SAP ALMTCUSMSC (Alert: MTE-specific Customizing: message container) Table & Fields

ALMTCUSMSC is a SAP table coming under BC module and SAP_BASIS component.View details, Fields & related tables of ALMTCUSMSC.
  • Table description : Alert: MTE-specific Customizing: message container
  • Module : BC-CCM-MON
  • Parent Module : BC
  • Package : SMOI
  • Software Component : SAP_BASIS

ALMTCUSMSC Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
.INCLUDEAlert: global TID as key (w/o INDEX fields)    
MTMCNAMEAlert: Name of Monitoring ContextALMCNAMETEXT40
MTNUMRANGEAlert: monitoring type number range (perm., temp, ...)ALTIDNUMRGCHAR3
MTUIDALert: Unique Identifier for Monitoring Types (used in TID)ALTIDUIDCHAR10
MTCLASSAlert: monitoring type class (perf., single msg.,...)ALTIDMTCLCHAR3
SETNAMEAlert: Name of monitoring properties variantALCUSSETNMCHAR20
MTINDEXAlert: internal handle for TIDALTIDINDEXCHAR10
EXTINDEXAlert: internal handle for TIDALTIDINDEXCHAR10
OBJECTNAMEAlert: Name of Monitoring ObjectALMOBJECTCHAR40
MTNAMESHRTAlert: Short Name of Monitoring TypeALMTNAMESHCHAR40
DBSTATUSAlert: Status Customizing Daten in der DB (perm/temp)ALCUSDBSTSCHAR1
RAISEVALUEAlert: alert value (1 = green, 2 = yellow, ....)ALVALUE  
RAISESEVERAlert: severity (alerts, monitoring type custom..)ALSEVERITY  
ACTMSGMODEAlert: Current log attribute value as: ...ALMSCACTU  
ACTMSGMAXSAlert: MSG cont.: No. "max. value of the last" secondsALMAXCNTMS  
ACTMSGUNITALert: Unit for Perfomance ValuesALUNITTEXT4
MAXALPROIDAlert: MTE Cus: Maximum number of alerts to keepALKEEPALMX  
KEEPLINTYPAlert: MSG Container: Keep lines typeALKEEPLNTY  
KEEPLINMAXAlert: MSG-Container: Max. number of lines to keepALKEEPLNMX  
FILTERTYPEAlert: Message container filter type (SLOG/T100/XMI)ALFILTYPECHAR1
CRTBYASSIAlert: Name of Customization AssistantALASSISTCHAR40
CHG_DATEAlert: Date of last changeALCHGDATEDATUM
CHG_TIMEAlert: Time of last changeALCHGTIMETIME