ERZET Field in SAP | Entry time Data Element using tables

ERZET is a data element in SAP used for storing Entry time data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this ERZET field in SAP.

  • Data Element : ERZET
  • Description : Entry time
  • Data Type :TIMS

Entry time tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using ERZET Field

AFFWGoods Movements with Errors from Confirmations
AFFWPROLog of deleted AFFW entries
AFRCIncorrect cost calculations from confirmations
BEREITMaterial identification: staging data
BORGR_VTTP_NOEXNew inbound deliveries with references
CAVEIBDOCCAVE: Inbound Document Processing
CEERRORCO-PA: Incorrect records from SD
COCF_SRShift Reports in PDF Format
DVK00unused dummy structure xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DVK01R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Header Data R2 -> R3
EBABSettlement Runs Subsequent Settlement, Header Data
EIEIForeign Trade: Export/Import Communication Data
EMBKLegal Control: License Master - Header Data
EREVVersion in Purchasing
FMD1_F15F15 Interface - Documents
FRETAssignment of Procurement to Issue Docs in Mdse Distribution
IDGT_GTDHGT Document Header
IDGT_GTDIGT Document Item
IDGT_GTDMMapping of SAP Document and GT Document
IDGT_VATHVAT Invoice Header
IDGT_VATMMapping of GT Document and VAT Invoice
IDPL_DPPoland: Downpayments made and cleared
JDTGENTRIS-M/SD: Generation Trigger
JFRKIS-M/SD: Billing - Header Data
JFRPIS-M/SD: Billing Document - Item Data
JLRKIS-M/SD: Settlement Header Data
JLRPIS-M/SD: Item Data for Settlement
J_3GARCHIVCEM Archiving Lists
J_3GBELKDocument File - Header Data
J_3GBELPDocument Data - Item Data
J_3GZVBAPBackup Table for CEM Data in Rel. 3.0
J_7LC09REA Customizing: General Controls
J_7LL01REA: Lock Management for Accruals Corrections
J_7LVBRKNON-SD Interface: Billing: Header Data
J_7LVBRPOSNON-SD Interface: Billing: Item Data
LECI_EVENTActivities Within the Check-in/Check-out Process
LECOMPKomponenten für Lohnbearbeitungsanlieferungen
LIKPSD Document: Delivery Header Data
LIPSSD document: Delivery: Item data
NLDIS_010ISH NL: DIS - Anlieferungsdatei (kopf)
NLGGZ_DIS_RTIISH NL: DISGGZ - Anlieferungsdatei (kopf)
NVBRKIS-H: Billing document header data
NVBRPIS-H: Billing document item data
OIGSTD Shipment Header
OIGSIShipment Item
OIGSSTD Shipment Stages
OIGSVCTD Transport Unit in Shipment
OIGSVDTD Driver per Vehicle on a Shipment
OIH_J1B_TCHTax Calculation Commands Header
OIJEVTD-Vehicle ~ Berth Master Data Events
OIJNENomination Events
OIK29IS-OIL/TPI: Status of processed inbound IDoc OILSHI01
OIK29AIS-OIL/TPI: Status of processed functions
OIK29DIS-OIL/TPI: Status of processed inbound IDoc OILSHI01
OIKDCPDelivery confirmation
OIRA_PRINTINDEXPrint group index data
OIRA_PRNDOC_HEADPrint document header data
OIRCPRCHHEADSSR Pricing - Change header details
OIUGT_LAYOUTUpstream Graphics Graphics Variants
OIUGT_LOGUpstream Graphics Graphics Log
ORDLYTable of delays for production order
S120Sales as per receipts
S120BIW1S120BIW1 * Sales as Per Receipts
S120BIW2S120BIW2 * Sales as Per Receipts
S260SD - Sales order
S260BIW1SD - Sales order
S260BIW2SD - Sales order
S261SD - Delivery note
S261BIW1SD - Delivery note
S261BIW2SD - Delivery note
S262SD - Billing document
S262BIW1SD - Billing document
S262BIW2SD - Billing document
S264SD- Offer
S264BIW1S264BIW1 * SD - Quotation
S264BIW2S264BIW2 * SD - Quotation
S270Do not use!
S270BIW1Do not use!
S270BIW2Do not use!
S270ES270 - Structural Information
S272Do not use!
S272BIW1Do not use!
S272BIW2Do not use!
S272ES272 - Structural Information
S275Transfer BW: Einkaufsdaten
S275BIW1S275BIW1 * Transfer to BW: Purchasing Data
S275BIW2S275BIW2 * Transfer to BW: Purchasing Data
S276Transfer BW: Vertriebsdaten
S276BIW1S276BIW1 * Transfer to BW: Sales and Distribution Data
S276BIW2S276BIW2 * BW Transfer: Sales and Distribution Data
SADLSTADMAdministrative Data - Address List
TJF31IS-M/SD: Collective Transfer Run to RF/FI
TJL53IS-M/SD: Log for Settlement Transfer
