SAP VVSART (Product Type) Data element field

  • Data Element : VVSART
  • Description : Product Type
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using VVSART Field

AFWCH_STR_SAMPSample Customizing
AT10Transaction type
AT10BTreasury: Customizing for Valuation
AT10TName of Transaction Type
AT10XForex Attributes for Transaction Types
AT11Allocation of Condition Types to Transaction Types
AT13Allocation of Flow Types to Transaction Types
AT13UFlow types for transfer posting for activity transition
AT14Status Transfers
AT16Treasury: Fixing Settings for Forex Transactions
AT16BTreasury: Settings for mirror transaction types
AT200Rules for Determining a Tax Indicator
AT210Rules for Determining a Taxes for CFM postings
AT50Future/Option Groups
AT80Treasury: Correspondence Control MM, FX, DE, SE
AT85CMF - Generating pmnt advices (prod./trans.type)
ATARCHIVE01Archiving: Minimum retention period of transaction in system
ATCVC1CRM: Assign General Valuation Class to Product Type
ATCVC2CRM: Assign General Valuation Class to Product Type
ATDEALDFTUpdate Types for Position Update
ATFWDULAssignment of Underlying to Transaction
ATPATreasury: Product Type Supplements
ATRELE1Transaction release: Release procedure
ATRELE2Transaction release: Release procedure for detail parameters
ATVMOCalculation Methods Risk Management
BWFS_CML_SELECSelection Table for FS-CML
CFAFOIACT_DETAILFO Integration: Selection of Details
DIFT_POS_IDENTPersistent Flow Selectors
FTI_BI_REP_ODSReparation Records for Inconsistent Data in ODS 0CFM_O01 /BW
IDCFMBRSETX_HSTHistory table for taxation
IDCFMBRSE_PSTCustomizing for creation of sales transactions for tax pmnts
IDCFMFLOWCALCFlow calculation using condition technique
IDCFMFLOWCALCINFlow calculation using conditions: map CFM data to KOMK/KOMP
IDCFMFLOWCALCOUTFlow calc.using conditions:map KOMK/KOMP fields to flow data
IDCFMSETX_COMPCompensating method for Funds (TRM)
IDCFMSETX_CUSTCusotmizing for tax posting to FI for funds - Brazil
IDCFMSETX_RATETax rates for tax reports TRM Brazil
IDCFM_BST_CFMCustomizing for Balance Sheet Transfer for Brazil
IDCFM_BST_CFMITCustomizing for Balance Sheet Transfer for Brazil (obsolete)
IDCFM_BST_CFMIT1Customizing for Balance Sheet Transfer for Brazil
IDCFM_BST_CUSTCustomizing for Balance Sheet Transfer for Brazil
IDCFM_BST_CUSTITCustomizing for Balance Sheet Transfer for Brazil
IDCFM_ICLTXFLDIRFlow Types for Tax Types with Sign
IDCFM_ICLTXFLOWSIntercompany loan tax flow types for different product type
JBDBPKRIS-B: Determination of the Costing Rule
JBDBSTDSAP Banking: Positions
JBDFUNCDEAKTDeactivate Datapool Functions
JBDOBJ1Object Table for Financial Transactions, General Part
JBNIPLALM Non Interest Profit and Loss
JBRSVABESTRM: Header Table SDTFT (Additional Info.) for Saved Datasets
KLARRZU02Define Default Risk Rule, Limit Product Group for Accounts
KLBESTZUAssignment of Product Type to CL Default Risk Rule
KLEGZUAssignment of TR Product/Tran. Type to CL Default Risk Rule
KLLIMITEXCEEDEDManagement of Exceeded Limits per Product/Transaction Type
KLMAXLIMITLimit per Product Type/Transaction Type
KLORDERZUAssign Prod. Type to CL DRR for Sec. Order and For.Sec.
KLORDERZUARRAssign Prod. Type to CL DRR for Sec. Order and For.Sec.
