SYSYSID Field in SAP | Name of SAP System Data Element using tables

SYSYSID is a data element in SAP used for storing Name of SAP System data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SYSYSID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SYSYSID
  • Description : Name of SAP System
  • Data Type :CHAR

Name of SAP System tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SYSYSID Field

ABDBG_ACTIVATIONDO NOT CHANGE: ABAP Debugger Table of Waiting Debuggees
ACRFCDESTDATARFC Destination Data for Connection Monitoring
ADMI_RUNArchive Runs Header Data
ADMI_XRUNArchiving Session for XML Archiving Objects
AGR_LSDRole attributes
AGSDBG_CPSCBACK2To Validate SAP CPS Callback Functionality
AGS_CC_MAPSRCSYSCustom Code Library Data Storage - Mapping of Source System
AGS_CC_QUALITYCustom Code Library Data Storage - Quality
AGS_CC_USAGECustom Code Library Data Storage - Usage
AGS_CC_VERSIONCustom Code Library Data Storage - Versions
AGS_SMT_3TT_SYSSystems on which a test runs
AGS_SMT_TSAT_LTSystems on which a test was run
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SCSSystem IDs on which a test script runs
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SDMSystem - Dynpro Guid mapping Tabelle
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SFOBSOLETE : Switch attributes
AGS_SMT_TSAT_STOSystem List Table for test attributes objects
AGS_SMT_TSAT_TCOBSOLETE - Transaction attributes
AGS_SMT_TSAT_UDOBSOLETE - User defaults data
AGS_SMT_TSTAT_SYOBSOLETE - List of Systems used in an ECATT
AGS_SMT_TSTAT_UDOBSOLETE - User Default values
AGS_SMT_TSTAT_UPOBSOLETE - User Parameters Table
AGS_TBOM_AGENTContains information about the E2E Agent that was used...
AGS_TBOM_AT_BTBusiness Transaction Details for a testcase
AGS_TBOM_AVERSBPCA: TBOM Avers of remote systems
AGS_TBOM_CVERSBPCA: TBOM: Store CVERS of Remote systems
AGS_TBOM_CVERSTXBPCA: Texts for the Software components of Remote Systems
AICCMSBI_EVENTEvents of ASR aggregation
AICCMSBI_WEBTMPLList of deactivated web templates (interactive reporting)
AIE2ECONFConfiguration for E2E Diagnostics
AIE2E_DSR_CONFConfiguration of RFC Destinations for DSR Components
AKB_SYSLISTObsolete: BCB System List for Replication
ALALERTDBAlert: alert database (general alert structure, raw message)
ALALERTXCCMS Monitoring: Cache for Alerts Already Read
ALALRTGUIDGUIDs for CCMS Alert IDs (for Alert Framework)
ALAVLGRP_CCCMS: Control Table for RFC_PING Check of Logon Groups
ALAVLPTRCControl Table for RFC_PING - CCMS Availability Monitoring
ALCCMSPING_TRACECCMSPING-Trace-Tabelle - über ALAVLCTRL angeschaltet
ALCONSEGAlert: Context/segment assignment
ALCSMCONFConfiguration for CCMS Agents
ALCSMCONF_LOCUser/Client Info for Local CSMCONF for J2EE Add-Ins
ALDBSCTXCCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring Contexts
ALDBSMSEGCCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring Segments
ALDBSMTECCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: General MTE Data
ALDBSPERFCCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Performance MTE
ALDBSSMESCCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Status AttributeMTE
ALDBSTOOLCCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: MTE Method Data
ALDTSCACHESDTS: Current/Next Downtimes for CCMS Systems/Instances
ALDWNTIMEDowntime of systems for availability calculations
ALMBCADMCCMS Monitoring Cache: Administration of "MTEs of one Class"
