KOART Field in SAP | Account type Data Element using tables

KOART is a data element in SAP used for storing Account type data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this KOART field in SAP.

  • Data Element : KOART
  • Description : Account type
  • Data Type :CHAR

Account type tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using KOART Field

ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
AGKOCleared Accounts
BBP_T074USpecial G/L Indicator Properties
BEL_JOURNALBelgium : Sales/Purchase Journal Period Balances
BFO_A_RAVersions for Resetting Cleared Items
BKORMAccounting Correspondence Requests
BKORRAccounting correspondence requests
BSBMDocument Valuation Fields
BSBWDocument Valuation Fields
BSEGAccounting Document Segment
BSEG_ADDEntry View of Accounting Document for Additional Ledgers
BSE_CLRAdditional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information
BWKSAccounts Blocked by Valuation Selection
BWPOSValuations for Open Items
BWPOSIValuations for Open Items
CACSFI_DOCFI_PDSettlement to FI: Reference Line Item
CKMLAVRDOCITLines for Cumulation Posting Document
COANZIndex of Objects With Down Payments/Requests
DFKKCASHFCInterim Table for Cash Management and Forecast Data
DKKOPBalance Audit Trail
DKKOSBalance Audit Trail
DKOKPOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail
DKOKSOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail Master Record
DOCCHG_EWBUCHCustomizing of Posting Transaction
DOCCHG_FSTATUSField Status Groups for Screen Fields
DOCSPL_FSTATUSField Status Groups for Item Split
DSKOPBalance Audit Trail
DSKOSBalance Audit Trail
EWUFI_CDOCEMU conversion: Documents to RFEWUDOC
EWUFI_SCAEMU conversion: Table of the clearings to be adjusted
EWUFI_SOPEMU conversion: Table for open items total
EWUMMFIEMU: transfer table for clearing entries MM-FI
FAGL_MIG_FICHA1Worklist for FI Reassignment Tool
FAGL_R_APARReorganization: Object List for Receivables and Payables
FAGL_R_APAR_SPLReorganization: Assignment Btwn FAGL_R_APAR and FAGL_R_SPL
FAGL_R_APAR_VALReorg: Values for Receivables and Payables Object List
FAGL_R_OI_TRACK0Reorganization: Open Items for Inclusion
FAGL_R_OI_TRACK1Reorganization: Included Documents for Open Items
FAGL_R_SPLReorganization: Splitting Information of the Open Items
FDD1Cash mgmt and forecast-Loan line items-Memo records
FDFIEPCM: FI Line Items (OP of Deb/Cred for Drilldown)
FDI1Cash Management Line Item for RE Classic Planning Records
FDKUSER_ACTIONAP/AR Internet Applications: User Actions
FDM_CONTACT_BUFPersonalization of Contact Person Data
FDSPCash Mgmt Adjustment Items from Document Splitting
FDT1CMF Line Items for Forex, Money Market, Derivatives
FDW1Cash Mgt and Forecast - Securities Line Items- Planned Flows
FDZACash Management line items in payment requests
FEBCLClearing data for an electronic bank statement line item
FIAPPTD_BALANCETable to store the Balances for Vendor/Customer/Bank Account
FIAPPTD_BAL_SCBSCB codes for Vendor/Customer and House Bank Balances
FIAPPTD_TRANSTable to store the transaction details of the CBR PT
FIEUA_VOC_IDFIdentifying VAT on Cash Information for Business Partner
FIEUD_FIDOC_HSAFT: FI Transaction Document Header
FIEUD_FIDOC_ISAFT: FI Transaction Document Item
FIPTC_BD_SPLGLMaintain Special GL Indicator for Bad Debts (Portugal)
FIWTIN_TAN_EXEMTable for mapping TAN and Exemption Number
FLQITEMBSLiquidity Calculation - Line Items for Bank Statement Docs
FLQITEMFILiquidity Calculation - Line Items for Other FI Documents
FLQITEMFI_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for FI Documents
FLQITEMFI_TPLiquidity Calculation: Actual Line Items at Top Level
FLQITEMMMPARK_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for MM Documents
FLQITEMPARK_FCLiquidity Calculation - Forecast Line Items for FI Documents
FMCHA1Work List for Reassignment Tool
FMFGT_IPACEDUS Federal IPACed transaction information
FMFGT_IPACED_IDUS Federal IPACed transaction information
FTYPFI Partner Function Types
GLE_ECS_ITEMECS: Error Correction Items
GLE_FI_ITEM_MODFECS: Modified FI Line Items (Header/Item/Currency Data)
GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIGECS: Original FI Line Items (Header/Line Item/Crcy Actg I/F)
GLPOS_C_CTFI Document: Entry View
GLPOS_N_CTNew General Ledger: Line Item with Currency Type
ICRC01Document Table for G/L Account Reconciliation
ICRCAICRC: Items to be Reconciled
ICRCUICRC: Potentially Differing Document Groups
ICRCZICRC: Reconciled, Completed Items
IDFITYPTax Type: Possible Entries
