AKKP Table in SAP | Documentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header Data Table & Fields List

AKKP is a SAP table coming under CRM module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of AKKP in SAP.

  • Table description : Documentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header Data
  • Module : CRM
  • Parent Module : CRM
  • Package : VEI
  • Software Component : BBPCRM
AKKP table in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

SAP AKKP Table Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
LCNUMFinancial doc. processing: Internal financial doc. numberLCNUMLCNUM
REFLCNUMFinancial document processing: Search termAKKSUCHTEXT40
AKKEIFinancial document processing: Export / ImportAKKEIAKKEI
AKARTFinancial document processing: Type of financial documentAKARTAKART
AKKTPFinancial document processing: Financial document categoryAKKTPAKKTP
ELIFNVendor's account numberELIFNLIFNR
INTERInternational address version IDINTERNATION
AKKSTFinancial document processing: StatusAKKSTAKKST
TSSTAFinancial document determination: Time stamp for statusSTTMSTZNTIMESTP
TZSTAFinancial document processing: Status of time zoneSTTMZTZNZONE
KOMMAText, 40 Characters LongTEXT40TEXT40
TSSTBFinancial document determination: Time stamp for statusSTTMSTZNTIMESTP
TZSTBFinancial document processing: Status of time zoneSTTMZTZNZONE
KOMMBText, 40 Characters LongTEXT40TEXT40
TSSTCFinancial document determination: Time stamp for statusSTTMSTZNTIMESTP
TZSTCFinancial document processing: Status of time zoneSTTMZTZNZONE
KOMMCText, 40 Characters LongTEXT40TEXT40
TSSTDFinancial document determination: Time stamp for statusSTTMSTZNTIMESTP
TZSTDFinancial document processing: Status of time zoneSTTMZTZNZONE
KOMMDText, 40 Characters LongTEXT40TEXT40
TSSTEFinancial document determination: Time stamp for statusSTTMSTZNTIMESTP
TZSTEFinancial document processing: Status of time zoneSTTMZTZNZONE
KOMMEText, 40 Characters LongTEXT40TEXT40
AENDGRUNDFinancial document processing: Reason for changeAENDGRUNDCHAR1
TSSTFFinancial document determination: Time stamp for statusSTTMSTZNTIMESTP
TZSTFFinancial document processing: Status of time zoneSTTMZTZNZONE
KOMMFText, 40 Characters LongTEXT40TEXT40
TSSTZFinancial document determination: Time stamp for statusSTTMSTZNTIMESTP
TZSTZFinancial document processing: Status of time zoneSTTMZTZNZONE
KOMMZText, 40 Characters LongTEXT40TEXT40
AADATFinancial document processing: Request dateAADATTZNTIMESTP
AATZOFinancial document processing: Time zone - Request DateAATZOTZNZONE
AIDATFinancial document processing: Opening dateAIDATTZNTIMESTP
AITZOFinancial document processing: Time zone - Opening dateAITZOTZNZONE
AJDATFinancial document processing: Date of receiptAJDATTZNTIMESTP
AJTZOFinancial document processing: Time zone - Date of receiptAJTZOTZNZONE
AXDATFinancial document processing: Validity end dateAXDATTZNTIMESTP
AXTZOFinancial document processing: Time zone - Validity end dateAXTZOTZNZONE
AXREGRegion (State, Province, County)REGIOREGIO
AYDATFinancial document processing: Latest shipping dateAYDATTZNTIMESTP
AYTZOFinancial doc. processing: Time zone - Latest shipping dateAYTZOTZNZONE
AODATFinancial doc. procg: Latest date of shipped bill of ladingAODATTZNTIMESTP
AOTZOFin.doc.procg: Time zone-Latest date-Shipped bill of ladingAOTZOTZNZONE
AHDATFinancial doc. processing: Date when docs presented to bankAHDATTZNTIMESTP
AHTZOFinancial doc. processing : Time zone - Presentation to bankAHTZOTZNZONE
ANYTGFinancial doc. procg: No. of days for submitt. docs to bankANYTGNUM03
WRTAKFinancial document processing: Financial document valueWRTAKWERTV8
WAERSCurrency key for letter-of-credit procg in foreign tradeAKWAEWAERS
IAPRZFinancial doc. proc.: Consumption factor of letter of creditIAPRZPRZ32
EUPRZFinancial document processing: Allowed overdraft percentageEUPRZPRZ32
ZTERMTerms of payment keyDZTERMZTERM