TOGM4Maintenance Profile
VBAKSales Document: Header Data
VBAPSales Document: Item Data
VBFASales Document Flow
VBKASales Activities
VBLBSales document: Release order data
VBREVERevenue Recognition: Revenue Recognition Lines
VBREVKRevenue Recognition: Control Lines
VBREVRRevenue Recognition: Reference Document Lines
VBRKBilling Document: Header Data
VBRPBilling Document: Item Data
VEKPHandling Unit - Header Table
VFKKShipment Costs: Header Data
VFKPShipment Costs: Item Data
VFSCAHScale Header
VSBDITSelf-Billing Procedure Delivery Item w. Automatic Posting
VSBGRHIDoc Header Regrouping Information
VSBGRIIDoc Item Regrouping Information
VSBHDRIDoc Self-Billing Procedure w. Automatic Postings
VSBITMIDoc-Item Self-Billing Procedure w. Automatic Postings
VSBPLGProcessing Log: Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSVBAK_CNVersion: Sales document: Header data
VSVBAP_CNVersion: Sales document: Item data
VTFAShipment Document Flow
VTTKShipment Header
VTTPShipment Item
VTTSStage of Shipment
WBHDTrading Contract: Commercial Data
WBHETrading Contract: Schedule Lines
WBHITrading Contract: Item Data
WBITAssociation Item at Step Level
WBRCAgency Business: Complaints
WBRDAgency Business: Bank Data Suspense Account
WBRFDocument flow vendor billing document/settlement request
WBRFNDocument Flow of Reference Document to Agency Document
WBRKAgency business: Header
WBRPAgency business: Item
WLFD_IVRHDRAgency Bus.: DB table for Invoice Request Header
WRSZAssignment of assortment user to assortment
WSPT_LIKPDocuments for Portugal Webservice
WSPT_LIKP_REJRejected documents for Portugal Webservice
/BEV1/BO_DATAProof Table for Rebate Processing
/BEV1/EMASVMaterial Sorting Variant
/BEV1/EMDRKKZItem Categories That Are Not Printed
/BEV1/EMFASForm for Material Sorting Variant
/BEV1/EMLGFSPREmpties Update Log
/BEV1/RBVBAKSales Document: Header Data
/BEV1/RBVBAPSales Document: Item Data
/BEV1/RBWEItemized Proof Rebate Settlement
/BEV1/REWARTRental Items: Delivery Schedule Items
/BEV1/RSAUAOrder Types for Route Settlement
/BEV1/RSDIFDifferences of Route Settlement
/BEV1/RSFSAAssignment of Drivers' Numbers
/BEV1/RSIMACollection Material
/BEV1/RSPTYItem Categories for Route Settlement
/BEV1/RSVBFTCOCIS Document Flow for Shipment
/BEV1/RSZAPayment Types for Collection
/BEV1/TSSDBSPRColumn Reference for Main Table Statistics Telephone Sales
/BEV1/TSSDBTPRCategory Reference for Main Table Statistics Telephone Sales
/BEV4/PLDANFABHSales Request History
/BEV4/PLDANFABSSales Request - Header
/BEV4/PLDANFARTSales Request - Items
/BEV4/PLDANFKONConverted Request Table with Reporting Period
/BEV4/PLDANFMELRequest Table with Reporting Period
/BEV4/PLDANFZEITRequirement Update
/BEV4/PLDUMARTConversion Table Material Master
/BEV4/PLDUMKDNConversion Table Customer/Object Numbers
/BEV4/PLPROTLogs Sales Pendulum List (Master Data)
/DSD/PR_HEADMDSD Promotion - Promotion Header
/DSD/SL_SLD_LCDSD Settlement Document: Sequence Quantities
/DSD/SV_ERROR_HDDSD SV Error Table Movement Header
/DSD/SV_LC_CGDSD LC: Loading Confirmation Item on Counting Group Level
/DSD/SV_LC_HDDSD LC: Loading Confirmation Header
/DSD/SV_LC_MATDSD LC: Loading confirmation item on material level
/DSD/SV_MM_HDDSD SV Material Movement Header
/DSD/SV_RLDSD SV Final Unloading Documents
/DSD/SV_RLD_HDDSD SV: Reload Header Data
/DSD/SV_RLD_ITDSD SV: Reload Item Data
/DSD/VC_VLHDSD: Visit List - Header Data
/DSD/VC_VPHDSD: Visit Schedule - Header Data
/ISDFPS/LM_EINROperation Roles (Configuration Code)
/NFM/TBWEReporting Base for NF Key, Company Code, Base Key
/NFM/TCOVHISCoverage History
/NFM/TNEBBase Keys and Currencies for NF Keys
/NFM/TNEB_ORGDifferent Base Key on Organizational Level
/NFM/TNES_ORGDifferent NF Key Data on Organizational Level
/SAPBOQ/HD_SESQTO header table
/SAPCEM/BDKOHeader Data for Requisition Note
/SAPCEM/BDPORequisition Note Item
/SAPCEM/INVENTURInitial Entry of Stock Balances
/SAPF15/DATAF15 Belege (Daten)
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