SAP TBEAR (Last Edited at) Data element field

  • Data Element : TBEAR
  • Description : Last Edited at
  • Data Type :TIMS

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using TBEAR Field

ATRASTreasury Rates Table
FTWRCONTControl table securities interface --> external systems
IDHU_DOWNP_LOGLog Table for Down Payment Recalculation VAT Amount
ISSR_BASI_RGDONEErledigter Registrierungseintrag
RDPT_SCHEDULERedemption Schedules for Bonds
TCAT_TRANSACTIONBusiness Transaction: Corporate Action
TDESRVDINVIHCML Corr.: Invoice Header
TEMT_POLICYHedging Policy
TEMT_PROFILEPlanning profile
TEMT_VERSEXPOSVersioned Exposure
TEMT_VERSIONVersions of a Planning Profile
TERTINERKOHeader Information for Executing Security Rights
TERTVWBWERTRTM-PM: Flow Table for Executable Rights
TERTVWERKOExecutable Rights (Header)
TERT_TRANSACTIONBusiness Transaction: Exercise of Rights
TIA01Settlement variants
TIA02Settlement periods
TIV20Rep.list of rents master data
TIVBFCRRegistration of Classes to Be Generated
TIVXCMSPOSItem in Schema
TIVXCMSSCHEMESettlement Schema
TIVXCMSSPOSItem in Schema: Assignment to Schema
TIVXCMSSPOSCEItem in Schema: Assignment to Cost Element
TPMT_DEDOC_HDRDerivatives Document: Document Header
TPMT_DEPAL_FLOWSListed Futures: Price Gain Records
TPMT_LOT_HEADERSingle Position Master Data for TR Position Management
TRDTT_DATA_ADMINLegacy Data Transfer Admin. Entries Business Transactions
TRDTT_POS_ADMINLegacy Data Transfer Admin. Entries Subledger Positions
TRFT_POS_ACCOUNTTreasury: Futures Account Master Data
TRGT_INITInitialization of Parallel Valuation Areas
TRGT_MIGRManagement Table for CFM Migration
TRGT_MIGR1Management Table for CFM Conversion (Custom. Steps)
TRGT_USER_DATATR Position Management - User Data
TRLT_INITIALIZEManagement Data for Initialization of Treasury Ledger
TRLT_POSITIONTreasury Ledger Position
TRLT_TRANS_DELDeleted TRL Transactions (BW Only)
TRSET_RUN_HEADOLD: Prelim. Solution: Transfer Runs
TRSET_RUN_POSOLD: Preliminary Solution: Transfer Run Items
TRST_CLASPOSTreasury: Class position in Securities Account
TRST_RECON_RCETreasury: External Securities Account Statement
TTONFTVDARLTest neue Fima: Grunddaten und VDARL
TWD01Treasury: Securities Account Master Data
TZBZCompany code: Additional data
VDAKTEFile with documents for loan allocation
VDARLOBJLoan objects relationship table
VDARLSICCollateral for loan (relationship table)
VDAUSZDrawings on Disbursement
VDBEPIPosted line items for document header
VDBEPI_SHADOWShadow Table for VDBEPI (Restrictions)
VDBEPPFlow Data - Planned Item
VDBLBAWCollateral Value Building Value
VDBLBEWIAdministration costs
VDBLBOWLand value collateral value
VDBLEWRevenue value collateral value
VDBLKODebit types-Header data
VDBLREWCollateral Value Gross Revenue Value per Building Part
VDBLSSCollateral Val. Real Value Other
VDBLSWTCollateral Value Real Value Resid. Prop./Part-Owners.
VDBOBEPPBusiness Operation: Entered and Activated Flow Data
VDBOHEADBusiness Operation: Header
VDCAPTRCAPTR: Master Data of Capital Transfer
VDDEF_COUNTERNumber of Times in Arrears per Days Past Due Category
VDESCROW0TEMPORARY USE: Escrow-Specific Master Data
VDHGRPFEncumbrances on real estate table
VDHINTLoans Interested Parties
VDHOBJCollateral Objects
VDHOBJBLDetermination of collateral value/Expert report of object
VDHOBJGTObject building parts
VDHOKOMain file header
VDKOREFWorklist File for Bal. Sheet Transfer / Acct Assignment Ref.
VDLVContracts/Credit (life ins., build.savings etc) basic data
VDMEKOCondition Table: Header
VDORDERBorrower's note loan order data
VDPNPrima nota number
VDPOKOFile header
VDRISKCLASSRisk Classification for Individual Value Adjustment
VDSDV4Loan collateral in acc. with BAV/PRF4
VDSDV5Collateral in securities in acc. with BAV/PRF5
VDSONSISpecial Arrangements for Collateral
VDSTOP_VDARL_AAssign Stop to Loan
