TARID Field in SAP | IS-H: Service Catalog Identification Key Data Element using tables

TARID is a data element in SAP used for storing IS-H: Service Catalog Identification Key data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this TARID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : TARID
  • Description : IS-H: Service Catalog Identification Key
  • Data Type :CHAR

IS-H: Service Catalog Identification Key tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using TARID Field

A400IS-H: External Physician Discount § BPflV Per Service (A400)
A401IS-H: Personal Item Discount §8 BPflV Per Service (A401)
C401IS-H: Acct key/case type/srv.catalog/srv./private/ext.phys.
N1ABWMSGIS-H*MED: Assignment of service/check/message
N1CORDTSIS-H: Service Hit List Clin.Ord.Type - Order Filler Assgmt
N1DCS_DAUERTHEIS-H*MED: DCS: Quick Entry Long-Term Therapies
N1ELEIISHMED: External service range
N1IPLEIS-H*MED:Assignmt of Nursing Anchor Service to the ntpk
N1KGTPLIS-H*MED: Service quota of the performer for the requester
N1KPLIS-H*MED: VBUND: Leistungsangebot Kommunikationspartner
N1LAPPservices without case or movement reference
N1LAUFISHMED: Service Task
N1LSTGSPLITIS-H*MED: Surgical service split
N1MLZUOIS-H*MED: Service-related material proposal
N1PLBAIS-H*MED: Assignment basic to hour.nurs.plans
N1PLZYIS-H*MED: Cycles with NTPZ reference ->see documentation !!!
N1STPLZYIS-H*MED Nursing: Asgmt. of cycles to nursing plan profile
N1TPGLIS-H*MED: Service quotas for daily program
N1TPLABIS-H*MED: Required Laboratory Parameters
N1TPLOKIS-H*MED: Radiology - Excluded Localization
N1TPMIS-H*MED: Medical Enhancements for the Service Catalog Items
N1TPPIS-H*MED: Resource Profile for Services
N1TPTAIS-H*MED: Excluded Transport Type
N1TPZIS-H*MED: Nursing attr for NTPZ
N1VMKIS-H*MED: Table for preselections in the service hit list
N1XLEIISHMED: Service Range
N1YLEIIS-H*MED: Requestable services
N1ZPLSTIS-H*MED: Assignment of standards to STD - nursing plans
N1ZSLSTIS-H*Med: Extra services
N2ANARTIS-H*MED: Anesthesia types
N2DLIS-H*MED: Table of doc. category to service assignments
N2DL1IS-H*MED: Table of doc. category to service assignments
N2DOCBEWLEIIS-H*MED: Movement and Service Data for Archived Documents
N2GL_PROCIS-H*MED: Procedure String of a Pathway for Assignment
N2LKGZIS-H*MED: Service catalog - classif. area assignment
N2PRZ_HIT_HEADIS-H*MED: Names of Individual SPC Hit Lists
N2PRZ_OPS_HEADIS-H*MED: Label for SPC Catalog
N2PRZ_OPS_KATIS-H*MED: SPC Catalog in Hierarchical Structure
N2PSLZIS-H*MED: Nursing standard - service catalog assignment
NAHGRSIS-H AT: Höchstgrenzentabelle für Scoring
NASCOIS-H: LKF Point valuation synchronous
NBQS_ZUSCHLBQS: Assignment of Module to Surcharge and Discount
NCH10IS-H CH: Service Breakdown
NCH10TIS-H CH: Service Breakdown Text
NCH40IS-H CH: Service Rules Billability/Flat Rate Consolidation
NCH41IS-H CH: Service Rules Service Breakdown
NCH42IS-H CH: Service Rules Service Maximum Values
NCH43IS-H CH: Leistungsregeln Zuschlagsleistungen
NCH43AIS-H CH: Rollenumschlüsselung für Arztzuordnungen
NCH44IS-H CH: Leistungsregeln OPS
NCH44AIS-H CH: Rollenumschlüsselung für Arztzuordnungen
NGLTIS-H: Intermediate table for service statistics
NKIPIS-H: Pre-Approved Insurance Verification Information - Item
NKLPIS-H: Individual outpatient srv / ins.providers (AT)
NKSPIS-H: Insurance verification/certificate - item data
NLAUIS-H: Service Exclusions
NLAZIS-H: Assign IS-H Service to CO Activity Type
NLDIS_002ISH NL: DIS - Leistungen Spezielle Strecke
NLEIIS-H: Services Performed
NLEVIS-H: Preliminary entered services
NLGRIS-H: Dynamic Service Groups
NLH1IS-H: Service Maximum Values for Service Groups
NLHOIS-H: Service Maximum Values
NLPAIS-H: Service Rules for Service Pairs
NLSUIS-H: Totals File for Service Statistics
NNK1IS-H NL: Additional file for insurance providers
NNPWIS-H NL: Services with charge factors
NNRLIS-H NL: Calculation Rules Log File
NNVRIS-H: Subsequent billing (AT)
NPRTLIS-H*MED: Preregistration Type - Service Hit List
NPTWIS-H: Rules for Charge Factor Value Determ.