ALMBCDATACCMS Monitoring Cache: Data for "MTEs of one Class"
ALMBRDATACCMS Monitoring Cache: Data for "MTEs of one Class"
ALMONIDEFAlerts: Description of Monitor Definition Nodes
ALMTCUSGENAlert: MT-specific Customizing Class-independent
ALMTCUSMSCAlert: MTE-specific Customizing: message container
ALMTCUSPERAlert: MT-specific Customizing Performance-Class
ALMTCUSSMGAlert: MT-specific Customizing: Single Message Class
ALMTMSCFILAlert: MTE-Specific Message Container Filter
ALNODEKEYMTEKEY to node mapping
ALPERFDBAlert: Performance database
ALPERFDB_CAlert: Performance Database
ALPERFOBAlert: Performance Database Object Part
ALPFASSIGNAlert: Assignment of Reorg/Coll Schema to MTE (New Version)
ALPFCOLLSYSSystems from Which the CPH Collects Data
ALPFCOLLTIDTID List Created from ALPFREORG:Objects to Collect in PerfDB
ALPFREORGAlert: Assignment of Reorg/Coll Schema to MTE
ALPFTHRHIST_RWSPerformance Threshold History: Number of Records
ALPFTHRHIST_TBPerformance Threshold History
ALSYSALInstance Table for BOR Object SYALERT (for Use with WFs)
ALSYSGRPSAlerts: Definition of R/3 System Groups
ALSYSTEMSCCMS Central System Management: Remote Managed Systems
ALTEXTASSIGNAssignments of Text collection schemas to MTE classes
ALTIDTOOLAlert: Assignment of tools to Tid
ALXMBALERTPersistence Table for XMB Alert IDs
ALXMBEMAILCCMS: Registration of E-Mail Recipients for Alerts
APB_LPD_CHNGELOGLogs changes made to launchpad for updating user version
APB_LPD_TRANSLOGTransports change logs to lpd for updating user version
ARCHLNK_AL_INDEXAssignment of BOR Key to ArchiveLink Attachment Doc_ID
ARCHLNK_DL_INDILM: Attributes for Finding ArchiveLink Print Lists in RW
ARCHLNK_TOAXYLink Table for ArchiveLink Stores from EOL Systems
ARC_DESTR_ALAL Attachments: Candidates for Destruction
ARC_DESTR_DLAL Print Lists: Candidates for Destruction
BBP_NEWVD_LOGList of Newly Created Vendors
BDLCONTABContent description for following data transmission
BDLDATCOLData container for download data
BDLDTOCRFC download -- Data cluster table of contents
BDLTMPDATTemporary data container for service data transmission
BEFC_SYST_TYPEType of currrent development system
BIZC_AREA_REGBusiness Content: Usage => Shared Objects Server
BIZC_SYS_ADMINAdministration of BizCont Server
BPM_KEYFIG_TEXTBPMon Texts for Key Figure
BPM_MONOBJ_TEXTBPMon Texts for Monitoring Object
BPM_PARAID_TEXTBPMon Texts for Parameter ID
BSPBINCLBSP Generated Includes for BAPI Calls
BTP_DL_LSCPSYSBTP System Landscape Systems
CACS_CLONEControl Table for Application Cloner
CCCFLOWClient Copy Control Flow
CCGLT_PR_HDR_UT2EHS: Print Request Header Table Test Data for Unit Test
CCMSBIAVAILDOWNTIndividual Non-Availability Settings
CCMSBIAVLREPCFIndividual Reporting Settings: SLA Limits
CCMSBIDATATime-Dependent General MTE Data
CCMSBIMETHTime-Dependent MTE Reaction Methods
CCMSBITHRHTime-Dependent MTE Threshold Values
CCMSBI_BWPTR_CPHCPH/BI: Delta Management Table for Extraction of CPH Data
CCMSBI_CPH_BWPTRCPH/BW: Reader Pointer for the Extraction of CPH Data
CCMSBI_CUSTDATATime-Dependent General MTE Data
CCMSBI_DSR_CONFConfiguration Data for BI Connection for DSR
CCMSBI_GUIDS_CPHGUIDs for Long MTE Names (Extended)
CCMSBI_METHODSTime-Dependent Reaction Methods
CCMSBI_MTE_DATATime-Dependent General MTE Data
CCMSBI_MTE_METHTime-Dependent MTE Reaction Methods
CCMSBI_MTE_THRHTime-Dependent MTE Threshold Values
