IWERK Field in SAP | Maintenance Planning Plant Data Element using tables

IWERK is a data element in SAP used for storing Maintenance Planning Plant data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this IWERK field in SAP.

  • Data Element : IWERK
  • Description : Maintenance Planning Plant
  • Data Type :CHAR

Maintenance Planning Plant tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using IWERK Field

AFIHMaintenance order header
ALM_ME_D997User-specific settings
ALM_ME_SYNCSync Status
ALM_OR_PG_PL_SDPlanning Plant and Planner groups for Server Driven Order
B060PM Message - Plant Maintenance
CDBC_PLANTPlant Details
CDIWPS_NAV_RVCustomizing Table for Navigation Area RV in MEB
DIWPS_CACharacteristics for Work Package
DIWPS_REV_ORDERRevision Order Table
DIWPS_RV_CARevision: Characteristics for Work Package
DIWPS_RV_CRRevision: Cross-Reference Notification
DMF_D_T001WTransferred Sites
EAMWS_PLANTSSafety Plan Relevant Plants in WS
EAPLAllocation of task lists to pieces of equipment
EQUZEquipment time segment
HIKOOrder master data history
IEQT_WL_ITEMSInterim Statuses - Items
IEQT_WL_ITM_BACInterim Statuses - Items (Backup)
IFLOTFunctional Location (Table)
IFLOT_VSFunctional Location (Version Table)
IOCI_ORGUOCI Interface: Control Parameter PM/CS Order
IRLOTReference Functional Location (Table)
IWOT_LNKAssignment of View Profiles
MPDPSDMPD: Planning & Scheduling data
MPOSMaintenance item
PAMS_NEEDGraphical Planning Board: Requests (Objects to Schedule)
PAMS_SPLITGraphical Planning Board: Splits (Scheduled Objects)
PLKOTask list - header
QMIHQuality message - maintenance data excerpt
S061Location and planning
S061ES061 - Structural Information
S114ES114 - Strukturinformationen
S116Customer Analysis
S116ES116 - Structural information
T003O_BCMCB Budget check parameter for PM Work order
T003O_DSDigital Signatues for Order Operations
T003O_SCStatus Change Control For PM Orders
T024IMaintenance planner groups
T350EAccess sequence addresses for address proposal purch. data
T350WMaintenance control parameters: Order type plant
T352RMaintenance revisions
T390_UPrint control by user
T399AControl: Automatic Order Creation
T399IPlanning plant parameters
TAPLAllocation of task lists to functional locations
TEN399AControl: Automatic Creation of Maint./Serv. Notification
TEREGPLANTAllocation of Plant to Service Object and Reg. Struc. Area
TEREGPLANTWCAllocation of Workplace to Service Obj. and Regional Group
TEREGPLNOTIFAlloc. of Planning Plant to Notif.Profile and Reg.Struc.Area
TPMUSPM/SM - User default values
VSAFIH_CNVersion: Order header for plant maintenance
WCAAPWCM: Application
WCACDWCM: Operational Class <-> PM Object
WCACEWCM: Operational Condition <-> Operational Class
WCACHWCM: (Temporary) Log for Tagging/Untagging (Time-Frame)
WCACIWCM: (Temporary) Log for Tagging/Untagging (Conflict Check)
WCACMWCM: Current Operational Condition/Type
WCACNWCM: (Temporary) Log (Tag/Test Tag)
WCACNQWCM: Log (Operational Tag)
WCACQWCM: Log for Tagging/Untagging (Conflict Check)
WCACSWCM: (Temporary) Log (Protected Area)
WCADWCM: Approval Group
WCADQWCM: Log (Approval Group)
WCAGWCM: Data for Mode-Dependent Tagging
WCAHEWCM: Work Clearance Document (Header)
WCAMBWCM: Plant-Specific User Settings
WCARWCM: Operational Step
WCAWWCM: Work Approval
WCC0RWCM: WCM Object <-> View Profile
WCC0SUWCM: Subscreens with Individual Attributes
WCC0SUTWCM: Subscreens with Individual Attributes (Texts)
WCC1WCM: Work Permits
WCC2NWCM: Requirements
WCC3WCM: Selection of WCM Objects
WCCAWCM: Switching Data
WCCEWCM: Conflict Rules
WCCFWCM: Revision Phase
WCCFTWCM: Revision Phase (Texts)
WCCGWCM: Overall Conditions of Technical System
WCCGTWCM: Overall Conditions of Technical System (Texts)
WCCHTWCM: Train (Texts)
WCCIWCM: Tag <-> (Operational Group, Operational Type; Test Tag)
WCCJWCM: Selection Fields for Creation with Template
WCCKWCM: Operational Class
WCCKTWCM: Operational Class (Texts)
WCCLTWCM: Print (Texts)
WCCLUWCM: Lineup Usage
WCCLUTWCM: Lineup Usage
WCCLXWCM: Print (User-Specific)
WCCMRWCM: Order Operation
WCCMSWCM: Operational Step
WCCMSTWCM: Operational Step (Texts)
WCCMUWCM: Operational Step
WCCNWCM: Valuation
WCCOGTWCM: WCM Object (General Texts)
WCCORWCM: WCM Object (Master) <-> WCM Object (Slave)
WCCOTWCM: WCM Object (Texts)
WCCPWCM: WCM Object <-> Approvals
WCCPNWCM: Approval Group
WCCPUWCM: Usages of WCM Object <-> Approvals
WCCPVWCM: Approval Groups
WCCRWCM: Application Profile
WCCUWCM: Use of Work Clearance Document
WCCUTWCM: Use of Work Clearance Document (Texts)
WCCVWCM: Physical Blocking Type
WCCVTWCM: Physical Blocking Type (Texts)
WCCWAWCM: Changes (Additional Data) Forbidden
WCCWBWCM: Assignment Forbidden
WCCXWCM: Use of Work Approval
WCCXTWCM: Use of Work Approval (Texts)
WCCYWCM: Use of Application
WCCYTWCM: Use of Application (Texts)
WCCZWCM: Text Processing
/CUM/CONMSCU: Construction Measure Master Data
/CUM/CUDESIGNCU: Design Header Data
/CUM/CU_SRDCU: Settlement Rule Determination Rules
/CUM/PRF_ORDCU: Profile for Order Generation
/ISDFPS/CLMFLSTAStatus Objects in PM Order Type Flight
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