NSL2IS-H: Online error records of service statistics
NSLFIS-H: Error records of service statistics
NTPKIS-H: Header Data of Service Item
NTPKATIS-H AT: Zusatzfelder Leistungsstamm Österreich
NTPKCHIS-H CH: Zusatzfelder Leistungsstamm Schweiz (TARMED)
NTPKCH_AGEIS-H CH: Zuordng Leistungsstamm Schweiz (TARMED) => Alter
NTPKCH_FACHIS-H CH: Zuord Lei.Stamm Schweiz (Analyse)=>Fachbereich
NTPKCH_KOMBIS-H CH: Zuo Leiststamm Schweiz (TARMED) => komb. Lei
NTPKCH_KUMUIS-H CH: Zuo Leiststamm Schweiz (TARMED) => ausschl. Lei
NTPKCH_MAXIS-H CH: Zuordng Leistamm Schweiz (TARMED) => Maximumregel
NTPKCH_QLDIIS-H CH: Zuo Leistungsstamm Schweiz (TARMED) => Qualit Dig
NTPKCH_QTDIIS-H CH: Zuo Leistungsstamm Schweiz (TARMED) => Quant Dig
NTPKCH_SPRTIS-H CH: Zuo Leistungsstamm Schweiz (TARMED) => Sparte
NTPKDIS-H: Add. Fields for Service Master Germany
NTPKDPIS-H DE: Additional Settings for a PEPP Service
NTPKDPRELIS-H DE: Remuneration Levels of a PEPP Service
NTPPIS-H: Planned Values Per Service and Org. Unit
NTPTIS-H: Service Catalog Item Description
NTPVIS-H: Assign Service to Base Planning Object
NTPZIS-H: Service Catalog Line Items: Assignments/Groupings
NTSIIS-H: Service catalog column information
NTSPIS-H: Columns in Service Catalog
NTSTIS-H: Text column information charge catalog
NWATAGBAIS-H AT: Ambulanzgebühren - Ergebnisse / zu verteilen
NWATALSEIS-H AT: Amb. Leistungsstatistik - Ergebnisse
NWATLH1IS-H AT: Leistungshöchstwerte für Leistungsgruppen
NWATLHOIS-H AT: Leistungshöchstwerte
NWCH10IS-H CH: Zuordnung Leistung - KÜ-Qualifier
NWCHLGZUOIS-H CH: Zuordnung Leistungen zu Leistungsgruppen
TN16IS-H: Insurance Contract Schemes
TN16PIS-H SG: Contract Scheme Items
TN20AIS-H: Service Catalog Column Determination
TN20KService-to-Class Assignment
TN20SSpaltenermittlung EBM
TN22CIS-H: Zuordnung Leistung zu Befreiungsgrund (amb. Zuz.)
