SAP STAFO (Update group for statistics update) Data element field

List of Tables using STAFO Field

CFLT_REPSDP-FLT: Customizing for SDP-FLT (Reporting)
DBERCHZIndividual Line Items
DBERCHZ1Individual line items
DBERCHZ5Individual line items (unimportant rows)
DBERDZDB Table: Individ. Lines - Print Document
EKKOPurchasing Document Header
EKPOPurchasing Document Item
ERCHZ_SHORTBilling Document Individual Lines Extract
JFRKIS-M/SD: Billing - Header Data
JFRPIS-M/SD: Billing Document - Item Data
JHAEIS-M/AM: OPM Sub-Item Schedule Line
JHAGAIS-M/AM: Order-Publishing-Media Billing Dataset
JKAKSales Order Header Data
JKAPSales Order - Item Data
JLRKIS-M/SD: Settlement Header Data
JLRPIS-M/SD: Item Data for Settlement
JVTLFNGIS-M/SD: Delivery/Home Delivery
JVTZAEM2Sales Order Header Data
LIKPSD Document: Delivery Header Data
LIPSSD document: Delivery: Item data
MCVSRFKStatistically Relevant Fields for Order + Delivery Header
MCVSRFPStatistically Relevant Fields for Order + Billing Document
QALSInspection lot record
QAVEInspection processing: Usage decision
T161Purchasing Document Types
T163Item Categories in Purchasing Document
TE775Update Group Determination
TJFKIS-M/SD: Billing Document Types
TJHMC1IS-M/AM: Update Group Determination for Order Header
TJHMC2IS-M/AM: Statistic Group Determination for Billing Dataset
TJHMC3Statistics Group Determination for Item/B.Datatset/Schd.Line
TJJMC1IS-M/SD: Provisional Test
TJKMC3IS-M/SD: Definition of Update Group for Sales Doc., Header
TJKMC4IS-M/SD: Definition of Update Group for Sales Doc., Item
TJKMC5IS-M/SD: Definition of Update Group for Deliveries
TJKMC6IS-M/SD: Def.of Update Group per Order-Delivery Assgmt
TJL11IS-M/SD: Object Types for Document Flow etc.
TKSFKUpdate Sequence: Sales Activity Processing Statistics: Headr
TMC2LIS: Status Management - Updating
TMC2DKey Figures (Updating)
TMC2DSKey Figures (Updating)
TMC2FRelevant Update Routines for Info Structures
TMC2KObjects (Updating)
TMC2KSObjects (Updating)
TMC2PTable for Number Assignment of Update Reports
TMC2QReference as to Which Update Uses Which Program
TMC2SInfo Structures to be Updated per Business Event
TMC5Business Events for Statistics Updating
TMCBUpdate groups
TMCBTUpdate Groups (LIS): Texts
TMSI2Processing Key for Sub-Items
TQ80Notification Types
TVFKBilling: Document Types
TVSFKUpdate Group: Statistics (Header)
TVSFPUpdate Group: Statistics (Item)
VBAKSales Document: Header Data
VBAPSales Document: Item Data
VBKASales Activities
VBRKBilling Document: Header Data
VBRPBilling Document: Item Data
VSVBAK_CNVersion: Sales document: Header data
VSVBAP_CNVersion: Sales document: Item data
VTSFFUpdating Sequence: Statistics Shipment
VTTKShipment Header
VTTSStage of Shipment
WBRKAgency business: Header
WBRPAgency business: Item
/BEV1/RBBOCustomer Master Data Rebate Processing
/BEV1/RBTMC2FTemporary Storage of Contents from TMC2F
/BEV1/RBVBAKSales Document: Header Data
/BEV1/RBVBAPSales Document: Item Data
Application Platform Tables
Customer Relationship Management Tables
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