OTYPE Field in SAP | Object Type Data Element using tables

OTYPE is a data element in SAP used for storing Object Type data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this OTYPE field in SAP.

  • Data Element : OTYPE
  • Description : Object Type
  • Data Type :CHAR

Object Type tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using OTYPE Field

ACO_HR_OBJECTObject-Related Authorizations for an HR Object
AFRVConfirmation pool
AFRV_DELBackup Copy for Confirmation Pool
AFVCOperation within an order
AGS_ORGMODELJob Definition Context Information
AISTRATADHOCDefinition of Steps in an Ad-Hoc Strategy
ASSOBAssignment Objects
BBPORGF4F4 for User Assignment - Organizational Units for BBP
BBP_ATTR_LOCBINEBP Backup Table for Unconverted Locations
BBP_ATTR_XPRA400Conversion EBP 4.0: Backup Copy Converted Attributes
CATSDBCATS: Database Table for Time Sheet
CATSHRCross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to HR
CATS_TEMPCATS: Database Table for Templates
CC1ERPIncorrect Time Events from CC1, Postings
CC1TEVTemporary Buffer for Time Events from CC1
CDBC_ORGPROFUsed in Organisation Determination
CDBD_DELIVERY_HTable for storing the delivery header details
CDBD_DELIVERY_ITable to store the delivery items
CDBD_GM_IMaterial Document Item Table
CDBD_SRV_DEMANDBT - Service Demand
CDB_CL_OMCDB Table for Org. Structure to MSA
CDB_CL_SALESCDB Table for Sales Attributes to MSA
CDB_CL_SERVICECDB Table for Service Attributes to MSA
CMACDB_ITEMRESFee Calculation Line Results
CNVHCM_I_OBJMAPE-recruiting S-table - Object type Mapping
CNVHCM_I_OBJTYPE-recruiting S-table - Object type
CNVHCM_I_RELMAPE-recruiting S-table - Object Relationships mapping table
CNV_20551HROBJIDHR object IDs (internally numbered) and deletion flag
CNV_ORG_TABOrg. units for conversions
COIFTInterface to Activity Allocation
COMM_PR_FRG_REOProduct - Organization Set - Assignment
COMM_PR_FRG_REOHProduct - Organization Set - Assignment History
CRHDWork Center Header
CRMC_CHM_QUALIFChannel Management: Qualificaitons
DPR_PROJECTProject Definition
DPR_RATES_CALCCustomizing: Mapping of Cost/Revenue Rates for Roles
DPR_RATES_MAPCustomizing: Validity/Details of Cost/Revenue Rates
EGTURPeriodic Replacement List
EHSBT_APPL_SCOPEEHS: General Scope of Application
EMDSTTSANLNotes for Future Changes to Stock Statistics
EMMA_CACTORClarification Case Processor
EMMA_CACTOR_CDProcessor Assignments (Only for Change Documents)
ESTSTEHS: Specification Status Assignment
EVHRHR Order Confirmations (Times/Time Events)
FDT_ACTN_6120FDT: Action - Start Workflow Agents Data
FDT_ACTN_6120AFDT: Action - Start Workflow Agents Data
FDT_ACTN_6120SFDT: Action - Start Workflow Agents Data
FDT_ACTN_6120TFDT: Action - Start Workflow Agents Data
FOPCCLOSINGBGClose: Background
FOPC_ENHANCEMIC Enhancement for HR Infotypes
FOPC_PERSONSettings for the Person in MIC
FTPT_REQ_ACCOUNTTravel Request Cost Assignment
GRACREQOMOBJITEMHR OM Object assigned to request
GRFN5352BACKUPHrp5352 back up
GRFNBRABusiness Rule Assignment - Data common
GRPCAODGRPCTRLrelation table for aod group and it's controls
GRPCCLOSINGClosed/Frozen organizations
GRPCCLOSINGBGCarry Forward list in Background job for Closing
GRPCOBJTYPEObsolete: PC Object Type
GRPCRPLCINFOReplacement Information
GRPC_PERSONSettings for the Person in PC
GRPC_UPG_HRP1000Upgrade Back Up Data
GRPC_UPG_HRP1001Backup Data
GRPC_UPG_HRP1002Upgrade Data Backup For HRP1002
GRPC_UPG_HRP1852Backup data
GRPC_UPG_HRP5312Upgrade Back Up Data
GRPC_UPG_HRP5315Data Backup for HRP5315
GRPC_UPG_HRP5326Data Backup
GRRMRESPAUTWFAGResponse Automation - Workflow Agents
HIVGPM order history - operations
HRALETMPHR: File of Future Master Data Changes
HRFPM_2FC_DIFFHRFPM: Two-Face-Commit Tab Prsnl Cost Svngs for Comm with FM
