SMO_RTGUID Field in SAP | Identifier of BDoc Root object Data Element using tables

SMO_RTGUID is a data element in SAP used for storing Identifier of BDoc Root object data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SMO_RTGUID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SMO_RTGUID
  • Description : Identifier of BDoc Root object
  • Data Type :CHAR

Identifier of BDoc Root object tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SMO_RTGUID Field

CDBC_ACCPL_AUTHGAccount Planning Authorisation Group
CDBC_ACCPL_AUTHTAccount Planning Authorization Group Text Table
CDBC_ACC_PL_PDPartner Determination Procedure Assgnt for Accout Planning
CDBC_ACGRPBPAccount Assignment Groups: Business Partner
CDBC_ACGRPBPTAccount Assignment Group Texts: Business Partner
CDBC_ACTIVITY_HActivity header customising table
CDBC_ACTJRNL_LSTAssignment of determination procedures to transaction types
CDBC_ACT_CATEGORActivity: Categories
CDBC_ACT_CAT_TActivity Categories: Text
CDBC_ACT_JOURNActivity Journal Customizing Settings
CDBC_ACT_JOURN_TActivity Journal customizings-Long text
CDBC_AC_INDAccounting Indicator
CDBC_AC_IND_TAccounting Indicator Text
CDBC_ALTID_FIELDAlternative Product/Object identification field data
CDBC_ALTID_PR_ODCDB Table: Sequence of Alternative IDs in a Profile
CDBC_ALTID_TYPEControl Data for Alternative Identifiers for Product/Object
CDBC_APPLCATGRPRApplication Area of a Hierarchy
CDBC_APPTDURAContains list of Appointment Types.
CDBC_APPTDURA_TLanguage dependent text for Appointment Types
CDBC_ATTRIBUTEProduct Additional Attribute
CDBC_ATTRIBUTE_TProduct Additional Attribute Description
CDBC_ATTR_VALPossible values that an attribute can take
CDBC_ATTR_VAL_TLanguage dependent text for possible values of attributes
CDBC_BO_RANGESCDB: Groups of object types
CDBC_BP_CATATTRCDB BP: Assignment Class. Categorie -> Class.-Criteria
CDBC_BP_CATCRITCDB BP: Assignment Class. Categorie -> Class.-Criteria
CDBC_BP_CLATTRCDB BP Classification Attributes
CDBC_BP_CLATTR_TCDB BP Classification Attribute Texts
CDBC_BP_CLCATCDB BP Classification Categories
CDBC_BP_CLCAT_TCDB BP Classification Categories Texts
CDBC_BP_CLCRITCDB BP Classification Criteria
CDBC_BP_CLCRIT_TCDB BP Classification Criteria Texts
CDBC_BP_SUBTYPEBill Plan Subtype
CDBC_BP_SUBTYP_TBill Plan subtype text table
CDBC_BSP_PRINTBSP Print: Options for Factsheet
CDBC_BSP_PRINTDBSP Print: Options for Factsheet (Details)
CDBC_CACP_PLANGRAccount Planning Profile
CDBC_CLASSIFCDB Customer Classification
CDBC_CODEPROFILECDB: Code Catalog: Code Group Profile for Catalog
CDBC_CODEPROFILGCDB: Code Catalog: Code Groups for Code Group Profile
CDBC_CODEPROFILTCDB: Code Catalog: Code Group Profile for Catalog
CDBC_CON_PHASEAnalysis Phase Table
CDBC_COUNT_DISPHCustomizing table counter - transaction type
CDBC_COUNT_DISPICustomizing table counter - transaction type
CDBC_CRCDATHCredit Rating Check: Actions per Rating Procedure/Rating (M)
CDBC_CSDR_PRJ_HCDB Table Extension for Design Registration Project
CDBC_CUSTSTATProject Status at Customer
CDBC_CUSTSTAT_TCDB:Project Status Text
CDBC_CYCLECDB: Opportunity Sales Cycle
CDBC_CYCLE_TCDB: Opportunity Sales Cycle Text
CDBC_CYCPHASECDB: Phases per Sales Cycle
CDBC_C_DD01TR/3 DD: domain texts
CDBC_C_DD02TR/3 DD: Condition Table Description
CDBC_C_DD03LTable Fields
CDBC_C_DD04LData elements
CDBC_C_DD04TR/3 DD: Data element texts
CDBC_C_DD07LR/3 DD: values for the domains
CDBC_C_DD07TR/3 DD: values for the domains
CDBC_DEA_SCHEDDEA drug schedules master table(Customizable)
CDBC_DEA_SC_TDEA Schedule Description
CDBC_DEFCLA_TLanguage-Dependent Texts for Table CRMC_DEFCLA
CDBC_DP_GROUPSList of Appointment Types / Duration, visible in the UI.
