SAP J_STSMA (Status Profile) Data element field

  • Data Element : J_STSMA
  • Description : Status Profile
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using J_STSMA Field

ACTCMB_CUS_TABCustomizing table for adding user combination status
ACTCMB_TABtable for status combination
ADPMSTATA&D CMC: Definition of Status Groups
ADPMSTATPRFCMC User Status Profile
AGS_AB_ACT_CONDConditions for Actions on Assignment Block
AGS_LOGON_PROPCustomizing: Assignment of Status and Subject to System Role
AGS_MAP_ROLETYPECustomizing: Assignment of User Status and System Role
AGS_STATUS_AUTHStatus-Specific Authorizations
AGS_STATUS_PROPCustomizing: Assignment of Status to Job Doc. Status Attrib.
AICRM_UI_CONTROLUI Controls for ChaRM dependent on user status
AIC_MAP_USR_STATMapping table for user status
AIC_STAT_PROPControl: Change Request Management Predecess.Document Status
AISDK_STATStatus Settings
AISTATUSStatus code for semantical name
AISTATUS_SLAStatus attributes for SLA procedure
AT10Transaction type
BBPC_PROC_TYPEBusiness Transaction Types
BSVWCOUP4Status for User Events
BSVWCOUP5User Events for Status Object Types
BSVWCOUP6Status for User Events
BUTBWCVUSSTATCustomizing: Mapping BW Status/OLTP User Status
BWCVUSSTATCustomizing: Mapping BW Status / OLTP User Status
CDBC_PROC_TYPECDB: Transaction Types
CDBC_T371ACustomizing table for IBase - Types of IBase.
CDBC_TJ20CDB: Status profiles
CDBC_TJ20TCDB: Texts for status schema
CDBC_TJ21CDB: permitted object types for status schema
CDBC_TJ30CDB: User status
CDBC_TJ30TCDB: Texts for user status
CDBC_TJ31CDB: Process control (user status)
CDBD_STATUSCDB: Individual Object Status
CFS_STATUSCFS: Additional (Mapping) Data for Status
CFS_STATUS_PROFCFS: Additional (Mapping) Data for Status Profile
CGPL_ESTAT_SEMProject Planning - Call of SEMBPS when Status Changes
CKPHSControl for Cost Object Category
CMSC_STATUS_RELStatus Relevancy
CMWC_MBA_TJ30TTexts for User Status
CRMBWCVUSSTATCustomizing: Mapping BW Status/ OLTP User Status
CRMC_AGR_IOVCHAgreement - Statuses to Ignore for Overlap Checks
CRMC_APRV_PROCDefine Approval Procedure
CRMC_AUI_MAP_STACRM-IC-AUI: Map Native into Inbox Status
CRMC_BUP_STATMAPCRM BP: User status conversion to role, mapping table
CRMC_CLM_STMAPBusiness transaction status to call state mapping
CRMC_CLM_STMAPCSCall state mapping
CRMC_CLM_STMAPSCStatus to call state mapping
CRMC_CLM_STMAPSSCall state mapping: business transaction statuses
CRMC_CRCDATICredit Rating Check: Status per Valuation Proc./Valuation
CRMC_DAM_STATACTstatusmanagement: relationship status and activity; flags
CRMC_DOCTYP_STSMAssignment: Status Profile to Document Type
CRMC_DQA_STEPData Quality Step Type
DIACL_LETYP_TLog Entry Type table
DPR_BW_USERSTATCustomizing: BW Status Mapping / OLTP User Status
DPR_DASHBOARDDashboard Data for Project
EAMS_CVBUSSTSUser Status and Icon Combination of Objects
ECM_REQData for Engineering Change Request
EHSBC_ST01EHS-BAS: Assignment: Status Profile to Object Type
EHSWAC_EANOCATDocument Category - Disposal Processing
EHSWAC_MNCATDisposal Documents: Types
FM01Financial Management Areas
FMAPSTATFIFM: System Status for FIFM Acct Asst Objects
FMSTATUSFIFM: Status for FIFM Account Assignment Objects
ICLCCEVENTUClaim Bundle - Assigned Claims Sum
ICSCCEVENTUClaim Bundle - Assigned Claims Sum
ITSTATUS_SMFor Issue Buffer
JSTOStatus object information
LOYC_APPL_STATUSLOY : Customer Customizing table for Status Management
LOYC_FRW_STATUSLOY FRW : Customizing table for status management
LOYC_PSH_STA_REAStatus Reason - Assignment to Status Code
MCF_MAP_STATUSMap CRM MCF Campaign status to ERP Promotion status blocked
