TEXT40 Field in SAP | Text, 40 Characters Long Data Element using tables

TEXT40 is a data element in SAP used for storing Text, 40 Characters Long data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this TEXT40 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : TEXT40
  • Description : Text, 40 Characters Long
  • Data Type :CHAR

Text, 40 Characters Long tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using TEXT40 Field

AD00PMCLTText Table for Class
AD04NMCTText element for number category
ADPMPRIOPRFTComponent Maintenance Cockpit Profile Text Table
ADPMSTATHDTComponent Maintenance Cockpit Profile Text Table
AGSRBE_CUSTCustomizing Table
AGS_AB_ACTION_TDescription of Actions on Assignment Block
AGS_CCD_SHLPCustom Code Library - Description for Objects
AGS_EJR_OBJCUSTTObject Implementation
AGS_JMON_GENJob Monitoring
AGS_PARTNER_CNTXContact persons
AGS_RELATION_ATTJob Scheduling Management
AGS_SCRIPT_TScript Description
AGS_TBOM_AVERSBPCA: TBOM Avers of remote systems
AGS_UDA_GENGeneric storage of UDA data
AISDK_CF_OSS_SYSService Provider: SAP Systems and Data
AKKPDocumentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header Data
ATLSLITPermitted Statuses for Utilization Determination (Texts)
AUFLAY1Layouts for the Orders
AVERSInformation About Updates of R/3 Add-On Products
AVERS_ORIGInformationen über die Updates der R/3 Add On Produkte
BDLSCCTText for Items to Be Checked
BSPWD_MSGREPL_PTDefinition Text Table for Message Replacement Profiles
BSPWD_RF_PROFILTText Table for BSP WebDynpro Runtime Framework Profile
BSPWD_WB_CMP_REGRegistry for Workbench components
BSPWD_WB_SETUPDDefinition table for workbench setups
BSSP101TDocument Flow
BUBAS_MSG_AREA_TMessage Area Text
CATS_REC_FIELDSCATS: Table to hold CAC2 column set
CCMSBIAVAILDOWNTIndividual Non-Availability Settings
CCMSBIAVLREPCFIndividual Reporting Settings: SLA Limits
CDBD_FACTSHEET_ORequest for Fact Sheets (Options)
CFMACLAUTPROCESTtext:Table of acrrual processes used for the authority check
CGUICOMPONENTTIdentifications of the Application Objects
CHBSHTPTText table for home types
CHBSNCMTText table for the target income
CLIACTCHECK_DEFTText Tables for Routing Types
CLICOMP_DEFTIdentifications of the Application Objects
CMPWLECustomizing Comparison: Exception List (SAP)
CMPWLECCustomizing Comparison: Exception List (Customer)
CNTLSTRINFAttributes of a stream
CNTLSTRLISControl stream list
CNVMBTCWBSUBACTSubactivities of CWB-activities
CNV_ORG_TAB_TEXTOrg. units for conversions (descriptions)
COCF_SR_SNGRPTDescription of Shift Note Group
COMC_PARTNER_DFTPartner Processing: Texts for Defined Filter Values
COMM_IL_PROPRDMaster Data for the Process Products Relationship Type
COMM_IL_PROPRDTMaster Data for Process Products Relationship Type: Txt Tble
COMM_IL_PROPRD_HHistorical Data for the Process Products Relationship Type
COMM_IL_SLSBDLMaster Data for the Sales Bundle Relationship Type
COMM_IL_SLSBDLTMaster Data for Sales Bundle Relationship Type: Text Table
COMM_IL_SLSBDL_HHistorical Data for the Sales Bundle Relationship Type
COMM_PME_NDTXTShort Texts for Dependency Tokens
COMP_LAYERComponent Layering
CPH_TRACETable for CPH Log Information
CPIS_PARTROLERamp-Up Project Partner Roles
CPIS_PARTROLETCPI Partner Role Text Table
CPPEVWEATXTText Table for Standard Value Determination Type
CRMC_ANA_WEBI_TText Table for OpenDocument Reports
CRMC_CMG_MYCRM Case Management: Locator "My"
CRMC_CND_FLTFLDTFilter Value for BAdIs used in Enh Spot CRM_CND_FLD_FILLING
CRMC_CND_PR_LVLTCondition Processing Level
CRMC_CND_SRCFLTTFilter Value for Source Object BAdI
CRMC_CND_TRGFLTTFilter Value for Target Object BAdI
CRMC_CODEX_CHK_T Check Number Text
CRMC_CODEX_GRP_TCheck Group Text
CRMC_CODEX_SCN_TCheck Scenario Text
CTS_QA_LOCKTable of goups that have to approve a QA lock
CTS_QA_MAIL_NOTEcCTS: Mail Notification for QAs
CVERS_TXTComponent Version System Information
CWBNTSTATTTexts: Processing Status of SAP Notes
CWBPRSTATTTexts Implementation Status
DMC_MDS_AVERSMDS: Information About Updates of R/3 Add-On Products
DMDGROUPTEMPLATEDMDG: Combinations Allowed for Groups
DMS_SELECTIONSTTexts to Selection Variants
DSIG_BOOKING_EXSignature Tool: Sample Database Table with Application Data
EAML_D_LRP_ITM_TLinear Reference Pattern Item Texts
ECONDTYPETComunication Control Condition Type Text