OTC_CONV_FHAZUBackup Table for Financial Transaction Activities
PFAIM_TR_UTMATCHAssignment of Update Type to Flow Types in PA
RDPT_SETQuantity of Redemption Schedules
SLDT_FLOWSubledger Distributor Transactions
T036VAllocation of planning levels for Financial Assets Mgmt
TCMS_IFL_MPRODCMS-CML product linking
TD01Table for collateral keys
TD03Assign Loan Type -> Product Type
TD06UDocument groups dependent on statuses of transaction types
TD07Purpose of loan
TD07TPurpose of loan (Texts for table TD07)
TDA5TReason for non-acceptance (texts for TDA5)
TDALE_EXP_LOANALE Export Relevance Per Loan
TDB23Activity Type - Control of Requirements
TDBILL_PARSettings for Billing
TDCAPTR_GSTEERGeneral Control Data of Capital Transfer
TDCAPTR_TEMPLTemplates for Capital Transfer
TDCAPTR_TEMPLTXTTexts for Capital Transfer Templates
TDCAP_CUSTSettings/Preassignments for Capitalization of Overdue Items
TDCAP_GSTEERGeneral Control Data
TDCHARGE_GSTEERGeneral Control Data
TDCONDVER_MSGCondition Verification: Update Checks and Define Msge Type
TDDEBTTR_GSTEERGeneral Control Data
TDDEFPRODControl Dunning Using Product Type
TDDEF_CUSTSettings/Preassignments for Deferral
TDDEF_GSTEERGeneral Control Data
TDDISB_GSTEERGeneral control data
TDDISB_TEMPLDisbursement: Template
TDDISB_TEMPLTXTDisbursement: Sample Text
TDESC_REASONReason Categories
TDESC_REASONTReason Descriptions
TDIOA_BAL_CONDAssignment Condition Type to Flow Type Grouping - IOA Calc.
TDIOA_FT_BALANCEAssignment of Flows to Flow Type Grouping - IOA Calculation
TDIOA_GSTEERGeneral Control Data for Interest on Arrears Calculation
TDIOA_SCHEME_BALAssignment of Product Type to Profile and Flow Type Grouping
TDIOA_TEMPLTemplate for Interest On Arrears Calculation
TDIOA_TEMPLTXTTemplate Texts for Interest on Arrears Calculation
TDIOA_TRIV_AMTTrivial Amount per Currency and Profile IOA Calculation
TDKK2Predefine Correspondence Class Assignment for Partner
TDLOAN_CPPARTDefault Sttng of Permitted Roles and Roles for Partner Copy
TDLOS_CONTROLLoan Origination: Control Parameters
TDLOS_DISCHANNELLoan Origination: Assignment of Sales Channels
TDLOS_PURPOSELoan Origination: Assignment of Loan Purpose
TDMAZNBCustomizing: Automatic Incoming Payment Postprocessing
TDPRODPLANAssignment of Product Type to IP Distribution Plan
TDREMIT_ZIPAssignment of Remittance Code to Postal Code
TDREPAY_GSTEERGeneral Control Data for Payoff and Notice
TDREPAY_RECLISTCustomizing for Receivables List
TDREPAY_RECLISTTName of Items in Receivables List
TDREPAY_RLFLOWSFlow Type Groups for Receivables List for Payoff
TDREPAY_TEMPLTable for Payoff and Notice Templates
TDREPAY_TEMPLTXTTexts for Payoff Templates
TDRP_COND_TYPERepayment Plan: Relevant Condition Types
TDRP_FLOW_TYPERepayment Plan: Relevant Condition Types
TDTZPA_EXTActivate Country-Specific Functions
THMHRT_HRHedge Relationship
THMHRT_HR_FLAGSHedge Management: Flags that trigger the HR events
TISSR_BPV_ANRECHMeldewesen Schweiz - Anrechnungsfaktor
TISSR_IFB_PTTRISSR: Beziehung MW-Produktart zu TR-Produktart
TIV26Real Estate Contract Type (Entities)
TJBD_FOBJ_ARCH_CObject-Specific Customizing JB_FOBJ
TJBD_LOAN_ARCH_CObject-Specific Customizing: JB_LOAN
TPMA_DERIV_ASSGNAssignment of Derivation Categories
TPMB_LAC_INTERVFlexible LAC Calculation
TRACC_POST_RELExclude Product Types from Posting
TRACT_QUEUEResubmission for Reversal
TRDC_ADMLoan Document Data Summarization: Administration Table
TRDTC_DFT_ASSGNUpdate Types for Legacy Data Transfer
TRDT_FLOWPersistent distributor flows
