SAP KUNNR (Customer Number) Data element field

  • Data Element : KUNNR
  • Description : Customer Number
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using KUNNR Field

ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
AISDK_CF_OSS_SYSService Provider: SAP Systems and Data
AISDK_CF_OSS_USRService Provider: S-User --> R/3 User
AKKPDocumentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header Data
ARIX_BSADFI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving Customer Accts
AUBFDocument Flow SAP Retail (Allocation Table, Promotions...)
AUFIAllocation Table, Document Sub-item, Stores
BD001Business Partner: Assignment Customer - Partner
BFOD_AFI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: Customer Items
BNK_BATCH_ITEMBatch Payment Items
BP000Business Partner Master (General Data)
BPISISBP: Assign Treasury Partner to IS-IS-Partner
BPOBIMMOBusiness Partner - Object Relationship: Real Estate
BPTRGP_ABGLBP: Match Existing and Migrated Partners
BSADAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
BSAD_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
BSBMDocument Valuation Fields
BSBWDocument Valuation Fields
BSEGAccounting Document Segment
BSEGCDocument: Data on Payment Card Payments
BSIDAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSID_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSIWIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
BSIXIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
BWPOSValuations for Open Items
BWPOSIValuations for Open Items
CACNS_CS_NOTE_AGeneral Notes on Consultant Portal Customer Search
CACNS_CS_NOTE_PPrivate Notes for Customer Search via Consultant Portal
CACNS_CU_HISTProjects at Customer
CACNS_SEARCHCUSTFavorites for Customer Search Consultant Portal
CCGLT_CLBLEHS: Customer-Specific Labels
CCRCT_CUPOSEHS: Customer List - Item Data
CHBSINTCRE-SCM - "sold to interal party" for canceled sales!
CHVWTable CHVW for Batch Where-Used List
CIF_IMCUSIntegration Model Reference Table for Customers
CIF_IMMSKUInt. Model Reference Table for Special Stocks at Customer
CIF_IMVCLPIntegration Model Reference Table for VMI Customer Material
CIF_IMVMIMapping Table for Scheduling Sales Order
CIF_VMISDConfirmation of Sales Area Data and Order Category for VMI
CKMLMV001Procurement alternatives
CMDET_S06667Individual Records for Updating External Credit Data
CMM_D_IDXCommodity Management: Index Table
CNVPERFDATATable for database performance
CNV_20200_KNB1Differences in customer account master data
CNV_20800_KNVKCNV backup copy: Customer master contact person
CNV_LICENCE_HWURequested License Keys
COERSales Order Value Revenue
COFPDocument Lines (project cash management)
CPIS_COMPANYPartner Companies in a Ramp-Up Project
CRS_BLOCKSBlocks for Initial Download Customer Master
CVI_CUST_LINKAssignment Between Customer and Business Partner
DEFTAX_ITEMData for Deferred Taxes
DFAXDFax information extendable sample SAP-WB
DIPCS_SDRULESSpecific Stock determination rules for customer
DIWPS_COMPReallocation: Conversion Storage Location
DKKOPBalance Audit Trail
DKKOSBalance Audit Trail
DKOKPOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail
DKOKSOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail Master Record
DSKOPBalance Audit Trail
DSKOSBalance Audit Trail
EBPPINT_DEBUGBiller Direct: Debugging
EBPPPCBiller Direct Data for the Payment Cards
EBPP_AR_CONTACTIndex of the Comments Created in Biller Direct
EBPP_KNB1FSCM Master Data Customer Enhancement (Company Code)
EDPARConvert External < > Internal Partner Number
EDSDCAssignment of EDI Partner by Sales Org., Distrib.Ch.,Div.
EKKOPurchasing Document Header
EKPVShipping Data For Stock Transfer of Purchasing Document Item
ERPD_WEC_CUST_CPCheckout Profile for a customer
ERPD_WEC_CU_DFPMDefault Payment method for a Customer ( Web Channel )
ERPD_WEC_CU_PAYMCustomer Payment Methods ( Web Channel )
ESDADFDMaintenance of Additional Fields for Scheduling Agreement
EWADEVSERVService Order for Container Delivery
EWAELOCSDAllocation Table: Container Loc.Data <-> Sales Document Item
EWAPROPSDAllocation Table: Property <-> Sales Document Item
EWA_EL_WDPLANTWaste Disposal Facility
EWA_WA_PCKGDSREGGeneral Cargo Entry
EWA_WA_WEIGHOFFLOffline Weighing
EWA_WA_WEIGHPROCWeighing Procedure
FAGL_R_APARReorganization: Object List for Receivables and Payables
FBICRC003AICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Documents
FBICRC003OICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Object table 1
FBICRC003PNot in use
FBICRC003TICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Totals
FCABPFI-CA: Document Item
FDFIEPCM: FI Line Items (OP of Deb/Cred for Drilldown)
FDI1Cash Management Line Item for RE Classic Planning Records
FDMVCash Planning Line Items of Earmarked Funds
FDM_CCM_CORRTrigger Table for Manual Adjustments (Claims Management)
FDM_CDISCONFLICTFSCM-DM: Conflicts in Automatic Assignment of Items to Cases
FDM_CDISPROPOSALFSCM-DM: Proposal for Assignment of OIs to Cust.-Init. Disp.
FDM_COLL_BR_GPRSAdditional Business Partners, Enhancemnt to FDM_COLL_BR_HEAD
FDM_COLL_LASTPAYLast Payments of Business Partner
FDM_COLL_PAY_RSPayments of a Business Partner (Customer Involved)
FDM_COLL_TROBJFSCM-COL: Trigger Table for Collections Management
FDM_CUSTB_MIRRORAdministration Information for Customer Master Data (B Seg.)