CCMSBI_THRH_VALTime-Dependent Threshold Values
CCMSBI_WASTATPTRCCMS/BI: WebAs Statistic Delta Pointer
CCMSBI_WAST_CONFConfiguration Data for BI Connection of Statistic Data
CCM_ZOSSID to Sysplex LPRA mapping
CCONTAINERFind Container C C
CDBC_C_T681CDB: Description of Metadata Object Condition Table
CME_CHAR_DSCOPEChar. Transfer: Assignment of Char. to Definition Scope
CME_CHAR_SCOPEChar. Transfer: Assignment of Char. to Definition Scope
CND_MAPC_T681Meta Data for Condition Tables (Customizing Data Exchange)
CNVA_CCD_ANA_SHDHeader table for CC Deletion Analysis Package in SolMan
CNVA_PCREA_RUNIDHeader Information of Profit Center Reorganization
CNVCDMCCA_BADISCDMC : BADIs Implemented in the system
CNVCDMCCA_BTESCDMC : Active Customer BTEs in the system
CNVCDMCCA_COMPCDMC - Results from Remote comparision
CNVCDMCCA_DEVCTab to store selectd Dev Classes in the Cntrl sys for Prj ID
CNVCDMCCA_EXITSCDMC : Customer exits Implemented in the system
CNVCDMCCA_OBJSCDMC : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Clearing Analysis
CNVCDMCCA_OREFObjects : Where-User list
CNVCDMCCA_SE30CDMC : Results from Runtime Aalysis
CNVCDMCCA_SQLTRACDMC : SQL Trace File analysis results
CNVCDMCCA_SRCCDMC: Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Syntax Check
CNVCDMCCA_UEXITSCDMC : User exits Implemented in the system - Not Valid
CNVCDMCCTS_BADISCDMC : CTS Table to store the BADIs identified
CNVCDMCCTS_EXITSCDMC : CTS Table to store the User Exits identified
CNVCDMCCTS_OBJSCDMC : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for CTS project
CNVCDMCCTS_OREFCDMC:CTS - Customer and Reffered SAP Objects
CNVCDMCCTS_REQSCDMC : CTS Collected requests and Objects
CNVCDMCUCIA_BDCCDMC: UCIA-Collect the BDC Program Comparison data
CNVCDMCUCIA_FORMCDMC: UCIA: Impact on SAP Subroutines called externally
CNVCDMCUCIA_INLDCDMC : UCIA - Customer Objects copied from SAP Objects
CNVCDMCUCIA_LIMUCDMC : UCIA: Subobject table of used SAP objects
CNVCDMCUCIA_OBJSCDMC : UCIA - Objects in the Customer Namespace
CNVCDMCUCIA_OREFCDMC : UCIA - References to SAP Objects in Custom Objects
CNVCDMCUCIA_PLCDMC : UCIA - SAP Objects impacted in an Upgrade or Patch
CNVCDMCUCIA_STATStatistics data collected from the Statistics system
CNVCDMC_BGNDWPCDMC : Background work processes to be used in Anal System
CNVCDMC_BPCACDMC Table for BPCA interface with mapping and TBOM info
CNVCDMC_BPCARSIDCDMC BPCA: Table to store the BPCA results id for CDMC proj
CNVCDMC_LOGCOMPSLogical components
CNVCDMC_PROJHIERCDMC table to store the Proj Heirarchy info of Sol Man Projs
CNVCDMC_REFOBJSCDMC table to store the referred objects of Sol man projects
CNVCDOPCA_BADISCDOP : BADIs Implemented in the system
CNVCDOPCA_BTESCDOP : Active Customer BTEs in the system
CNVCDOPCA_COMPCDOP - Results from Remote comparision
CNVCDOPCA_EXITSCDOP : User exits Implemented in the system
CNVCDOPCA_OBJSCDOP : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Clearing Analysis
CNVCDOPCA_OREFObjects : Where-User list
CNVCDOPCA_SE30CDOP : Results from Runtime Aalysis
CNVCDOPCA_SQLTRACDOP : SQL Trace File analysis results
CNVCDOPCA_UEXITSCDOP : User exits Implemented in the system (Valid table)
CNVCDOPUCIA_BDCCDOP: UCIA-Collect the BDC Program Comparison data
CNVCDOPUCIA_FORMCDOP: UCIA: Impact on SAP Subroutines called externally
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