NAME_FELD Field in SAP | Field name Data Element using tables

NAME_FELD is a data element in SAP used for storing Field name data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this NAME_FELD field in SAP.

  • Data Element : NAME_FELD
  • Description : Field name
  • Data Type :CHAR

Field name tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using NAME_FELD Field

ACDIAGSHOWAC Diagnosis Tool: Displayed Fields in AC Document
AIC_PROC_EDITChange Request - Status dependent Editability
AIC_SCEN_FIELDSValue help table for fieldnames depedending on scenario
BBPD_MDG_FLDMAPMDG: Assignment Entity/Database Field Name
BBP_ATTR_F4CONFSearch Help Configuration for Attributes in Organ. Plan
CCIHT_MJVAEHS: Measured Values
CCIHT_MJVAIMPEHS: Imported Measured Values
CCIHT_MJVAQTEHS: Table Temporary Data from Measured Values to Amounts
CDBC_SETTYP_ATTRAdministrative Table for Set Type Attribute Information
CDBD_ATTRVALstores the organization independent attribute values
CDBD_ORG_ATTRVALstores the organization independent attribute values
COMC_SETTYP_ATTRAdministrative Table for Set Type Attribute Information
COMPFOCM: Names of compared fields
CRMC_BP_CLCATCRM BP Classification Categories
CRMC_BRFP_E_201Expression CRM Search (Parameters)
CRMC_BRFP_E_201AExpression CRM Search (Parameters)
CRMC_BRFP_E_201SExpression CRM Search (Parameters)
CRR_TFW_CONF_DTNCRR, Test Framework, Log
CUVTAB_FLDFields of variant table
DIAN_SY_FORMATSDIAN Formats Definition
DLFLDNon-Changeable Delivery Fields
ECP_FUNCTION_KEYList of key fields for supported functions
EEM_LOC_LEVELEEM Location levels
EEM_LOC_LEVELTEEM Location levels
EIDESWTMSGFIELDField Configuration for Message Data Check
FMCOBJCZuordnung Betragsobjekte (Berechnungsebene)
FMCOBJFCZuordnung Feldkatalog
FMCOBJVZuordnung Verdichtungsobjekte (Ãœbersicht)
FMCOBJVDZuordnung Verdichtungsobjekte (Detailebene)
FRMLC27RMS-FRM: API Entity Types - Attribute Part
GJV_PROG_A_FLDApplication Program dynpro fields JV BAPI field mapping
GRFNFLDHRHR Configurable Fields
IST_C_TDATAAssignment of REFOBJID to Search Help
J_1ACNTFLDList of All Country-Specific Fields in Tables
J_1BAKField assignment
J_1BAKHAssignment of Field to Field Group (Header)
J_1BAKITAssignment of Field to Field Group (Item)
J_1BIMPXLSMAPMap MS Excel Columns to Data Structure Fields
J_1B_CIAP_OBJTPCIAP objects types
MDG_BS_BP_FLDGRPAttribution Entity/DB/Fieldgroups
MDG_FND_BPFLDMAPMapping of BP-bapistructures and fields to BDT fieldgroups
OBJLANObject: Special Rule for Original Language
PFFLDPeriod-End Partner: Organizational Log Information
SCODE_CONTEXTCodelist Registry: Codelist Contexts
SCODE_REGISTRYCode Type Registry: Code Type <=> IMG Table or Search Help
T449SUser Settings: Sort for Table
T449TUser-Setting For Field Sequence To Display A Table
T5A9BPayment Attributes for Subapplications
T5DP1PAISY Interface
T5DP2Conversion of Infotype Fields -> PAISY
T5UF6HR-US: ADP Interface, Mapping Information
T770AFHR Query: Function Modules for Customer's Additional Fields
T77PADERD_FLDSRemove Fields from Employee Information
T7KR5BDefine Infotype Non-Repeat Structure Fields by Subtype
T7KR5CDefine Infotype's Secondary Subtype
T7RUOC1Content of Employee Selection Process
T7RU_DEFTXTStandard Texts in Infotypes
T884FTranslation Differences: Additional Account Assignment
TABREFINEDetermines Granularity for Originality Attributes
TBKK_JUMPFields for Jump (Supported in BKK_JUMP)
TCACS_DESFIELDSAdditional Fields for Generated Objects
TCATSDLISTCATS: Profile for Reporting (List Display)
TCRD_UI_SEARCHSearch Fields for Credential Types
TE003CDocument Number Assignment: Duplicate Key Check
TFAAD_BSN_FUNCValidation of Business Function Switches for FI-AA
TFELDAssignment of Table Fields to Field Selection
TFIPR_ATTRFUNCTAttribute: Feature
TFIPR_ATTRVALUE2Attribute: Matrix
TICL252FNOL Mandatory Fields
TIUID_MAN_MSGIUID Manual Creation of Communication Messages
TIVXCJPPRGROUPGrouping of result in Payment Charges Report
TK01HTime-based CO master data
TKALV1Additional AAA Field Catalog Information
TKALV2Additional AAA Field Catalog Information
TKCBOREC-EIS: Assignment DDIC - Objects in BOR
TOBJ_C_ATTRIBAttributes for BRO Type
TOBJ_C_TYPEBatch History: Batch-Related Object Types
TRLTS_INIT_COMPMapping of Position Components to Treasury Ledger
TUL_ACTTCSystem Measurement: AC tables to be checked
VSBEERError Types and Editable Fields
WSDT_CBP_DHSEQDisplay Grouping Sequence for Close-by Plants
/BEV3/CHCL_FELDExternal Amount: Fields of Table /BEV3/CHLERF
/BEV3/CHCL_PRUEFExternal Amount: Function Modules for Content Checks
/BOFU/CLP_FLDCode list provider - White list of field names ( OBSOLETE )
/SAPF15/TFLDMAPFeldzuordnung SAP -> F15
/SLOAP/CAT_HEADCassignment catecore to head
/SLOAP/CAT_HEADTtrasport table for /SLOAS/CAT_HEAD
/SLOAS/CAT_HEADassignment catecore to head
/SLOAS/CAT_HEADCassignment catecore to head
/SLOAS/CAT_HEADTtransport table for /SLOAS/CAT_HEAD
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