FDM_CUST_MIRRORCustomer Assignment (Substitute <-> Original)
FDM_DOCLI_MIRRORInformation Regarding Data Transfer
FDM_DOC_MIRRORDocument Information (Raw Data in Substitute System)
FDM_INVOICE_MEMInvoice Information Provided
FDSPCash Mgmt Adjustment Items from Document Splitting
FIEUD_FIDOC_HSAFT: FI Transaction Document Header
FIEUD_SDINV_HSAFT: Invoices from SD module(Header)
FIP_D_PDT_TO_CUSInternal planned delivery time from suppl. Plant to customer
FIP_D_PROMOPromotion data
FIWF_ACGRPAccount Assignment Groups for Role Definition
FKK_VBPA_SHORTPartner Data for SD Billing Document - Extracts
FMCJIS-PS: Documents in Cash Desk Subsidiary Ledger
FMEPFI-FM Line Items
FMFG_SAV_FMUSFGASaved FMUSFGA data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600
FMIFIHDFI Header Table in Funds Management
FMIOICommitment Documents Funds Management
FMLGD_H_VG_01_01Budget Type 01: Customer Down Payment
FMPSOISAssgmt of Customer to Subledger Preprocess. Proc./Rev. Type
FMSHERLOCKClarification List (Payments to be Clarified)
FMUSFGAActual line item table for US Federal Government
FSLSIForeign Trade: Legal Control - Sanct. Party List - Indices
FSLSTForeign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit Trail
FSLSTAForeign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit Trail
GHO_CUVD_OWN_MDCustomer/Vendor Ownership Master Data of Business partner
GHO_CUVD_OWN_TYPCustomer/Vendor Ownership Roles
GLE_FI_ITEM_MODFECS: Modified FI Line Items (Header/Item/Currency Data)
GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIGECS: Original FI Line Items (Header/Line Item/Crcy Actg I/F)
GLPCAEC-PCA: Actual Line Items
GLPCA_CTProfit Center Documents
GLPCPEC-PCA: Plan Line Items
GLPOS_C_CTFI Document: Entry View
GLPOS_N_CTNew General Ledger: Line Item with Currency Type
GLPPCProfit Center Accounting: Plan line items
GLSPCProfit Center Accounting: Line Items
GSBLCABusiness area consolidation: deviating records
ICRCAICRC: Items to be Reconciled
ICRCUICRC: Potentially Differing Document Groups
ICRCZICRC: Reconciled, Completed Items
IDKR_CUSTVATVAT registration number against customer on a time basis
IHC_DB_NEW_TRAPOIHC: Customizing-Table for Posting Detail Report
IHC_DB_TRAPOIHC: Customizing Table for Transfer Posting Report
ISJPHIERARCHYCustomer Hierarchy For Invoice Summary
ISJPNAYOSEAlternative Name for Payer
ISJPPAYTERMSTerms of payment with validity period
JFPAIS-M/SD: Sales Document - Partner
JFXDEBIDLIS-M: Backup Transfer Internal Table XDEBI
JGTADDRASSMBLEDIS-M: Table of Formatted Address Lines
JHTFPAIS-M/AM: Settlement/Billing Document Item: Partner
JITIMPCalls for the signal monitor
JJTVMIS-M/AM: Media Sales Area Customer
JKSDPROTOCOLIS-M: Order Generation Log
JKSDQUANTITYROLEIS-M: Contract-Related Quantities for Specific Roles
JKSDT_SD_CON_GENIS-M: Table for Generating Contracts
JLPASales Document: Partner
JVSDBPINSERTGRPIS-M: Business Partner Insert Group
JVSO1JV LI Table with Objects for JVTO1
J_1ACAEArgentina electronic invoice CAE track table
J_1AOIFWVLOpen item foreign currency valuation: temp. storage
J_1IMOCUSTCustomer Master Excise Additional Data
J_1ISERCATSD1Ser Category based on Customer, Material and Sales Area (L1)
J_1ISERCATSD2Ser category based on Customer and Material (L2)
J_1ISERCATSDFI1Customization table to determine the Service Category Level1
J_1ISERCATSDFI2Customization table to determine the Service Category Level2
J_1ISER_BSEGTransaction table having the Invoices with Service Category
J_1I_CUST_CERTData table for clearing doc on customer tax certificate.
J_3GDEMEQUIDefault Recipient for Equipment per Organizational Structure
J_3GDEMPERSDefault Recipient for Personnel Performance per Org. Struct.
J_3GINBELCustomer Numbers Used in Documents
J_3RFCNTMaintain Internal Contract Numbers
J_3RFIN_RATE_CLCDownpayments rate calculator for foreign currency - invoices
J_3RFPM_RATE_CLCDownpayments rate calculator for foreign currency - payments
J_3RFSEC_ITEMData for Secondary events for deferred tax
J_3RF_DI_CCCUSTAssign Operator to Company Code and Customer
J_3RF_DI_PCUSTAssign Electronic ID to Customer
J_3RF_DI_PCUSTNAssign Electronic ID to Customer
J_3RF_PARTNERPartner Data (Vendor and Customer)
J_3RF_REGINV_INIncoming Invoice Registration Journal
J_3RF_REGINV_OUTOutgoing Invoice Registration Journal
J_3RF_TPTransfer pricing: main customizing table
J_3RF_TP_FORGForeign organization data for transfer pricing
J_3RF_TP_LIST2Information of Notification. List 2
J_3RSEXTRACTDExctract details (obsolete)
J_3RSPASSDEALDeal Passport
J_3RUMSVTax Balances per Comp.Code, Tax Code and Process.Key+ client
J_7LBDCMSGREA Conditions: Error Messages BDC Condition Adjustment
J_7LC191REA Data Filters: Splitting for Sales Transactions
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