SAP WCCMU (WCM: Operational Step) Table & Fields

WCCMU is a SAP table coming under PM module and EA-APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of WCCMU.
  • Table description : WCM: Operational Step
  • Module : PM-WCM
  • Parent Module : PM
  • Package : WCM
  • Software Component : EA-APPL

WCCMU Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
IWERKMaintenance Planning PlantIWERKWERKS
DPCTRLProcessing Rule for Operational StepsWCESTEPDPCTRLWCDDPCTRL1
TGDEVSTEPDefault Value for Operational Step for TaggingWCETGDEVSTEPWCDSTEP
UNDEVSTEPDefault Value for Operational Step for UntaggingWCEUNDEVSTEPWCDSTEP
ASYNCFLGAsynchronous Operational Steps AllowedWCEASYNCFLGWCDFLG
TGMODEFLGProcess Operational Steps for Tagging SimultaneouslyWCETGSTEPMODEFLGWCDFLG
UNMODEFLGProcess Operational Steps for Untagging SimultaneouslyWCEUNSTEPMODEFLGWCDFLG