MENGE_D Field in SAP | Quantity Data Element using tables

MENGE_D is a data element in SAP used for storing Quantity data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this MENGE_D field in SAP.

  • Data Element : MENGE_D
  • Description : Quantity
  • Data Type :QUAN

Quantity tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using MENGE_D Field

ABS_IV_KEYFI_ITMAbsolute Key Figures at Item Level
ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
ADPIC_HOLD_MIGOStore BADI goitem for MIGO hold / restore functionality
ADPIC_HOLD_MPNStore MPN subitems for MIGO hold / restore functionality
ANEKDocument Header Asset Posting
AUBSIWorklist for PO (Follow-on Document Generation)
AUFMGoods movements for order
AUKAIWorklist for Sales Orders (FBG)
AULWDelivery Phases
AUUMIWorklist for Stock Transport Orders (Follow-on Doc. Gen.)
AUVDIWorklist for Deliveries (Follow-on Doc. Generation)
AUVWDelivery Phase for Distribution Center
AUWEIIndex, Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering Doc.
BEREITMaterial identification: staging data
BLPKDocument log header
BSEGAccounting Document Segment
BSEG_ADDEntry View of Accounting Document for Additional Ledgers
BSIMSecondary Index, Documents for Material
BSIM_BAKSecondary Index, Documents for Material
BSSOA_IAS_TSTDBDemo Application WS-Enablement: Inventory Management
CHVWTable CHVW for Batch Where-Used List
CHVW_INCBatch Where-Used List- N:M Assignment for Order
CHVW_INC_PURBatch Where-Used List - N:M Assignment Table - Purch. Order
CHVW_PREPreliminary Batch Where-used List According to Order/PO
CHVW_WMBatch Where-Used List for Documentary Batches in WM
CKMI1Index for Accounting Documents for Material
COMPMOVEGoods Movement of Components
DFKKINVDOC_IItems of Invoicing Document
DFKKMOPKItems in contract account document
DFKKOPKItems in contract account document
DFKKSAFTINV_ISAF-T Source Document: Item
DFKKSUMPosting totals from FI-CA
DSKOPBalance Audit Trail
DUVMSEG_EXTRACTduv mseg extract for performance
EBSEGDoc.Segment of Fin.Accntng External Documents
EIPAOrder Price History: Info Record
EKBEHistory per Purchasing Document
EKBEHRemoved PO History Records
EKBEH_MARemoved PO History Records at Account Assignment Level
EKBE_MAHistory of Purchasing Document at Account Assignment Level
EKBE_SRV_SUMTotals History for SRV Documents
EKBZHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKBZHHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKBZH_MAHistory Table Delivery Costs at Account Assignment Level
EKBZ_MADelivery Costs at Account Assignment Level
EKKNAccount Assignment in Purchasing Document
FAGL_SPLINFOSplittling Information of Open Items
FIEUD_FIDOC_ISAFT: FI Transaction Document Item
FIEUD_SDINV_ISAFT: Invoices from SD module(Item)
FKKDEFREVTrigger Table for Deferred Revenue Postings
FMIFIITFI Line Item Table in Funds Management
FMIOICommitment Documents Funds Management
GHO_OTS_MATGHO Order Template Structure Materials
GLE_FI_ITEM_MODFECS: Modified FI Line Items (Header/Item/Currency Data)
GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIGECS: Original FI Line Items (Header/Line Item/Crcy Actg I/F)
GSBLCABusiness area consolidation: deviating records
HUM_KOMMIHUM Picking with Partial GI Posting
ISEGPhysical Inventory Document Items
IVBPLine Item (Settlement: Service Charge Collector) (Obsolete)
JHAGAIS-M/AM: Order-Publishing-Media Billing Dataset
JHAGA2IS-M/AM: JHAGA Enhancement
J_1AINFINVInflation: Invoices for Replacement Value Determination
J_1B_CIAP_OBJECTCIAP document data
J_1ICALOCAllocation of materials to assets
J_1IITMDTLItem Details - for Capital goods and subcontracting
J_1IRG1Excise RG1 details
J_1IRG23DRG23D register for the depot
J_2IREGBALOpening/Closing balance table for Raw & Capital goods
J_3GSTLPOSItem Data for Equipment BOMs
J_3RFGTDINVGTD usage in billing documents
J_3RFGTDMATGTD usage in material documents
J_3RF_WW_ALLOWWorking wear quatas
J_3RF_WW_CONMWorking wear quatas for configurable materials
J_3RNDSINVTarget use of ingoing invoice positions for AuC
J_3RTSESecondary index table for VAT
J_3R_INVDIFFOffsetting inventory differences of goods
KMZEIFI: Account Assignment Model Item Information
KOMUAccount Assignment Templates for G/L Account Items
LOYD_MA_SPECATTRTable for member activity specific attributes
MARIShort document: material movement
MLAUFMaterial Ledger Item Table for Order History
MLAUFHHistory table for summarized MLAUF data
MLBEMaterial Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transaction
MLBEHMaterial Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transaction
MSEGDocument Segment: Material
MWXMSEGZMSEG: Interface for Posting of Value
MWZMSEGZMSEG:Interface for Posting of Value
MYSEG_EXTRACTDocument Segment: Material
OIA11Exchange assignment for deliveries
OIA12Exchange assignment for bulk shipments
OIAFEFee history table
OIB_MIGO_HTSTStore the TST-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIH_MIGO_HTDPStore the TDP-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restore feature
PCMO1Pegged production campaign: material
PCMO3Pegged production campaign: recipe
PCMO4Production campaign pegged reqmt resource network
PSOSEGADocument Segment for Assets Document Parking
PSOSEGSRecurring Request Document Segment, G/L Accounts
RBCODocument Item, Incoming Invoice, Account Assignment
RBDRSEGBatch IV: Invoice Document Items
RBMADocument Item: Incoming Invoice for Material
RBVDMATInvoice Verification - Aggregation Data, Material
SLGHElements of Stock Population
T157TDescription of Fields in Availability Block
T868Elimination of IC profit and loss
VBSEGADocument Segment for Document Parking - Asset Database
VBSEGSDocument Segment for Document Parking - G/L Account Database
VIAKBSEGDocument Line Item from SCS for Interface
WSTI_POS_EVENTPhysical Inventory in an Opened Store: POS Trans by Receipt
/BEV1/NEINVITMEmpties Quantities and Values from Invoice Receipt
/BEV1/RPFTType of Vehicle (Route Planning Customizing)
/BEV1/RPFZVehicle Master (Route Planning)
/BEV2/EDMSEExcise Duty Document Table
/BEV3/CH1030BSG1Document Segment CH Event Ledger Part1
/CEERE/BSEGProperty tax: booked FI items
/CWM/QM_COUNTCount Data Table for Insp. Lot-Related Phys. Inv. in CWM
/ISDFPS/CGGWeight Groups
/ISDFPS/CHVW_EExternal Batch Where-Used List
/NFM/TPROVHISProvision: History
/NFM/TPROVMOVProvision: Goods Movement
/SAPHT/DRMSLSRPTDRM 867 Outbound processing table
/SAPHT/MESZSPLPOProcess Order Split link table
/SRMERP/D_ACC_ITAccount assignment item
/VSO/B_SUBVCL_FZDefinition Loading Bays for Vehicle (VSO)
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