SMO_LANGU Field in SAP | Language Data Element using tables

SMO_LANGU is a data element in SAP used for storing Language data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SMO_LANGU field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SMO_LANGU
  • Description : Language
  • Data Type :CHAR

Language tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SMO_LANGU Field

BAD_CUCFGBAD - Configuration Data IDs
BAD_CUCHARTXTBAD - Configuration Values
BAD_CUVALTXTBAD - Configuration Values
CDBC_ACCPL_AUTHTAccount Planning Authorization Group Text Table
CDBC_ACC_PL_PP_TCDB Account Planning: Planning Period Description
CDBC_ACGRPBPTAccount Assignment Group Texts: Business Partner
CDBC_ACTCODE_TLocalization: CDB Tab for Activity Code for Gross Income Tax
CDBC_ACT_CAT_TActivity Categories: Text
CDBC_ACT_JOURN_TActivity Journal customizings-Long text
CDBC_AC_ASSIGN_TSettlement Account Assignment: Text Table - CDB
CDBC_AC_IND_TAccounting Indicator Text
CDBC_APPTDURA_TLanguage dependent text for Appointment Types
CDBC_ATTRIBUTE_TProduct Additional Attribute Description
CDBC_ATTR_VAL_TLanguage dependent text for possible values of attributes
CDBC_BILLREQ_P_TAmount Allocation Profile: Texts - CDB
CDBC_BP_CLATTR_TCDB BP Classification Attribute Texts
CDBC_BP_CLCAT_TCDB BP Classification Categories Texts
CDBC_BP_CLCRIT_TCDB BP Classification Criteria Texts
CDBC_BP_SUBTYP_TBill Plan subtype text table
CDBC_CFTYPE_TFlow Categories (Texts) - CDb
CDBC_CLASSIF_TCDB Customer Classification Texts
CDBC_CODEPROFILTCDB: Code Catalog: Code Group Profile for Catalog
CDBC_CON_PHASE_TLong Text table for Analysis Phase
CDBC_CUSTSTAT_TCDB:Project Status Text
CDBC_CYCLE_TCDB: Opportunity Sales Cycle Text
CDBC_C_CTLISTTCDB: Procedures for cond. technique rel. to /SAPCND/CTLISTT
CDBC_C_DD01TR/3 DD: domain texts
CDBC_C_DD02TR/3 DD: Condition Table Description
CDBC_C_DD04TR/3 DD: Data element texts
CDBC_C_DD07TR/3 DD: values for the domains
CDBC_C_UELIMP_TCDB: Texts for User-Defined Formulas (Library)
CDBC_DEA_SC_TDEA Schedule Description
CDBC_DEFCLA_TLanguage-Dependent Texts for Table CRMC_DEFCLA
CDBC_DISTTYPE_TLocalization: CDB Tab Distribution Type for Em-ployment Tax
CDBC_DOCEX_ATT_TAttribute Description
CDBC_FM_FND_EXPTExpense Types Description
CDBC_ITEM_C_GR_TCDB: Item Category Group Texts
CDBC_IT_TYP_US_TCDB: Item Type Usage Text
CDBC_MKTPL_CPROTCausal Profile Text
CDBC_MKTPL_CTYPTTable for Causal type text
CDBC_MKTPL_CUFKTCausal Type - Related Field Key - Customer Additions
CDBC_MKTPL_DISOTCausal Field - Display Location - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_DSTYTCausal Field - Display Type Texts
CDBC_MKTPL_FEADTCausal Field - Feature Ad - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_ISELTCausal Fields - Incremental Secondary Location - Text
