DZLSCH Field in SAP | Payment method Data Element using tables

DZLSCH is a data element in SAP used for storing Payment method data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this DZLSCH field in SAP.

  • Data Element : DZLSCH
  • Description : Payment method
  • Data Type :CHAR

Payment method tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using DZLSCH Field

A453IS-M/SD: Advance Payment Discount
A463IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Bonus for Up-Front Comm.
A483IS-M/SD: Payment Method for Employee Bonus for Up-Front Com.
BBP_RBKPDocument Header: Invoice Receipt
BPOBIMMOBusiness Partner - Object Relationship: Real Estate
BSADAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
BSAD_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
BSAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSAK_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSIDAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSID_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSIKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors
BSIK_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for vendors
DFPAYGPayment date: Grouping
DFPAYVPayment Medium: Selection Variants
DKKOPBalance Audit Trail
DKOKPOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail
FDS1Cash Management & Forecast: Line Items of SD Documents
FIBL_RPCODEMaster Data for Repetitive Code
FKK_JFRK_SHORTHeader Data for IS-M/SD Billing Document - Extracts
FMITPOCTCustomizing: Payment Transfer (new in Release 4.61A )
GLE_FI_ITEM_MODFECS: Modified FI Line Items (Header/Item/Currency Data)
GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIGECS: Original FI Line Items (Header/Line Item/Crcy Actg I/F)
JFDFSIS-M/SD: Billing/Settlement Index
JFGBZPIS-M/SD: Minimum/Maximum Amounts for Payment Program
JFRKIS-M/SD: Billing - Header Data
JHTFXIS-M/AM: Billing Index - Order Billing
JITCIRCBOOKIS-M/SD: Circulation Book with Delivery Quantities
JKACCFIZUOIS-M/SD: Payment Log - FI Document Data at Cycle Level
J_1APAYMNDetermine AFIP Payment Means
J_3RFTAX_EXTRDTax Extract Detail Lines
MHNDDunning Data
OTC_CONV_FHAPOBackup Table for Financial Transaction Flows
OTC_CONV_IFHAPOBackup Table for Underlying Transaction Flows
PA0070HR Master Record: Infotype 0070 (Court Orders - GB)
PA0125HR Master Record: Infotype 0125 (Garnishment B)
PAYRPayment Medium File
PPDITTransfer to Accounting: Lines in HR IDOCs
PTRV_DOC_ITTransfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document
RBKPDocument Header: Invoice Receipt
RBVSInvoice Verification: Split Invoice Amount
REFCCReferences between CO object numbers, currency differences
REGUPProcessed items from payment program
RFITEMAP_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the Vendor Transactions
RFITEMAR_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the Customer Transactions
RFITEMGL_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the GL Account Transactions
S407Rental agreements
SLDT_FLOWSubledger Distributor Transactions
T012AAllocation pmnt methods -> Bank trans.
T012EEDI-compatible house banks and payment methods
T015WInstruction keys
T015WTExplanation of Instruction Key
T036RPayment Request Levels
T042ABank selection for payment program
T042ECompany Code-Specific Specifications for Payment Methods
T042EAPayment method capability for ALE distribution
T042IAccount determination for payment program
T042ICCAccount Determination Payment Cards in Payment Program
T042IYAccount Determination for Payment Programs
T042KAccounts for bank charges
T042NBank transaction codes
T042QPermitted Destination Lands for Payment Method
T042VValue date for automatic payments
T042WPermitted currency keys for payment method
T042YAccount Determination for Bank to Bank Payments
T042YPAccount Determination for HR Payments
T042ZPayment Methods for Automatic Payment
T042ZAAdditional specifications for payment method
T042ZEBPPBiller Direct Payment Methods
T042ZTTexts of Payment Methods for Automatic Payment
T043UNegative grace period
T045GBank charges table for bill of exchange presentation
T045LCharges table for bill/ex.presentation (country-specific)
T045TUser ID for bank transactions
T052Terms of Payment
T076EFI-EDI: Assignment Pymt Method - External Pymt Method (Bank)
T51RKRemittance rule definition
