SAP BSES (Document Control Data (Obsolete)) Table & Fields

BSES is a SAP table coming under CRM module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of BSES.
  • Table description : Document Control Data (Obsolete)
  • Module : CRM
  • Parent Module : CRM
  • Package : FBAS
  • Software Component : BBPCRM

BSES Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
BELNRAccounting Document NumberBELNR_DBELNR
BUZEINumber of Line Item Within Accounting DocumentBUZEIBUZEI
MWSKZTax on sales/purchases codeMWSKZMWSKZ
HKONTGeneral Ledger AccountHKONTSAKNR
SHKZGDebit/Credit IndicatorSHKZGSHKZG
HWBASTax Base Amount in Local CurrencyHWBAS_BSESWERTV8
FWBASTax base amount in document currencyFWBAS_BSESWERTV8
HWSTETax Amount in Local CurrencyHWSTEWERT7
FWSTETax Amount in Document CurrencyFWSTEWERT7
HWNAFNon-Deductible Input Tax in Local CurrencyHWNAFWERT7
FWNAFNon-Deductible Input Tax in Document CurrencyFWNAFWERT7
SHZUZDebit/Credit Addition for Cash DiscountSHZUZCHAR1
HWZUZProvision Amount in Local CurrencyHWZUZWERT7
FWZUZAdditional Tax in Document CurrencyFWZUZWERT7