TRFC_MRG_FTTreasury: Assignment of Update Type to Flow Category
TRGC_CVC1Assignment of Product Cat. and Trans. Cat. to GVC Group
TRGC_DERIV_ASSGNTreasury: Assignment of Derivation Categories
TRGC_MIG_PMP_OTCConversion: Assignment of OTC Position Management Procedures
TRGC_PAY_RELPayment Relevance of Update Type
TRGC_PAY_REL_LOPayment Relevance of Flow Type for Loans, Operative
TRGC_PM_PROC_ASSAssignment of Position Management Procedure
TRGC_PT_EXCLProduct Types to be Excluded in the Parallel Val. Areas
TRGC_QUANTITYFactors Level 3
TRGC_QUANTITY2Factors Level 2
TRGC_QUANTITY3Factors Level 3
TRIL_BWGARTOLD!!! Flow types for Hedge Accounting
TRLC_IFT_ASSGNAssign Update Types for Initializing Positions
TRLET_LOAN_FLOWOBSOLETE: Previous Solution: Loans Flows Transferred
TRLIC_ADTR: Customizing: Accrual/Deferral
TRLIC_AD_EX1TR: Accrual/Deferral: Further Update Types
TRLIC_AD_HEADCustomizing Accrual/Deferral: Differentiation
TRLT_BACKUPVORABBackup Flow Table from Preliminary Solution - Pos. Mgmt Sol.
TRLT_VCL_FLOWFlows Valuation Class Transfer
TRQC_LOT_ACC_2Treasury: Quantity Ledger Position Description
TRQC_POS_IND_2Treasury: Quantity Ledger Position Description
TRQC_POS_IND_3Treasury: Quantity Ledger Position Description
TRSC_DFTYPE_NCCFM: Update Types for Nominal Adjustment
TRSC_DFTYPE_SDCFM: Update Type for 'Capitalize Dividends'
TRSC_LEND_TRANSUpdate Types for Securities Account Transfer for Sec.Lending
TRSC_SECACCTRANSTreasury: Update Type for Securities Account Transfer
TRXT_WT_ASSIGNTRM Withholding Tax Information Assignment
TTONFTEXCLOANVom Vergleich ausgeschlossene Darlehen
TTONFTVDARLTest neue Fima: Grunddaten und VDARL
TVDSTPosting applications control table
TVDSTXPosting applications control table
TW15Reference between product type and repayment type
TW16References between product type and security classification
TW19Securities: Correspondence Forms (Used Up To Release 4.5B)
TZ40Customizing regulatory reporting field control for contract
TZ41Customizing reg. report. fld. ctrl. for prem. res. fund
TZB0WAssign Activity Category - Reversal Transaction Grouping
TZB11Activity-dependent one-time conditions
TZB2VMelderelevante Produktarten Österreich
TZB41Account Clearing: Amount Limits
TZB42Account Clearing: Checks at Contract Level
TZB7VAT Großkreditevidenz: Finanzgeschäftsvogangstyp zu melden
TZC37Financial Assets Management status definition
TZC3ASteuerung Großkreditmeldung Ö (Vertrag/Promesse)
TZD0ADarwin: Customer default values per trans. type for KNA1
TZD0BDarwin: Customer default values per for KNB1
TZD37Texts for TZC37
TZKM1Event-controlled modification of condition items
TZM37Transition matrix of internal status
TZN01Product type numbers
TZPAFinancial Assets Management Product Types
TZPABFinancial Assets Management product types
TZPAB_ADDONAddon for Product Types of Asset Management
TZPATFinancial Assets Management product type texts
TZPLPFinancial Assets Management Plausibility Checks
TZRR2Treasury: Valuation Areas at Company Code/Product Type Level
VDARC_DOC_ADMAdmin. Table for Reorganization of Loan Document Data
VDARL_RPLoan Contract - Data of Repayment Plan
VDBEPPFlow Data - Planned Item
VDBIW_DATAExtractor Flow Data - Data of Last Extraction
VDBOBEPPBusiness Operation: Entered and Activated Flow Data
VDCNTL_CASH_FLOWDisplay Interval for Cash Flow
VDHINTLoans Interested Parties
VDKOREFWorklist File for Bal. Sheet Transfer / Acct Assignment Ref.
VDORDERBorrower's note loan order data
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