BU_PARTNER_GUID Field in SAP | Business Partner GUID Data Element using tables

BU_PARTNER_GUID is a data element in SAP used for storing Business Partner GUID data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this BU_PARTNER_GUID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : BU_PARTNER_GUID
  • Description : Business Partner GUID
  • Data Type :RAW

Business Partner GUID tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using BU_PARTNER_GUID Field

ACO000SAP_GP: Communication Data Set Bidder/Vendor/Portal
ACO001Classification 'Is Portal' for Communication Data ACO000
AUSPCharacteristic Values
BBPD_CM_INITSTKHAssign Stakeholders to the Initiative
BBPD_ES_EEWAEmployee Workplace: Org. Address References (NW710: MOM052)
BBPD_ES_EEWA_FSEmployee Workplace: Address Usages (NW710: MOM052_FS)
BBPM_BUT_FRG0010Business Partner: General BBP Data (Administration)
BBPM_BUT_FRG0011Business Partner: General BBP Data
BBPM_BUT_FRG0020Business Partner: Bidder Characteristic (Administration)
BBPM_BUT_FRG0021Business Partner: Bidder Characterisitc
BBPM_BUT_FRG0030Business Partner: Quality Standards (Administration)
BBPM_BUT_FRG0031Business Partner: Quality Standards
BBPM_BUT_FRG0040Business Partner: Accepted Payment Card Types (Admin.)
BBPM_BUT_FRG0041Business Partner: Accepted Payment Card Types
BBPM_BUT_FRG0060Business Partner: Purchasing Data (Administration)
BBPM_BUT_FRG0061Business Partner: Purchasing Data
BBP_CT_MAPPARTMapping Partner
BBP_SENDMEDIUMBusiness Partner, Transmission Medium
BBP_SUS_BPCMPMAPMapping Table for Business Partner (Buyer; Goods Recipient)
BBP_SUS_BPSETTNGSUS-Specific Data Stored in Business Partner
BCA_US_BUT000US Specific Enhancements to BP
BEA_CNPL_PLHPrice List Header of application CNPL
BID000Business Partner: Bidder General Data
BIDCCBusiness Partner: Assigned Categories
BIDQMSBusiness Partner: Quality Management System
BUT000BP: General data I
BUT000_EBP_GTable for Lock Object EBP_G
BUT000_TDBP: General Data I, Shadow Table Time Dependency
BUT000_TDSBP: General Data I, Shadow Table Time Dependency
BUT0TPSAP BP: Template Assignments
BUTADRSEARCHMass Search Help: Business Partner
BUT_FRG0010Business Partner: Tax Classification
BUT_FRG0011Business Partner: Tax Classification
BUT_HIER_NODE_BPBusiness Partner Hierarchy Group - Bus. Partner Assignment
CDBC_BRANCHMSA: Decimal places maintained for plants
CDBM_HIE_NODE_BPAssignment Table (Business Partner to Hierarchy Node)
CDB_CL_OMCDB Table for Org. Structure to MSA
CMSD_CNT_BP_XTContract Partner(s) Extract
CMSD_CNT_HDR_XTContract Header Extract
CMSD_CNT_PWAC_XTContract Product - WAC
CMSD_LKEY_BP_HIECMS : Cascade Registry ->Logical key for Bus Part. Hierarchy
CMSD_LKEY_PARTNRCMS : Cascade Registry -> Logical key for Partner
CMSD_TRANSM_LOGContract transmission Log
CMSD_XIF_INPUTEDI 845 - Report selection screen input
CMSM_BP_FRG10CMS: BP additional attributes
CNVTDMSCRM_BUTHeader table for business partner
CNVTDMSIS_BPGUIDTDMS IS U: Stores BP Guids for selected BPs
COMM_IL_BPCMPTCompetitor Product: Customer Relationship
COMM_IL_BPCMPT_HRelationship Competitor Product/Customer: History Table
COMM_PCAT_EXP_RECatalog Export: Recipient of an XML Message
COMM_PRCATProduct Category
COMM_PRCATHProduct Category: History
CPED_COVDIFFPARTCoverage - Differing Partners
CPED_COVERAGECoverage - General Master Data
CRMC_BRANCHDecimal places maintained for plants
CVI_CUST_CT_LINKConnec. Between Relationship + Activity Partner for Customer
CVI_CUST_LINKAssignment Between Customer and Business Partner
CVI_VEND_CT_LINKConnec. Between Relationship + Activity Partner for Vendor
CVI_VEND_LINKAssignment Between Vendor and Business Partner
DPR_BUPA_FAVOList of Favorites (Business Partner)
DPR_BUPA_LINKRole-Business Partner Links
DPR_PROJECTProject Definition
EVER_CRMQISU Contract CRM-Entry Queue
FRG0080_CDBP Rel./Prt.Func/Sales Empl.:Index Table for Chng Doc Access
ISTT_TC_OBJGeneric Attributes
ISTT_TC_OBJ_HSTHistory of Generic Attributes
ITPARTNER2_SMBuffer Table Join ( but000 + hrp1001 )
MIG_BPGUIDMapping table for BP/EMP migration
MKTRD_TSREBMarketing: Trade Spend / Rebates
MOM052Workplace Addresses
MOM052_FSWorkplace Address Usages
PLMM_AUDIT_ROLESAudit Components-BP-Partner Role
REQHEADSTemporary Header Data: Requirement Coverage Request (Limit)
REQLINEMATemporary Line Data: Requirement Coverage Request(MRO Lines)
REQLINESRTemporary Line Data: Requirement Coverage Request (Services)
SUID_USORGDEFDefault User Organization
SUID_USORGDEFSDefault User Organization Shadow Table
UDMNEWCONTACTSSAP Collections Management: New Contact Person (Temporary)
USR21User Name/Address Key Assignment
USR21SShadow table: Assignment of user name to address key
VEN000Business Partner: General Vendor Data
VEN001Business Partner: Vendor - Our Number at Vendor
VENDNOObsolete from 2.0C on. Use VENMAP Instead
VENMAPMapping Table Partner GUID - R/3 Number
VENPCBusiness Partner: Assignment: Procurement Card - Vendor
/LOCSRM/BID_CHRSBusiness Partner: Localization Bidder Characterisitc
/MRSS/D_RES_DETDetails of internal and external resource
/MRSS/D_RES_EXTExternal resource on Maximum orders validity details
/MRSS/D_RES_FRZNFrozen period of resource
/MRSS/D_RES_SP_DSpare parts delivery pattern of resource
/SAPPSSRM/DEF_BPIBU PS: Enhancement of Business Partner
/SAPSRM/QST_STATAccumulated questionnaire status for a given supplier
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