EEWA_ROBTIS-U Waste: Cleaning Object Texts
EIDEBUSSTATTBusiness status of IDE workflow process: text
EIDETECSTATTTechnical status of IDE workflow process: text
EOPAREATOperational Area Text
EPIC_BACOM_XMLBank Communication XML Messages
EPSS_TBC1TEPSS Toolbar Configuration Texts
ESECWRTReason for Exemption from Security Deposit (Texts)
ESOLTText Table for Check Table for CSOL Domain
F4UHLPTable for user-related help
FCLM_LQH_TEXTLiquidity Item Hierarchy Text
FDKUSER_ACTIONTAP/AR Internet Applications: User Action (Texts)
FMAVC_RBE_FDETText Table for AVC Filter Definition for RBE
FMCOBPROGTGültige Programme
FMTEXTIDTGültige Text-Identifikationen zum Lesen der Texte
GHO_AGGR_TYP_TText table of platform type
GHO_ALLOC_GLG_TGas Lift Gas TCM text table
GHO_DEH_TYP_TText Table for Dehydrator Type
GHO_ELE_REF_TElevation Reference Text Table
GHO_FLARE_OFS_TOrientation of Flare Stack
GHO_HT_CONF_THeater Treater Configuration Text Table
GHO_HT_TMEC_THeater Treater - Treater Mechanism Text table
GHO_MEAS_MODE_TMeasurement Mode
GHO_MODEL_OBJ_TText Table for Network Modelling Objects
GHO_MTR_OM_TText Table for Operating Mode
GHO_NETOBJ_ST_TNetwork Object Status Text Table
GHO_NETOBJ_TYP_Ttext table for Network Object Type
GHO_NETOB_GC_TText Table For Netobj Status
GHO_NETOB_ST_TText table for Network Status
GHO_PE_TYP_TText Table for Oil and Gas Entities
GHO_PRDENTY_TYPETable for Holding Oil and Gas Entity
GHO_PUMP_APL_TText Table for Pump Application
GHO_PUMP_DGN_TText Table for Pump Design
GHO_PUMP_DR_TText Table for Pump Type of Driver
GHO_PUMP_FLD_TText Table for Pump Fluid Handled
GHO_SEP_UOSEP_TText Table for Use of Separator
GHO_STAT_TText Table for Netobj Status
GHO_TB_FLTYP_TText Table for Turbine Fuel Type
GHO_TB_TYP_TText Table for Turbine Type of Driven Unit
GHO_WTTYPE_TWell test type text
GRPCSNPSHTCNTLControll Planner SnapShot Controll Details
ITL_SAFT_BDHBilling Doc Header extraction table
JITCTYPETText Table for JIT Call Types
JITINFOTText Table for Infotext and Label
J_1AT001TGTax Category Data per Company Code
J_1ATXOFFOfficial Codes per tax
J_1BTXSTGTTax calc.: Sub.Trib. customer group - Description
J_3GTCHLPAuxiliary Table for Joint Venture Trans. Calls (SAPMJ3GO)
J_3GWFCEMCEM: Default Values for Workflow
KSMLCharacteristics of a Class
LKSMLCharacteristics of a Class
LOYC_CARD_TEXTText table for attributes extracted in Report
LOYC_PPA_EXTRTText table for attributes extracted in Report
LOYC_PPA_TXNRSNTLOY Partner Pt Acct Text Table for Transaction Reason
MASSVARTABLESTABVariants: Reference for New Segments
MASSVARTAB_SSystem Variants: Reference for New Segments
MICOND_TYPEMI-MSD: Valid Values for Dependency Types
MICOND_VALUEMI-MSD: Valid Values for Dependency Types
MIG_OBJECTTYPETBDoc Types used for Migration
MKTRT_TP_RESTRRestrict Field Changeability in Trade Promotions
MLTTSTTEM1MLT Test Cases: Template for Small Table
MLTTSTTEM2MLT Test Cases: Template for Medium-Size Tables
MLTTSTTEM3MLT Test Cases: Template for Large Tables
MLTTSTWRK1MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Small Table
MLTTSTWRK2MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Medium-Size Table
MLTTSTWRK3MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Large Table
MSDAPPLTMI-MSD: Values for Applications
N1PUTReplaces NPUT for IS-H
NAVERSUPG: Information About Updates of R/3 Add-On Products
NPUTIS: SAP R/3 Add-On Release Information
OIH2TDuty code/tax group description
OIIOTWSATBDRP-OTWS: Time window applicability texts
OIIOTWSRSTBDRP-OTWS: Operations time window reference set text
OIIOTWSTTBDRP-OTWS: Operations time window set type texts
OIISCPSOETSCP: Sales order entry default group text
OIKIFTYPTOIL-TPI: Interface type description
P0SUBSubsystems to Non-SAP Systems
PA0082HR Master Record: Infotype 0082 (Additional Absence Data)
PAT02Conflicts Between Patches and Add-Ons
PAT04Patch Add-On ID (PAOID)
PIQPROC_ED_GRPED Activity Document: Transferred Work Grouping
RDTXShort text describing the rounding profile
RSSSY_SWCLATSystem Classes and Releases, Texts
RSSTATMANPARTTStore for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMANPSATStore for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMANT_SAVE2Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
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