T52POST_PAYMENTPayment Wage Types to Post
T5ITQ2Net pay rounding table - Italy only
T5W1KPension Funds and Medical Aid Schemes (RSA)
T5W1MSocial insurance companies
T6B1Rebate : Rebate Agreement Types
T7RUG9Money order fee for payment method
T7RUGBMoney order fee for payment method for regions
TBCA_ROUTEDETRoute Determination
TBKPVTime Between Payment Run and Value Date at House Bank
TBKSPSpecial Payments According to SWIFT Format MT199
TBKSZSpecial Payments According to SWIFT Format MT199
TBKZWPayment Method Group Dependency
TDDEBTTR_PAYMPayment info. for reactivated items after borrower change
TDESRVDINVIHCML Corr.: Invoice Header
TDIOA_TEMPLTemplate for Interest On Arrears Calculation
TDLOANREPLACEGeneral Data for Discharging Loan
TDLOS_MAP_PAYFLoan Origination: Assignment of Payment Methods
TDNOTEP_REFTYPAssign Note to Payee in PMW
TDPAYM_METHODPayment Method for Credit Life Insurance Included in Loan
TDREPAY_TEMPLTable for Payoff and Notice Templates
TDVZLDunnable payment methods for incoming payments in loans
TERT_FLOWFlow Table for Rights that can be Exercised
TIVHOHBKID4WEG-Verwaltung: Zahlwege
TIVRAOPACTISettings for Line Item
TIVZWIncoming payment method attributes
TJJB9IS-M/AM: Determine Terms of Payment
TRACT_ACCITEMAccounting Items
TRDT_FLOWPersistent distributor flows
TRST_CLASFLOCFM: Class Flows in Securities Account
TRST_CLASFLO_REVCFM: Reversed Class Flows in Securities Account
TRST_SECACC_BANKPayment Details for Securities Account
TVDSTPosting applications control table
TXW_S_BSEGRetrieve BSEG from archive
TZK02Condition group, condition group - condition type allocation
TZPABFinancial Assets Management product types
VACSPLTFI Document Parking (Enjoy): Amount Split
VDAD_CONTROLTable with Dates for Auto Debit Run
VDAD_RESULTResult Table for Auto Debit Collection
VDAUSZDrawings on Disbursement
VDBEPIPosted line items for document header
VDBEPI_SHADOWShadow Table for VDBEPI (Restrictions)
VDBEPPFlow Data - Planned Item
VDBOBEPPBusiness Operation: Entered and Activated Flow Data
VDCFWAREHOUSECash Flow Management
VDCNCLRescission of Business Operation
VDCOT_VER_CONConditions in the Condition Table
VDDISBTEMPDisbursements That Were Not Released
VDGPOLoan: Relationship Partner/Role Object
VDIOA_CALC_HEADCalculation Details for Interest on Arrears Calculation
VDORDERBorrower's note loan order data
VDPOST_CONTROLData Selection for Debit Position
VDREPAYMENTPayoff Master Data
VDSEPA_AUTODEB_ORecords for new auto debit (SEPA direct debit)
VDSEPA_PMCML specific Customizing for Payment Method (SEPA)
VDZVPayment Details for the Loan
VIAKBSEGDocument Line Item from SCS for Interface
VIBEPPFlow data - Planned items for real estate management
VICN01Real Estate Contract: Contract Data
VIMIIHInvoice Header
VIRPS407Rental agreements
VTBFHAPOTransaction Flow
VTBFHAPO_MIGRMigrated Financial Flows
VTBFHAPO_UNFIXEDNon-Fixed Financial Transaction Flows
VTBPFHAPOTreasury: Flow Shells
VTBSTC1Components of Payment Details for Standing Instruction
VTBZVPayment Details for Transaction
VTIFHAPOUnderlying transaction flows
VWBEPITreasury Securities: Actual Flows - Item
VWBEPPTreasury Securities: Planned Flows
VWORDEOrder Data
VZGPOPartner/role object relationship
VZZKOPOTable condition items
VZZUSPPayment splitting
WBRKAgency business: Header
WCOCOHCondition Contract: Header
/BEV1/RBKPCopy Table for KONP for Accrual (Field KBRUE)
/BEV1/RBVSField Conversion SIS for Rebate Proof (Indirect Customer)
/BEV3/CHABRSTZ_PCH Settlement Items - With Translations
/BEV3/CHBDMDHSTHistory of Condit. Modifications from Temp. Settlement Items
/BEV3/CHBREGINFPayer Information Agreement
/BEV3/CHERGSTZ_PCH Settlement Items - With Translations
/BEV3/CHERGSTZ_SCH Settlement Statistics
/BEV3/CHEXCSTZ_PCH Settlement Items/Non-Posted Docs w/o Date Statistics
/BEV3/CHRESSTZ_PCH Settlement Items - Reset Documents (2/Transaction)
/BEV3/CHRGZHLWGPayment Method Rule
/BEV3/CHSHTSTZ_PCH Settlement Item
/BEV3/CHSIMBDMDHCH simulation history of modifications caused by conditions
/BEV3/CHSIMSTZ_PCH Simulation Items
/BEV3/CHSIMSTZ_SCH Simulation Statistics
/BEV3/CHTMPMDHSTTemp. history of cond. modifications from temp. settle. item
/BEV3/CHTRMSTZ_SCH Date Statistics
/BEV3/CHVABRSTZSCH Settlement Statistics
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