CDBC_MKTPL_MEDITCausal Fields - Media - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_SLSKTCausal Field - Slotted Skus - Text Table
CDBC_MKTPL_SPCLTCausal Field - Space Location - Text Table
CDBC_MPK_APPGRPTApplication Group Text
CDBC_MPK_ATTR_TMeasuring Point Attribute Text
CDBC_MPK_CAT_TMeasuring Point Category Text
CDBC_OBJECTS_TCDB: Subobjects Text
CDBC_OPPIMPOR_TCDB: Opportunity Importance Text
CDBC_OPPT_TYPE_TCDB: Opportunity Type Text
CDBC_PARTNER_ASTDescription of Access Sequences
CDBC_PARTNER_BGTPartner: Text Table for Attribute Group
CDBC_PARTNER_BTPartner: Text Table for Partner Attribute
CDBC_PARTNER_BVTPartner: Text Table for Attribute Value
CDBC_PARTNER_FTCDB: Description of Partner Functions
CDBC_PARTNER_FTTPartner Description
CDBC_PARTNER_PDTPartner Determination Procedures
CDBC_PARTNER_PRTPartner:Dependency Text
CDBC_PL_XMLPlanogram -Product Attribute XML
CDBC_PPFTTTCUTCDB: PPF Trigger Type Texts in Customizing
CDBC_PPR_OBJTPartner Product Range: Sub-Object Type Description (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_POS_VALPossible attribute value for PPR
CDBC_PPR_POS_V_TPossible attribute value for PPR
CDBC_PPR_RANK_TPPR Rank Descriptions
CDBC_PPR_REFTYPTPartner Product Range: Sub-Object - Refer. Type Desc. (CDB)
CDBC_PPR_SCHEMETPartner Product Range: Schema Texts
CDBC_PPR_SET_TTable for PPR Attribute text
CDBC_PPR_TYPESTPartner Product Range: Classification Description (CDB)
CDBC_PROC_TYPE_TCDB: Transaction Types Text
CDBC_QPGTCDB: Code Group Texts
CDBC_SCAPTTXTCDB: Appointment type name
CDBC_SEMCOLTXTStores the Column Text ( OPP SEM Layout )
CDBC_SOURCE_TCDB: Opportunity Source Text
CDBC_SRV_TYPE_TService Type Text
CDBC_STEXTCDB: Standard Texts from CRM Online (STXH)
CDBC_SUBOB_CAT_TCDB: Categories Text
CDBC_SUBOB_C_I_TDescription of Business Object type for item
CDBC_SVY_ACT_TText Table for Survey finding : Activity
CDBC_SVY_DET_TSurvey Determination - Text Table
CDBC_SVY_OPPT_TText Table for Survey finding : Opportunity
CDBC_SWJPHEADCDB: Header Table for Parameter Condition
CDBC_T371A_TCustomizing table for IBase - Text table for Types of IBase.
CDBC_T371D_TCustomizing table for IBase - Text Table for component types
CDBC_TAXCAT_AR_TMSA: Text Table for Tax Code Groupings
CDBC_TAXCAT_TLocalization: CDB table Tax Type
CDBC_TAXJUR_REGTTax Jurisdiction codes by region
CDBC_TAXNUMTYP_TBusiness Partner Tax Categories Text Table
CDBC_TAX_BPRCT_TAssignment Item Object Type and Business Process Type: Texts
CDBC_TB002TBP grouping: Texts
CDBC_TB003TBP Roles: Texts
CDBC_TB038TBP Industry Key Systems: Texts (Mobile Client)
CDBC_TB039BBP ID Types: Texts
CDBC_TB071_TTax Classification Texts: Assignment of Tax Groups to Tax
CDBC_TERR_AFTTText Table: Territory Assignment Function Categories
CDBC_THOCTPublic holiday calendar texts
CDBC_TIMECUDUTLanguage dependent text for Durations
CDBC_TIMECUUTTLanguage dependent text for Duration Unit.