INCO1Incoterms (part 1)INCO1INCO1
INCO2Incoterms (part 2)INCO2INCO2
AUTLFComplete delivery defined for each sales order?AUTLFXFELD
ATRSIFinancial document processing: Reload indicatorATRSIXFELD
AMINQFinancial document processing: Minimum quantityAMINQMENG13
AMAXQFinancial document processing: Maximum quantityAMAXQMENG13
ERNAMName of Person who Created the ObjectERNAMUSNAM
ERDAT_TSDate on which record has been added (time stamp)ERDAT_TSTZNTIMESTP
ERDAT_TZDate on which record has been added (time zone)ERDAT_TZTZNZONE
VOLLFinancial document processing: Document completion flagVOLLFLAG
AKKCONFIRMFinancial doc.procg: MAIL user of person confirming fin.doc.AKKCONFIRMXUBNAME
UNPRZAllowed shortfall percentage rate for financial documentsUNPRZPRZ32
.INCLUDEDocumentary Payment Guarantee: Resident Part AKKP    
.INCLUDEDocumentary Payment Guarantee: Master - Field Control Ind.    
KUNFSFinancial doc. processing: Field sel. cust./vendor numbersKUNFSFAAKK
KUNCKFinancial doc. processing: Check customer / vendor numbersKUNCKXFELD
AADFSFinancial document processing: Fld selection - Request dateAADFSFAAKK
AADCKFinancial document processing: Check request dateAADCKXFELD
AIDFSFinancial document processing: Fld selection - Opening dateAIDFSFAAKK
AIDCKFinancial document processing: Check creation dateAIDCKXFELD
AEDFSFinancial doc. processing: Fld selection - Date of receiptAEDFSFAAKK
AEDCKFinancial document processing: Check date of receiptAEDCKXFELD
AXDFSFinancial doc. procg: Field selection - Validity end dateAXDFSFAAKK
AXDCKFinancial document processing: Check validity end dateAXDCKXFELD
AVDFSFinancial doc. procg: Field selection - Latest shipping dateAVDFSFAAKK
AVDCKfinancial document processing: Check latest shipping dateAVDCKXFELD
ALDFSFinancial doc.procg: Fld selection - Date of bill of ladingALDFSFAAKK
ALDCKFinancial doc. procg: Check date of shipped bill of ladingALDCKXFELD
ADDFSFinancial document processing: Fld ctrl - Submission of doc.ADDFSFAAKK
ADDCKFinancial document processing: Check submission of documentADDCKXFELD
AWEFSFinancial doc. procg: Field selection - Financial doc. valueAWEFSFAAKK
AWECKFinancial doc. processing: Check financial document valueAWECKXFELD
IAPFSFinancial document processing: Field selection consumptionIAPFSFAAKK
EUPFSFinancial document processing: Fld selection for overdraft %EUPFSFAAKK
EUPCKFinancial document processing: Check percentage of overdraftEUPCKXFELD
TEZFSFinancial doc. proc.: Field selection terms of paymentTEZFSFAAKK
TEZCKFinancial doc. processing: Check terms of paymentTEZCKXFELD
INCFSFinancial document processing: Incoterms field selectionINCFSFAAKK
INCCKFinancial doc. processing: Check INCOTermsINCCKXFELD
AUTFSFinancial doc. procg: Field selection for partial dlv. ind.AUTFSFAAKK
AUTCKFinancial document processing: Check partial delivery ind.AUTCHXFELD
ATRFSFinancial document processing: Fld selection - Reload ind.ATRFSFAAKK
ATRCKFinancial doc. procg: Check reload indicatorATRCKXFELD
AMIFSFinancial document processing: Fld selection - Min./Max.qtyAMIFSFAAKK
AMICKFinancial document processing: Check minimum/maximum qtyAMICKXFELD
TXTGRText Determination ProcedureTXTGRTXTGR
FDLANGUFinancial document processing: Default document languageFDLANGULANGU
REFFSFinancial document processing: Field selection search termSUCHFSFAAKK
INDGRUNDFinancial document processing: Indicator for change reasonINDGRUNDCHAR1
DOKFREIFinancial document processing: Free entry of docs possibleDOKFREIFLAG
FTCCDDerivation of company code from org. unit for Foreign TradeFTCCDFTCCD
DDZCKExistence check control of payment terms for financial docsDDZCKXFELD
DDICKExistence check control of Incoterms for financial documentsDDICKXFELD
UNPFSFinancial document processing: Field selection shortfall PRUNPFSFAAKK
UNPCKFinancial document processing: Shortfall percentage rateUNPCKXFELD
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