VDUNTRFile documents for loan allocation
VDWAIVE_PR_HEADWaiver Profile Header
VIAJATAdjustment Measure
VIAJCOMPGRPComparative Group of Apartments
VIAK02Settlement Participation for Service Charge Settlement
VIAK03Settlement Unit Master Record
VIAK04Allocation of Settlement Variants to Settlement Unit
VIAK05Allocation of rental units to calculation unit
VIAK08DME Settlement Units Master Data
VIAK16SCS: Identification Of Settlement With Log Reference
VIAK26Master Settlement Unit: Participating Settlement Units
VIAR01RE: REse@rch - Offered RE Objects
VIAR02RE: REse@rch - RE Requests
VIAR03RE: REsearch - Offering/Searching Party (Web User)
VIAR04RE: REsearch - Rental Request - Offer
VIAR05RE: REsearch - Favorites Offers/Requests Per User
VIBDAOArchitectural Object
VIBDBEBusiness Entity
VIBDRORental Object
VIBEBECorrection items for input tax treatment
VIBEPPFlow data - Planned items for real estate management
VICARGRegistration Entry
VICARGDONECompleted Registration Entry
VICARSDATEResubmission Date
VICASTEPSTATUSStatus of Process Step
VICDCFOBJObject-Related Cash Flow
VICDCFPAYPayment-Related Cash Flow
VICN01Real Estate Contract: Contract Data
VICNCNReal Estate Contract
VIED01RE: Header for Memos on RE Objects
VIEINHWLUM: Einheitswertbescheid
VIGBUCHLand register
VIGGRR1LUM: Grundbuch - Gleichrangrahmen / Mithaftung Abt. III
VIGPROCCLUM: Grundbuch - Bearbeitungsnummern
VIGWARFLImmobilien gew.: Architektonische Fläche (statischer Teil)
VIGWARRAImmobilien gew.: Architektonischer Raum (statischer Teil)
VIGWFLOBJImmobilien gew.: Stammdaten Fläche (statischer Teil)
VIGWRAOBJImmobilien gew.: Stammdaten Räume (statischer Teil)
VIGWVMFLImmobilien gew.: Stammdaten Vermietfläche (statischer Teil
VIITORCALCParameters of Option Rate Calculation Run
VIITTCCorrection Object
VIITTCBASEBasis for Input Tax Correction
VILMJLJoint Liability
VILMLRLand Register
VILMLRPNLand Register: Processing Numbers
VILMNANotice of Assessment
VILMPEOther Public Register
VILMPLParcel of Land
VILMRCParcel Update
VILUCSNCLUM: Altlast / Verunreinigung
VILUERLUM: Baulastenverzeichnis
VILULBLUM: Bebauungsplanung
VILUPSLUM: Schutzstellung
VILUROCTODOLUM: To-Do-Liste zum Veränderungsnachweis
VIMI01Rental unit - Master data
VIMI04Old. replaced in 3.0 with VIMIMV
VIMI11Applications - Real Estate Management
VIMI26Notice of rental agreement
VIMI27Modernization Measure
VIMI33Offers for a rental unit (-> VIMIMV)
VIMI39Tenant change; data for apartment inspection
VIMI40Tenant change: Data on release of rental deposits
VIMI41Expert opinion on rent adjustment
VIMI47Tenant change: Alloc.of maint.orders to sec.deposit release
VIMIEVSupplementary lease-outs
VIMIIHInvoice Header
VIMIMEHEADRE: Header Data for MIME Object
VIOB01Business entities
VIOB02Property master data
VIOB03Real estate building master
VIOB18Comparative apartments for rent adjustment, external accomm.
VIORMPMove Plan - Header Data
VIOROFContract Offer
VIOROOOffered Object
VIORPOContinuous Occupancy
VIORRRRental Request
VIORRSRECRecurring Reservation
VIRADOCRE Document Header
VIRAINVRE Invoice Header
VIRALSRHDStatistics - Returned Debit Memos in RE: Header Data
VIRN01RE: Renewal Rules for Contract
VIRN02RE: Date Scheduling of Renewals by Contract
VISCCNPARTSettlement Participation for Service Charge Settlement
VISCPGParticipation Group
VISCSUSettlement unit
VISCS_STATUSOBSOLETE: Status of the Settlement Steps
VISLIDDebit position history
VITAXDTax Shares per Real Estate Account Assignment
VIVNACHWLUM: Veränderungsnachweis - Allgemeine Daten
VIVSTBDocument reference for input tax treatment
VIVW01Management contract: General data
VIVW08Events for management contracts
VIXCCHCATASTERLocalization Switzerland: RE Property Cataster
VIXCCHOBJRELLocalization Switzerland: Object Relation Property / Land Re
VIXCESCDLOGLog of Secure Deposit Files
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