INV_MEM_OBSInvoice Information Provided Obsolete
FDM_LDDBFSCM-DM: Log And Delay Database
FDSPCash Mgmt Adjustment Items from Document Splitting
FDZACash Management line items in payment requests
FEBEPElectronic Bank Statement Line Items
FERC_D2Documents per sender and account
FIAPPLD_INV_DATECleared Overdue Invoice Details (Poland)
FIAPPTD_TRANSTable to store the transaction details of the CBR PT
FIEUD_FIDOC_HSAFT: FI Transaction Document Header
FIEUD_FIDOC_ISAFT: FI Transaction Document Item
FIGLDOCG/L accounting: Subsequent derivations
FILCAFI-LC: Actual journal entry table with 2 object tables
FILCPFI-LC: Plan line items for object table
FIN_DOCUMENTAging: FI Document: Control Table
FKKBEPElectronic Bank Statement Line Items
FLQITEMBSLiquidity Calculation - Line Items for Bank Statement Docs
FLQITEMFILiquidity Calculation - Line Items for Other FI Documents
FLQITEMFI_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for FI Documents
FLQITEMFI_TPLiquidity Calculation: Actual Line Items at Top Level
FLQITEMMMPARK_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for MM Documents
FLQITEMPARK_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for FI Documents
FMARCINFOMessages of initial archiving run RFFM_FMARC
FMARCPARParallelization of FMARC_BATCH
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