IDFITYPTTax Type: Texts for Possible Entries
IDITSR_DATAOeNB ID number of customers, vendors and GL accounts
IHC_DB_INB_PARMSClearing Partner for PEXR2002
IHC_PI_INB_PARMSPI: Clearing Partner Posting Parameters
INTITFXFixed Interest Amounts per Invoice
INTITHEUntil When Was Interest Calculated for Item?
INTITITInterest Calculation Details per Item
INTITPFInterest Data per Form and Posting
JGTFBUKIS-M/SD: Relationship betw. IS-M and Non-SAP System
J_1AFITPTax Types
J_1AFITPTTexts for Fiscal Types
J_1AOIFWVLOpen item foreign currency valuation: temp. storage
J_1AR_DTYPEARG - Gross Income Perception Customer Data
J_1AR_TPLISTInformation to Update Taxpayer List
J_1AT001TCTax Category Data per Company Code
J_1AT001TGTax Category Data per Company Code
J_1AWITHWithholding transaction data
J_1AWTH_TAX_COMPConditions per Company Code for Applying WithholdingTax
J_1AWTH_TXCOMPNConditions per Company Code for Applying WithholdingTax
J_1B_CIAP_OBJECTCIAP document data
J_1HWTCTNCO4Withholding tax certificate numbering concept 4
J_1ICUS_BILL_TYPAssign Customer Category to Bill Type
J_3RFTAX_EXTRDTax Extract Detail Lines
KLPACustomer/Vendor Linking
MAHNSAccounts blocked by dunning selection
MAHNS_DIAccounts blocked by dunning selection
MHNDDunning Data
MHNDODunning data version before the next change
MHNKDunning data (account entries)
MHNKODunning data (acct entries) version before the next change
PAYAC10Posting Key per DR/CR Indicator
PAYRQPayment Requests
PAYRQPPAYRQ Enhancement (Cross-Country Bank Account Transfers)
PSOSEGSRecurring Request Document Segment, G/L Accounts
PYORDPPayment order item data
RBCODocument Item, Incoming Invoice, Account Assignment
REGUPProcessed items from payment program
REGUPWW/tax information per w/tax type/FI line item in pmnt run
REGUSAcounts blocked by payment proposal
RFITEMAP_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the Vendor Transactions
RFITEMAR_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the Customer Transactions
RFITEMGL_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the GL Account Transactions
T003ADocument Types for Posting with Clearing
T003DDocument Types for Enjoy Transactions
T007BEBill of exchange customizing for deferred tax(RFUMSV50)
T007CGroupings for tax codes
T007DTexts for Tax Groups
T019Financial Accounting Screen Selection
T020FI/AM Transaction Control
T021VDefault Values for Layouts
T042UBlock Entries for Debit Customers/Credit Vendors
T042XCompany Codes Blocked by the Payment Program
T044ZCustomer/Vendor Accounts with Changed Reconciliation Account
T056YAssign special G/L indicator to interest indicator
T060Rules for A/R and A/P information system
T060AEvaluation types in A/R and A/P information system
T060BTexts for T060A - evaluatn types in A/R and A/P info system
T060OEvaluation views for A/R and A/P information system
T060TEvaluation names in the FI information system
T060UDescription of evaluation views for A/R and A/P info system
T074Special G/L Accounts
T074TSpecial G/L Indicator Names
T074USpecial G/L Indicator Properties
T077TTable no longer in use
T8G16Allocation: internal key - item category (SAP)
T8J_POST_ERROR_CDocuments with errors in JV posting (Open Items)
TABKTAutomatic Accounts for End-Year Closing/Opening Postings ITA
TBAERRules for Changing Documents
TBLP_MODUCross Reference Field Name - MODIF1
TBSLPosting Key
TCJ_WTAX_ITEMSWithholding Tax Items for Cash Journal Document Items
TF123Additional Rules for Running Program SAPF124 (Clearing)
TFAVZFI Archiving: Transaction Figures (Object Data)
TIBAN_APARUnconfirmed IBANs and Their Correct Validity Start
TITVARLine Items: Line Layout Variants, Assignment Old-New
TIVFIRevenue elements for RE debit-side advance payments
TKSB0Transaction control CO
TKSBVDefault Values for Layouts
TMODUCross Reference Field Name - MODIF1
TXW_S_BSEGRetrieve BSEG from archive
UKSDUser Control Totals (Online)
VBSEGSDocument Segment for Document Parking - G/L Account Database
VBWF04Line Item Fields Reversal Release
VIAKBSEGDocument Line Item from SCS for Interface
VTBFIORFI: open requests
VTBMMORMM: open requests
VTBMRORinvoice verification: open requests
VTBSIANF**Caution! Do not use. Will be deleted!!
VTBSIZUHedge Allocation
WITH_ITEMWitholding tax info per W/tax type and FI line item
/BEV3/CH1030BSG1Document Segment CH Event Ledger Part1
/BEV3/CHFIAActual line item table
/BEV3/CHVGRAActual line item table
/CEERE/BSEGProperty tax: booked FI items
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