CDBC_TIMEPFTLanguage dependent text for the Contect Profile
CDBC_TJ02TSystem status texts
CDBC_TJ20TCDB: Texts for status schema
CDBC_TJ30TCDB: Texts for user status
CDBC_TOASPLanguage table for archive objects
CDBC_TPZ21TBusiness Partner: Name of Rating Procedure (Mobile Client)
CDBC_TPZ22TBusiness Partner: Description of Ratings (Mobile Client)
CDBC_TQ15TCDB: Language-Dependent Texts for Table TQ15
CDBC_TSAPDTDescription of customized pager service
CDBC_TTXJTText Table for Tax Jurisdiction in CDBC
CDBC_TXRELCLAS_TLocalization: CDB Table for Tax Relevant Classification
CDBC_T_ACCKEYTAccounting Key
CDBC_T_BPPRPTYPTProduct Property Type Description
CDBC_T_BPPRPVALTBusiness Partner Properties
CDBC_T_BPTXGRPTDescription for Business Partner Tax Group
CDBC_T_BUSPRTYPTDescription of Business Process Type
CDBC_T_BUSTRANTBusiness Transaction
CDBC_T_CBPTTTE: Calling Business Partner
CDBC_T_COMMANDTDescription for TTE Command
CDBC_T_COUNTRSTCountry Text Table
CDBC_T_DATETYPTDate Type Description
CDBC_T_DEDREAS2TDescription for Deductibility Reason
CDBC_T_DIRECINDTDescription for Direction Indicator
CDBC_T_DTTEXTSDecision Tree Texts
CDBC_T_FISCCDTFiscal Code Description
CDBC_T_FISCOVSTFiscal Code Version Description
CDBC_T_INCOTERMTDescription for Incoterms
CDBC_T_ORGTYPTOrganisation Unit Type Description
CDBC_T_ORIGINTDescription for Tax Origin
CDBC_T_PATXTYPTDescription for Partner Tax Type
CDBC_T_POSTIND_TPosting Indicator for Non-Deductible Taxes: Descriptions
CDBC_T_PRELEMTYTPricing Element Type Description
CDBC_T_PROCMODETProcess Mode Description
CDBC_T_PRPRPTYPTProduct Property Type Description
CDBC_T_PRPRPVALTProduct Properties
CDBC_T_PRTXGRPTProduct Tax Group Description
CDBC_T_PRTXTYPTProduct Taxability Description
CDBC_T_ROLETPartner Role Description
CDBC_T_SPREGTSpecial Tax Region
CDBC_T_TAPRPTYPTTransaction Property Type Description
CDBC_T_TAPRPVALTTransaction Property Description
CDBC_T_TAXCATTDescription for Tax Category
CDBC_T_TAXCOMPTTax Component Description
CDBC_T_TAXEVENTTTax Event Description
CDBC_T_TAXTCODETTax Tariff Code Description
CDBC_T_TAXTYPTTax Type Description
CDBC_T_TRACMODETTrace Mode Description
CDBC_T_TRACSTATTrace Status Description
CDBC_T_USAGETUsage Descritpion
CDBC_T_USAGET2Product Usage Indicator Description
CDBC_T_XTAXSYSTExternal Tax System
CDBC_UBB_ESTSEQTEstimation Sequence - Text
CDBC_UBB_INVSPTTInvoice Split indicator text table
CDBC_UBB_ORIGINTText table for reading origin
CDBC_UBB_ORIGSETPriority of Reading Origin Text table
CDBC_UBB_OUT_SETMessage Sequence for Reading Reminder - Text table
CDBC_UBB_TRANSATReading Transaction Type Description
CDBC_UBB_USG_CTTUsage Function Category - Texts
CDBC_UBB_USG_FTTUsage Functions - Texts
CDBC_UBB_USG_GRTUsage Function Groups - Texts
CDBC_UBB_VAL_RUTValidation Rules for Volume documents - text
CDBC_VAL_TYPE_TText for Service Valuation Type
CDBC_VARCOND_Tvariant condition longtext
CDBC_ZEROVAT_TLocalization: CDB Table for Reason for Zero VAT
CDBD_ATTRVALstores the organization independent attribute values
CDBD_ESCAL_TResponse Time Profile Texts
CDBD_FACTSHEET_HRequest for Fact Sheets (Header)
CDBD_IBIBTInstalled Base Header Text
CDBD_IBINTXInstalled Base Text components.
CDBD_MPK_MPOINTTMeasuring Point - Descriptions
CDBD_ORDERADM_HBusiness Transaction
CDBD_ORDERADM_IBusiness transaction item
CDBD_ORG_ATTRVALstores the organization independent attribute values
CDBD_SERORG_GRPTMSE Group Service Organization Text table.
CDBD_SERORG_TMSE Service Organization Text table.
CDBD_SERWI_TAvailability Time Texts
CDBD_UBB_CR_ICredit Overview
CDBPHAC_BP_GRP_TBusiness Partner Group Description
CDBPHAC_BP_SGR_TBusiness Partner Subgroup Description
CDBPHAC_BP_SPV_TCRM Pharma BP : Specification Values
CDBPHAC_BP_STVCRM Pharma BP : Specification Type Values
CDBUPG_SEGALIASAlias Names ( Language Dependent ) for segments of Sbdoc
CDB_CRMC_ACTOBJTGoal of the activity text
CDB_SCPRIOTPriorities with description
SMO2RQQReport Requirements for BW (Queries)
SMO2RQQUSReport Requirements for BW (Users for Reports)
SMO2RQWBReport Requirements for BW (Workbooks)
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