CDBC_EMP_STORLOCCustomization table for mapping the Employee to SL & Plant
CDBC_EVENT_STNGCDB table for enabling logging of events
CDBC_EXTNUMGExternal Number generation for Service Transaction
CDBC_FM_FND_EXPCustomizing Table for Expense Type
CDBC_FM_FND_EXPTExpense Types Description
CDBC_GM_FIELDGoods Movement field customization Table
CDBC_GM_REASONCustomizing Reasons for Movement
CDBC_GM_TYPECustomizing Mobile Movement Types
CDBC_GR_METHODCredit Management: Valuation Process for a Profile (Mobile)
CDBC_IOBJ_LOCCustomizing for iObject location
CDBC_ITEM_CAT_GRCDB: Item Category Group
CDBC_ITEM_C_GR_TCDB: Item Category Group Texts
CDBC_ITPR_CPY_MACDB: Copy item to transaction types - General Control Data
CDBC_IT_ASSIGNCDB: Item Type determination
CDBC_IT_ASSIGN_SCDB: Relation Item Type-Category
CDBC_IT_COPY_IFItem type determination via SourceItem & DestinationProcType
CDBC_IT_COPY_MADefines which transaction types can copy to which types
CDBC_IT_TYP_US_TCDB: Item Type Usage Text
CDBC_LOCAT_ADDRCDB Iobject location address
CDBC_LOCAT_GEOGeo Co.ordinaties for Iboject location
CDBC_MKTPL_CAPRLCausal Profile and Causal Type link table
CDBC_MKTPL_CFLDLCausal Type - Related Fields Mapping Link Table
CDBC_MKTPL_CPROTCausal Profile Text
CDBC_MKTPL_CTYPTable for Causal type
CDBC_MKTPL_CTYPTTable for Causal type text
CDBC_MKTPL_DISLOCausal Field - Display Location - Possible Key values
CDBC_MKTPL_DISOTCausal Field - Display Location - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_DISTYPossible values for Display Type Causal Field
CDBC_MKTPL_DSTYTCausal Field - Display Type Texts
CDBC_MKTPL_FEAADCustomizing Table- Causal Field - Feature Ad
CDBC_MKTPL_FEADTCausal Field - Feature Ad - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_ISELOTPM - Causal Field - Incremental Secondary Location
CDBC_MKTPL_ISELTCausal Fields - Incremental Secondary Location - Text
CDBC_MKTPL_MEDIACausal Fields - Media
CDBC_MKTPL_MEDITCausal Fields - Media - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_SLOSKCausal Field - Slotted Skus
CDBC_MKTPL_SLSKTCausal Field - Slotted Skus - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_SPCLOCausal Field - Space Location
CDBC_MKTPL_SPCLTCausal Field - Space Location - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_TPCTLMarketing Planning and Causal Type Link
CDBC_MKTSS_PLBASCustomizing table for Product Planning Basis - MKT and ACP
CDBC_MPK_APPGRPApplication Group Table
CDBC_MPK_APPGRPTApplication Group Text
CDBC_MPK_ATTD_IAttribute definition
CDBC_MPK_ATTRMeasuring Point Attributes
CDBC_MPK_ATTR_TMeasuring Point Attribute Text
CDBC_MPK_CATMeasuring Point Category Customizing Table
CDBC_MPK_CAT_TMeasuring Point Category Text
CDBC_MVT_REASONSMovement Reasons details table
CDBC_MVT_TYPESMovement Types details table
CDBC_OBJECTS_TCDB: Subobjects Text
CDBC_OBJECT_ASSICDB: Relation Category-Subobject
CDBC_OBJREFObject References - Customizing data
CDBC_OBJREF_UIDisplay of References on the overview screen
CDBC_OPPIMPORCDB: Opportunity Importance
CDBC_OPPIMPOR_TCDB: Opportunity Importance Text
CDBC_OPPORT_HCDB: Customizing of Opportunity Header
CDBC_OPPT_TYPECDB: Opportunity Type
CDBC_OPPT_TYPE_TCDB: Opportunity Type Text
CDBC_ORGPROFUsed in Organisation Determination
CDBC_PARTNER_BPartner: Attribute
CDBC_PARTNER_BGPartner Characteristics Group
CDBC_PARTNER_BGTPartner: Text Table for Attribute Group
CDBC_PARTNER_BTPartner: Text Table for Partner Attribute
CDBC_PARTNER_BVPartner Characteristic - Estimation
CDBC_PARTNER_BVTPartner: Text Table for Attribute Value
CDBC_PARTNER_FCTCDB: Definition of Partner Functions
CDBC_PARTNER_FTCDB: Description of Partner Functions
CDBC_PARTNER_FTTPartner Description
