VRKME Field in SAP | Sales unit Data Element using tables

VRKME is a data element in SAP used for storing Sales unit data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this VRKME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : VRKME
  • Description : Sales unit
  • Data Type :UNIT

Sales unit tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using VRKME Field

A071Material per Plant
A073Material per SOrg/DstCh
A152Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/Customer
A153Sales Org./Distribution Channel/Plant/Sales Unit/Customer
A155Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales Unit
AUFIAllocation Table, Document Sub-item, Stores
AUKAIWorklist for Sales Orders (FBG)
AULWDelivery Phases
AUVDIWorklist for Deliveries (Follow-on Doc. Generation)
AUVWDelivery Phase for Distribution Center
AUVZDistribution Center
BBP_PCLOGProcurement Card Statement: Logistic data
CDBD_DELIVERY_ITable to store the delivery items
CEERRORCO-PA: Incorrect records from SD
COERSales Order Value Revenue
DVK02R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Item Data R2 -> R3
DVM01R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data for Material Master
FAGL_SPLINFOSplittling Information of Open Items
FIP_D_S_PRICESBuffer table for sales prices information
FIP_D_S_PRICE_SPBuffer table for sales prices of supplying plant to receipie
FIP_D_S_PRICE_STBuffer table for sales prices of a Store to end customers
GLE_FI_ITEM_MODFECS: Modified FI Line Items (Header/Item/Currency Data)
GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIGECS: Original FI Line Items (Header/Line Item/Crcy Actg I/F)
IVIEW_CO_GRCustomer order good receipt IView - Sales orders
JFRPIS-M/SD: Billing Document - Item Data
JHTFPIS-M/AM: Billing/Settlement Documents - Item
JKSDCOLLECTISSUECollection Dates for Issues
JKSDCONTRACTQUANIS-M: Contract-Related Quantities
JKSDDEMANDIS-M: Planned Quantities
JKSDDEMANDARCIS-M: Archive for Changed Planning Records
JKSDDEMANDFIXQUAIS-M: Planned Quantities for Fixing Objects
JKSDORDERBOOKIS-M: Planned Purchase Quantities
JKSDORDERQIS-M: Order Quantities
JKSDQEVENTVERIFYIS-M: Verified Planned Quantity (Event Planning)
JKSDQUANTITYROLEIS-M: Contract-Related Quantities for Specific Roles
JKSDQUANVERIFYIS-M: Verified Quantities
JKSDWERKSQUANIS-M: Plant-Related Quantities
JVSDSHIPPRIOISSIS-M/SD: Del. Priority for Each Contract Item & Media Issue
JVSDSHIPPRIOPRODIS-M/SD: Del.Priority for Each Contract Item & Media Product
J_1AOUMDefine Official unit of measure
J_1BPOSCOUPONSPOS-Database Coupons (Brazilian)
J_3RSCCDITEMCargo Customs Declaration Item
J_3RSCCDSUBITMCargo Customs Declaration Subitems
J_3RSEXTRACTDExctract details (obsolete)
J_7LBDCMSGREA Conditions: Error Messages BDC Condition Adjustment
J_7LL01REA: Lock Management for Accruals Corrections
J_7LM03REA Article Master: Sales Units
J_7LM04REA Article Master: Packaging Assignments
J_7LM05REA Article Master: Recycling Partner Assignment
J_7LM06REA Article Master: Bills of Material
J_7LM09REA Article Master: R.Partner-Depend.Data Assign.Packaging
J_7LM10REA Article Master: Filters for Regional Processing
J_7LM11REA Article Master: Declaration Key
J_7LS990Pseudo Info Structure Similar to S990 for Extern.Data w/o SD
J_7LV1MREA Document: Quantity Flow on Article Level
J_7LV1PREA Document: Item Data
J_7LVBRPOSNON-SD Interface: Billing: Item Data
KOTN201Sales Org./Distr.Channel/Bonus Buy/Material/Sales Unit
LIPSSD document: Delivery: Item data
MAW1Material Master: Default Fields and Special Retail Fields
MVKESales Data for Material
MVKE_TMPFile for Incorrect Data in Direct Input
MVVESales Data for Material
NVBRPIS-H: Billing document item data