TN22DIS-H: Steuerungstabelle für Art der ambulanten Zuzahlung
TN2K1IS-H*MED: Nursing standard catalog categories
TN2K3IS-H*MED: Service catalog - classification catalog asgmt
TN2KUM02IS-H*MED: Asgmt Services->Groups for cumulative findings
TN2RADVBTDANRAD: Default Table (Techn. Parameter Angiography)
TN2RADVBTDCTRAD: Default Table (Techn. Parameter CT)
TN2RADVBTDKRRAD: Default Table (Techn. Parameter Convent. X-ray)
TN2RADVBTDMRRAD: Default Table (Techn. Parameter MRT)
TN2RADVBTDNURAD: Default Table (Techn. Parameter Nuclear Medicine)
TN2RADVBTDSODefaults for the Examination Documentation (Sonography)
TN41IS-H: Services for Discharge Days (Singapore Only)
TNA21RIS-H: Flat rate rules (AT)
TNA21SIS-H: Scaled flate rates (VERA)
TNA30AIS-H AT: Selektionsschema für Krankenanst.-Statistiken
TNA30BIS-H: Selection procedure - bed classes and services
TNA40SIS-H AT: Leistungsregeln Höchstwertstaffelung
TNA40VIS-H AT: Leistungsregeln Abrechenbarkeit/Pauschalierung
TNACMParameter Maintenance - SAP Ambulatory Care Management
TNAHWFGIS-H AT: Leistungshöchstwerte pro Fall und Fachgebiet
TNAUMLEIIS-H AT: Umschlüsselung Leistung
TNC301ASIS-H: EDI Assign Indicators to Service
TNCH61IS-H CH: Percentage Services
TNCH62IS-H CH: Percentage Reduction
TNDRGIS-H: DRG Billing Parameters
TNEO_BILLTYP_DETIS-H: External Orders - Billing Type Determination
TNEO_CHARFAC_DETIS-H: Charge Factor Value Determination for External Orders
TNEO_FEEDIST_DETIS-H: External Orders - Determine Fee Breakdown Code
TNFPSEIS-H: Rule Table for FRs Per Case and PSs
TNIEBILLIS-H: Internet-Enabled Estimated Invoice - Not Supported Now
TNK01IS-H: Service Catalog Types
TNLONGTERMSVCIS-H: Maintain Long-Term Accommodation Services
TNMATLEIDefine Default Material Service
TNNA1IS-H NL: Billing parties per service (group)
TNNA2IS-H NL: Dummy services by billing party
TNNC1IS-H NL: Insurance verification procedures
TNNC3IS-H NL: Kostenübernahme von leistungen
TNNE4NL: Scheine und Leistungen
TNNLTPIS-H NL: An zu wenden Regeln auf Leistungen
TNNP1IS-H NL: Patient day services
TNPROC_SERVICEProcedure Generation Using Services
TNS09IS-H: Re-Map Services for Service Statistics
TNS23IS-H: Assignment of Services to Lines in Statistics
TNS24IS-H: Log File for Totals Records File Services
TNS25IS-H: Factors for Determining Std Billing Days
TNT1IS-H: Specialty-Related Service Catalogs
TNVSLIS-H: Rules for Determining Multiplication Factors
TNWATKBDIAIS-H AT: Leistungsgenerierung - Ausschluß über Diagnosen
TNWATKBGENIS-H AT: Leistungsgenerierung
TNWATLROPLSTIS-H AT: Leistungsregel - Höherreihung OP-Gruppen
TNWATLRTKLSTIS-H AT: Lregel - Höher. Tageskliniken - spez. TK-Leistung
TNWAT_ABB_KBLIS-H AT: Ambulanzbeitrag KB-Leistungen
TNWAT_DEKADE_PIS-H AT: Customizingtabelle für Dekaden (Positionsdaten)
TNWAT_LEIKOM_HDRIS-H AT: Leistungskombinationen umschlüsseln - Header
TNWAT_LEIKOM_POSIS-H AT: Leistungskombinationen umschlüsseln - Position
TNWAT_SCO_HGRSIS-H AT: Höchstgrenzen für Scoring
TNWCH103IS-H CH: Ermittlung des Aufteilungscodes
TNWCH107IS-H CH: Abrechnungsartenermittlung für Honorarabrechnung
TNWCH108IS-H CH: Punktwertermittlung für Honorarabrechnung
TNWCH21IS-H CH: Radiologie-Gruppendefinition
TNWCH30IS-H CH: TarMed Leistungsdauer umschlüsseln
TNWCH80IS-H CH: Charge Factor Value Determination
TNWCH81IS-H CH: Billing Type Determination
TNWCH82IS-H CH: Punktwertermittlung für TARMED-Leistungen
TNWCHDRGIS-H CH: DRG-Abrechnungsparameter
TNWCHEA10IS-H CH: Abrechnungsartenermittlung für Externe Aufträge
TNWCHEA11IS-H CH: Punktwertermittlung für Externe Aufträge
TNWCHEA12IS-H CH: Ermittlg Honaufteilungscode für Übltg Ext. Auftra
TNWCHEA13IS-H CH: Bearbeitungsgebühr pflegen für Externe Aufträge
TNWCHSDRG02Swiss-DRG - Leistungsregeln DRG-Zusatzentgelte generieren
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