MIG_OPP_STATUS_HMapping Table for Opportunities Migration: Status (Header)
MIG_OPP_STATUS_PMapping Table for Opportunities Migration: Status (Position)
N1CMETHSTAIS-H*MED: Methods of Module - Status Change Assignment
N1CORDTSTAIS-H: Order Type-to-Status Profile Assignment
N1SCRMIS-H*MED: Status-Dependent Screen Modification
PAMS_STAGraphical Planning Board: Status Model for Planning Board
QALSInspection lot record
QCVKCertificate profile header
QPCPC_PLANTYPECustomizing Table for Control-Plan Type
REBRBatch Record: Overall Profile
SMLSStandard milestone
SMOCTYPCustomizing table for campaign types
STATUS_SMStatus of CRM Objects
T003OOrder Types
T0KBASDB: Customizing Problem Type
T0KBBSDB: Customizing Solution Type
T370FFunctional Location Category
T370NObject link category
T370RReference Functional Location Category
T370TEquipment categories
T371AIB: Installed Base Category
T790GWarranty Type
TAI05CI Program Types
TC30Work center category
TCN52Valid user status for version profile
TDCBRSTSMAAssignment of Status Profile to Credit Bureau Field
TEDM_STAT_CUSTAllocate Profile Values to Status Profile for User Status
TIV81Real estate object type - Status profile allocation
TJ20Status profiles
TJ20TTexts for Status Profiles
TJ21Permitted object types for status profile
TJ22Languages, in which a status profile is maintained
TJ30TTexts for User Status
TJ31Process control (user status)
TJ48Check Table for Selection IDs
TJ49Table for Selection Conditions per SELID
TKKASControl Table for Results Analysis
TNFASIS-H: Department Status for Basic Medical Documentation
TNFAS_FSIS-H: Dependency of Case Status on Dept-Related Status
TNWAT_SCOPARAMIS-H AT: Scoring - Parameter
TORS1Statuses Relevant for Key-Date Based Management
TQ05QM certificate categories for procurement
TQ30Inspection types
TQ80Notification Types
TQ8TNotification category
TRUGSUser status caused by deviation
TSOCM_ACTION_O_SMethod in Change Management for User Status
TSOCM_ACTN_SCHEDDetermination of Execution Time of Actions
TSOCM_CHCK_SCHEDDetermine Check Execution Time
TSOCM_COLL_REQMaintenance Table for Collective Order
TSOCM_COND_MAPPConditions for Status from Status Schema
TSOCM_CON_ACTIONActions in CHARM Context for User Status
TSOCM_CON_ACTLNKAction Customization for Context
TSOCM_SBITM_CHCKSample Lower-Level Change Items
TSOCM_STAT_PROPAttributes of User Status in Change Request Management
TVAKSales Document Types
TVAPSales Document: Item Categories
VSJSTO_CNVersion: Information on status object
VSMLST_CNVersion: Milestone
WCAAPWCM: Application
WCAHEWCM: Work Clearance Document (Header)
WCAWWCM: Work Approval
WCCMUWCM: Operational Step
/CUM/CMTYPECU: Construction Measure Type
/CUM/CUTYPECU: Compatible Unit Type
/CUM/DESTYPECU: Number Range Customizing for Compatible Unit Design Type
/ISDFPS/CLMSFCTCustomizing Table for Mapping Statuses
/ISDFPS/CLMSTADCustomizing Table: Maintenance Status "Signed"
/ISDFPS/CLMSTICCustomizing Table for Assigning Icons to the User Status
/MRSS/C_RM_ACSUCustomizing table for Automatic Candidate Status Update
/MRSS/C_RM_A_CA1RM Abstract Statuses at the Candidate Level
/MRSS/C_RM_CANDCandidate Status Profiles
/MRSS/C_RM_PSTA2Partner Statuses
/MRSS/C_RM_PST_TText Table for Partner Statuses
/MRSS/C_RM_QK_CCustomizing table for Quick Close / Book
/MRSS/C_RM_STATRM Request/Role Status management
/SAPBOQ/SESTYPService Entry Sheet Type
/SAPHT/DRMAGRSTagreement State
/SAPHT/DRMCONEXTDRM Ship and debit agreement extracts
/SAPPSSRM/US_GRPUser Status Grouping and Assignment
Application Platform Tables
Customer Relationship Management Tables
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