SAP FM_FIPEX (Commitment item) Data element field

  • Data Element : FM_FIPEX
  • Description : Commitment item
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using FM_FIPEX Field

ASSOBAssignment Objects
BBP_COMMITEM_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Commitment Items
BBP_PDACCAccount Assignment
CACSHR_DOCHR_PDSettlement to PY: Reference Line Item
CC1ERPIncorrect Time Events from CC1, Postings
COIFTInterface to Activity Allocation
CRACCPayment Cards: Account Assignments in Card Master Record
CRNUMPayment cards: Card master record
DFKKFMBGAINFOTax Information for Public-Owned Commercial Operations
DFKKRP3Returns: Manual Posting Specifications
DFKKSUMPosting totals from FI-CA
DFKKSUMOLDTotals Records Without Account Assignment Changes
FEBEPElectronic Bank Statement Line Items
FEB_ACCNT_SAVESaving of Posting Lines for Postprocessing (Account Assign.)
FEB_ACTAcct Assignment Templates
FIWF_ACGRPAccount Assignment Groups for Role Definition
FKKBEPElectronic Bank Statement Line Items
FLQFIPOS_LPOSRelationship: Commitment Items - Liquidity Items
FM01UDSettings for revenues increasing the budget
FM01YFM Areas- Year-Dependent Values
FMALLOCDistribution of Collective Budget Administration
FMAVCAActual line item table
FMAVCOObject table 1
FMAVCPPlan line items table
FMAVCTAVC Summary Table (BCS)
FMBASOBJNRObject numbers for FM addresses
FMBDAActual line item table
FMBDOObject table 1 - Budget address
FMBDPFM Budget change line items table
FMBDTFM budget totals table
FMBGACORRSHistory for Input Tax Adjustments PCOs
FMBGADCTAXData from Backdated Tax Calculation for PCOs
FMBGAKONTAssignment of FM Account Assignment to PCO
FMBLFunds management budget document lines (entry documents)
FMBPCLOSE_FTYPEPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund Type
FMBPCLOSE_FUNDPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund
FMBUDFI-FM Data Transfer Structure FM4C
FMBUDBCSBudgetary ledger account derivation: BCS
FMBUDDISBudgetary ledger account derivation: Budgeting (old)
FMCA_CLEAR_ACCMaintain Assgt of Clarification Worklist to FM Acct Assgt
FMCFSIFFI-FM: Selected Open Documents from FI Update
FMCFSIF_TRSelected Open FI Documents (Settlement)
FMCFSIOFI-FM: Selected Open Commitment Documents
FMCFSIO_TRFI-FM: Selected Open Commitment Documents
FMCICommitment items master data
FMCITCommitment items texts
FMCJIS-PS: Documents in Cash Desk Subsidiary Ledger
FMCOPICO-FM: Plan Data Transfer - Annual/Overall Values
FMCTRNR02Commitment-item-depending FM monitoring number
FMD1_F15_FIPO2BWF15 Interface - Commitment Item -> Manager
FMDECKHKAssignment of FM Account Assignment to Cover Pool
FMDECKHKCAssignment of FM Account Assignment to Cover Pool
FMDERIVE001Derivation rule:Cost Element to Commitment Item
FMDERIVE002Derivation rule:Cost Center/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/
FMDERIVE003Derivation rule:Cost Center to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fun
FMDERIVE004Derivation rule:Order/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fund/F
FMDERIVE005Derivation rule:Order to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fund/Func
FMDERIVE006Derivation rule:WBS Element/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/
FMDERIVE007Derivation rule:WBS Element to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fun
FMDERIVE008Profit Ctr/CE to Commit Item/Funds Center/Fund/Function
FMDERIVE009Derivation rule:Profit Center to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/F
FMEINDECKCAssign FM Acct Assgt Requir.Cover to One Give It
FMEUFFNSFinancing Source
FMFCPOFIFM: Commitment Summarization Item
FMFGYECLAAUS Federal Gov't : Y/E Pre-Closing of Anticipated Accounts
FMFG_SAV_FMUSFGASaved FMUSFGA data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600
FMFXPOCommitment item, internal and external number (conversion)
FMFYCVAValue Adjustments Before Fiscal Year Change
FMHBLFunds management budget document lines (held documents)
FMHICICommitment items hierarchy
FMHIPGHierarchy Table of Commitment Items in Fiscal Year
FMHIPPHierarchy Table of Commitment Items in Chart of Cmmt Items