OIA11Exchange assignment for deliveries
OICPLCustomer price list
OIJ_EL_DOC_I_REFDocument item reference to nomination
OIJ_EL_DOC_MOTOil TSW: TSW Relevance of order item
OIRADBTDocument base table
OIRC_FUELS_PRSSR - Processing profile
OIREUPLPXXXXSSR PC: DTF table for item information
ORIG_PR_MBEWSales Price Origin of Last Total Revaluation at Retail
PRICAT_K003PRICAT: Catalog item basic data
S008Communications Table SD -> CO/Projects
S117ES117 - Structural Information
S119Transaction Number (Till Receipt)
S119ES119 - Structural Information
S120Sales as per receipts
S120BIW1S120BIW1 * Sales as Per Receipts
S120BIW2S120BIW2 * Sales as Per Receipts
S120ES120 - Structural Information
S216MAP: Average Retail WOC
S216ES216 - Structural Information
S217MAP: AvgRetail MON
S217ES217 - Structural Information
S218MAP: AvgRetail BUP
S218ES218 - Structural Information
S260SD - Sales order
S260BIW1SD - Sales order
S260BIW2SD - Sales order
S261SD - Delivery note
S261BIW1SD - Delivery note
S261BIW2SD - Delivery note
S262SD - Billing document
S262BIW1SD - Billing document
S262BIW2SD - Billing document
S263SD - Sales order/delivery note
S263BIW1SD - Sales order/delivery note
S263BIW2SD - Sales order/delivery note
S264SD- Offer
S264BIW1S264BIW1 * SD - Quotation
S264BIW2S264BIW2 * SD - Quotation
S272Do not use!
S272BIW1Do not use!
S272BIW2Do not use!
S272ES272 - Structural Information
S273Do not use!
S273BIW1Do not use!
S273BIW2Do not use!
S273ES273 - Structure information
S276Transfer BW: Vertriebsdaten
S276BIW1S276BIW1 * Transfer to BW: Sales and Distribution Data
S276BIW2S276BIW2 * BW Transfer: Sales and Distribution Data
S277Transfer BW: VP-Umbewertung
S277BIW1S277BIW1 * Transfer to BW: Revaluation at Retail
S277BIW2S277BIW2 * Transfer to BW: Revaluation at Retail
S409Contract & Billing
S409ES409 - Structure Information
S412SSR Margin Report
S412ES412 - Structural information
S413SSR - Monthly/Daily Loc.Inv.
S413ES413 - Structural information
S414SSR DTF statistics
S414BIW1S414BIW1 * SSR DTF statistics
S414BIW2S414BIW2 * SSR DTF statistics
S414ES414 - Structural information
SLS_TMPL_ITEMSales: Template Item
TJUSERSETTING01IS-M: Settings for Recording Returns via Internet
TUSERSETTINGIS-M: User Settings for Returns and Subsequent Delivery
TVPODSales Document: Delivery: POD Data
TXW_S_LIPSRetrieve LIPS from archive
TXW_S_VBAPRetrieve VBAP from archive
USEGRetail Revaluation Document: Revaluation Segment
VBAPSales Document: Item Data
VBEPSales Document: Schedule Line Data
VBFASales Document Flow
VBPVSales Document: Product Proposal
VBRPBilling Document: Item Data
VSVBAP_CNVersion: Sales document: Item data
VSVBEP_CNVersion: Sales document: Schedule line data
VTFAShipment Document Flow
WBGTGlobal Trade: Generic Document Information
WBHETrading Contract: Schedule Lines
WBHITrading Contract: Item Data
WDFR1Requirements Planning for Perishables
WDFR_POSPerishables Planninng Item
WELPCompetitor: Price Entry Document (Item)
WKBPPricing document: item
WLK1Listing Conditions SAP Retail Assortments
WLK11Listing Conditions SAP Retail / Folder per Distrib. Chain
WMFPMarkdown Planning - item data (materials)
WMFUMarkdown planning - price phases per material/un
WWKPMarket-Basket Pricing Document: Item
/BEV1/EMLGBWDPEmpties Movement Account Customer
/BEV1/RBVBAPSales Document: Item Data
/BEV1/REWARTRental Items: Delivery Schedule Items
/BEV1/RSFFRCHGeneral Information About Collection
/BEV1/SRRUE02Sales Returns
/SAPDII/DLRSTOCKMaintain dealer stock
/SPE/CANC_ASN_BFReturns: Buffer Table holding canceled ASNs of a delivery
/SPE/INSPECRESPInspection Outcome: Item
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