CDBC_PARTNER_PDDPartner Determination Procedure
CDBC_PARTNER_PDPCDB: Partner Determination Procedure Definitions
CDBC_PARTNER_PDTPartner Determination Procedures
CDBC_PARTNER_PFTDefinition of Partner Function Types
CDBC_PARTNER_PRPartner Relationship Type
CDBC_PARTNER_PRTPartner:Dependency Text
CDBC_PARTNER_RBGPartner Attribute Group - Attribute
CDBC_PLACJ_CUSTPlanogram Activity Journal Customizing Table
CDBC_PLANTPlant Details
CDBC_PLCUSTPlanogram Customizing table
CDBC_PLGRPCUSTCustomer Type / Planning Profiles Relation
CDBC_PLGRPPRODPlanning Profiles / Product Planning Basis Relation
CDBC_PLSRVRelationship Types for Product Proposal Service - CDB
CDBC_PL_CATGPlanogram Activity Category Customizing Table
CDBC_PMNTTRMSCDB Terms of Payment (Cash discount)
CDBC_POPLANTValid Purchasing Organizations for Plant
CDBC_PPFTTTCUCDB: PPF Trigger Type in Customizing
CDBC_PPFTTTCUTCDB: PPF Trigger Type Texts in Customizing
CDBC_PPR_ACCPartner Product Ranges: Access Fields for Steps of Scheme
CDBC_PPR_CNDTKPartner Product Range: Condition Type Determination (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_CTRLPartner Product Range: Overall Control Table (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_LISTINGDefine PPR Types relevant for a given Listing Type
CDBC_PPR_MAP_CNDMapping table condition objects <> PPR (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_OBJPartner Product Range: Sub-Object Types (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_OBJTPartner Product Range: Sub-Object Type Description (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_OCPartner Product Range: Transaction Types Relevant for Checki
CDBC_PPR_OC_APPLPartner Product Range: Transaction Types Relevant for Checki
CDBC_PPR_OC_ARPTPPR Types Relevant for a PPR Check-Relevant Application
CDBC_PPR_OC_REFTPPR Types Relevant for a PPR Check-Relevant Transaction Type
CDBC_PPR_POS_VALPossible attribute value for PPR
CDBC_PPR_POS_V_TPossible attribute value for PPR
CDBC_PPR_RANK_PRPPR Rank Assignments for PPR Rank Profile (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_RANK_TPPR Rank Descriptions
CDBC_PPR_REFTYPPartner Product Range: Reference Types (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_REFTYPTPartner Product Range: Sub-Object - Refer. Type Desc. (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_RPTPartner Product Range: References per PPR Type (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_SCHEMEPartner Product Range: Defining Scheme
CDBC_PPR_SCHEMEOPartner Product Range: List. Excl. Scheme for TransactioType
CDBC_PPR_SCHEMESPartner Product Range: Scheme Steps
CDBC_PPR_SCHEMETPartner Product Range: Schema Texts
CDBC_PPR_SETTable for PPR settypes and attributes
CDBC_PPR_SET_TTable for PPR Attribute text
CDBC_PPR_TYPESPartner Product Range: Classifications (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_TYPESTPartner Product Range: Classification Description (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_TYPRTPartner Product Range: Type & Object depen. ref. Types (CDB)
CDBC_PRAPPL_HIERProduct-Type-Specific Application Area of a Hierarchy
CDBC_PRCATCNDFRLAssignment of Condition Fields / Pricing-Relevant Hierarchy
CDBC_PRCATCNDRELLinking of Category Hierarchy / Pricing-Relevant Hierarchy
CDBC_PRCATCNDSUPSupported Pricing-Relevant Hierarchies
CDBC_PREFIXMaintain prefix values for Process Type
CDBC_PRN_CONTROLPrint Control Table for Fact Sheet
CDBC_PROC_TYPECDB: Transaction Types
CDBC_PROC_TYPE_TCDB: Transaction Types Text
CDBC_PRODUCTGeneral Product Settings
CDBC_PR_ASSIGNCDB: Relation Transaction-Category
CDBC_PR_COPY_MAUsed to define which transaction type can copy to which one
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