FMIAActual Line Item Table for Funds Management
FMIAAAssignment Table for Budget Ledger
FMIFIITFI Line Item Table in Funds Management
FMIOObject Table for Funds Management
FMIOICommitment Documents Funds Management
FMIPPlan Line Items Table for Funds Management
FMITTotals Table for Funds Management
FMLGD_H_VG_01_01Budget Type 01: Customer Down Payment
FMLGD_H_VG_02_01Posting Type 02: Vendor Down Payment
FMLGD_H_VG_03_01Posting Type 03: G/L Account Debit Posting
FMLGD_H_VG_04_01Posting Type 04: G/L Account Credit Posting
FMPGCommitment Items in FM Area/Fiscal Year
FMPOSITCommitment Item Assignment to Internal Number (FIPEX-POSIT)
FMPPCommitment Item in Chart of Commitment Items
FMPPTCommitment Item in Chart of Commitment Items: Texts
FMPSO_ACQU_TAXTable of Commitment Items that Represents Acq. Taxes
FMRBAActual line item table
FMRBOObject table 1
FMRBPPlan line items table
FMRBTSummary table
FMROLLUP_FTYPEPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund Type
FMROLLUP_FUNDPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund
FMRPRULERules for Revenue Cover Pool
FMSNLINKAssignment of SN-BUSTL to Collective Expenditure
FMSNRULECollective Expenditure Rules
FMSNRULECChange Documents for Collective Budget Rules
FMSTATUSFIFM: Status for FIFM Account Assignment Objects
FMUDRULERules for Revenues Increasing Budget
FMUSFGAActual line item table for US Federal Government
FMUSFGOObject table 1 for US Federal Government
FMUSFGPPlan line items table
FMUSFGTSummary table for US Federal Government
FMVORTRCmmt items for carryover item category of totals records
FMWF_BDGRPFM Account Groups for FM Role Definition
FMZUBSPAssign Budget Structure Elements
FTPT_REQ_ACCOUNTTravel Request Cost Assignment
GMFMRECS1GM RIB: FM Budget Receivers
GMIAActual Line Item Table
GMREVBDGTFM1Defult settings for GM revaluation of currency
HRFPM_DIFFERENCEHRFPM: Personnel Costs Savings/ Overrun
HRFPM_FM_POSHRFPM: FM Documents - Items
HRFPM_FM_POS_BUHRFPM: FM Documents - Items for Budget
HRFPM_FPM_POS_BUHRFPM: FPM Documents - Items for Budget
HRFPM_OBJECTSHRFPM: Object table of the commitment engine
HRP1519DB Table for Infotype 1519
IAOM_GTR_EXATGrantor: Account Assignment Manager External Characteristics
KBLPDocument Item: Manual Document Entry
PA0017HR master record: Infotype 0017 (Travel Privileges)
PPDITTransfer to Accounting: Lines in HR IDOCs
PPDSTTransfer to Accounting: Substituted Acc. Assig. Object
PPKIXTransfer FI/CO: Index of Account Assignment Combinations
PSO07Assign Revenue Type/Commitment Item
PSO50Stop Mass Processing Data for Invoice Reference
PSO54Posting Information Small Amounts
PSOSEGADocument Segment for Assets Document Parking
PSOSEGSRecurring Request Document Segment, G/L Accounts
PTEX2000Interface Table for Attendances/Absences Infotype(2001/2002)
PTEX2003GENInterface Table for IT 2003: General Information
PTEX2003SPECInterface Table for IT 2003: Interval Information
PTEX2010Interface Table for EE Remuneration Info. Infotype (2010)
PTRV_COMM_ITMHeader Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Saved
PTRV_DOC_ITTransfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document
PTRV_REASGN_FMConversion of FM Data in Trip (e.g. Fiscal Year Change)
PTRV_SCOSTrip Statistics - Cost Assignment
RESBReservation/dependent requirements
T5DBVConstruction Pay: Cost Assignment: Hostels
T5DBXConstruction Pay: Incentive Wage Connection
T7PM6_RFIDetermination of Commitment Item
T7PMY1Combinations of BS Element Types and Budget Positions
TBPFMXActive availability control on commitment budget
TCJ_POSITIONSCash Journal Document Items
TEVEN_MOREAdditional Data for Time Events
TPTCOR_KOSTLCost Assignment (Correction Scenario)
VSRESB_CNVersion: Reservation/Dependent requirements
/SAPF15/FIPO2BWF15 Finanzposition -> Bewirtschafter
/SAPF15/FMITF15 Summentabelle Haushaltsmanagement
/SAPF15/FMITBF15 Summentabelle Haushaltsmanagement (Belegnummer)
/SAPF15/FMITFIPOHHM Summenbeleg F15 Relevanz
/SAPPSSRM/TGMACCIBU PS: link table between Contract data and earmarked funds
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