HRFPM_BPREP_DATAPreprocesses Data for BPREP Data Extraction
HRFPM_COLUMN_CONBuffer for Columns in HRPBCM
HRFPM_DIFFERENCEHRFPM: Personnel Costs Savings/ Overrun
HRFPM_ENCUMB_IVHRFPM: Create encumbrance in this intervals for that object
HRFPM_ENGINE_LOGHRFPM: Central Log of Commitment Run
HRFPM_FM_DOC_BUHRFPM: FM Documents for Budget
HRFPM_FPM_DOCHRFPM: FPM Document Headers for Commitment
HRFPM_FPM_DOC_BUHRFPM: FPM Document Headers for Budget
HRFPM_FPM_POS_BUHRFPM: FPM Documents - Items for Budget
HRFPM_INIT_LOGHRFPM: Log Table Initial Commitment Creation
HRFPM_INTEG_IVHRFPM: Integration Status
HRFPM_MDIR_TABSTab Pages for Direct Infotype Maintenance PS
HRFPM_OBJECTSHRFPM: Object table of the commitment engine
HRH1222Infotype 1222: Reserved for Enhancements
HRICP_D_CH_PTRChange Pointer for Infotype Changes
HRICP_D_IT_CUSTInfotypes to Be Tracked per Consumer
HRICP_D_IT_REGInfotype to Be Tracked per Registered Consumer
HRICP_D_IT_SYSTInfotypes to Be Tracked per Consumer
HRINTE30Personnel Numbers to be Processed per Integration
HRMDORIGINHR Master Data Distribution: Original Systems
HRMDRGINHR Master Data: Registry for Serialization in ALE Inbound
HRMDRGOUTHR Master Data: Registry for Serialization in ALE Outbound
HRMMSRVIFInterface Table: Time Recording in MM-SRV
HRP1000Infotype 1000 DB Table
HRP1001Infotype 1001 DB Table
HRP1001_ARCHInfotype 1001: Inverse Relationship After Archiving
HRP1002Infotype 1002 DB Table
HRP1003Infotype 1003 DB Table
HRP1004Infotype 1004 DB table
HRP1005DB Table for Infotype 1005 (Planned Compensation)
HRP1006Infotype 1006 DB table
HRP1007Infotype 1007 DB Table
HRP1008Infotype 1008 DB Table
HRP1009Infotype 1009 DB table
HRP1010Infotype 1010 DB table
HRP1011Infotype 1011 DB Table
HRP1013Infotype 1013 DB Table
HRP1014Infotype 1014 DB Table
HRP1015Infotype 1015 DB table
HRP1016Infotype 1016 DB Table
HRP1017Infotype 1016 DB Table
HRP1018DB Table for Infotype 1018 Cost Distribution
HRP1019DB Table for Infotype 1019 Required Positions
HRP1020Infotype 1020 DB table
HRP1023Infotype 1023 DB table
HRP1026Infotype 1026 DB table
HRP1027Infotype 1027 DB table
HRP1028Infotype 1028 DB Table
HRP1029Infotype 1029 DB table
HRP1030Infotype 1030 DB table
HRP1031Infotype 1031 DB table
HRP1032Infotype 1032 DB Table
HRP1033DB table for infotype 1033
HRP1034Infotype 1034 DB table
HRP1035Infotype 1035 DB Table
HRP1036Infotype 1036 DB table
HRP1037Infotype 1037 DB Table
HRP1038Infotype 1038 DB table
HRP1039Database Table for Infotype 1039
HRP1040Database Table for Infotype 1040
HRP1041DB Table for Infotype 1041
HRP1042Infotype 1042 DB Table
HRP1043DB Table for Infotype 1043
HRP1044DB Table for Infotype 1044
HRP1045DB Table for Infotype 1045
HRP1046Database Table for Infotype 1046
HRP1047DB Table for Infotype 1047
HRP1048DB Table for Infotype 1048
HRP1049Database Tables for Infotype 1049
HRP1050DB Table for Infotype 1050 (Job Evaluation Results)
HRP1051DB Table for Infotype 1051 (Survey Results)
HRP1055DB Table for Infotype 1055
HRP1060DB Table for Infotype 1060
HRP1061DB Table for Infotype 1061
HRP1062DB Table for Infotype 1062
HRP1063DB Table for Infotype 1063
HRP1070DB table for infotype 1070
HRP1071DB Table for Infotype 1071
HRP1072DB Table for Infotype 1072
HRP1080DB Table for Infotype 1080
HRP1081DB Table for Infotype 1081
HRP1082DB Table for Infotype 1082
HRP1201Infotype 1201 DB Table
HRP1205Infotype 1205 DB Table
HRP1206Infotype 1206 DB Table
HRP1208Infotype 1208 DB Table
HRP1209Infotype 1209 DB Table
HRP1210Infotype 1210 DB Table
HRP1211Infotype 1211 DB Table
HRP1212Infotype 1212 DB Table
HRP1213Infotype 1213 DB Table
HRP1214Infotype 1214 DB Table
HRP1215Infotype 1215 DB Table
HRP1216Infotype 1216 DB Table
HRP1217Infotype 1217 DB Table
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