DATUM Field in SAP | Date Data Element using tables

DATUM is a data element in SAP used for storing Date data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this DATUM field in SAP.

  • Data Element : DATUM
  • Description : Date
  • Data Type :DATS

Date tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using DATUM Field

ACCROLE21Application Role Registration: FieldNames and FinObjectTypes
AEPLSTIdentical object in explosion (item)
AFBPCIM order: Batch print requests
AFFWPROLog of deleted AFFW entries
AGS_MASS_CONFIGConfiguration table
AGS_TBOM_AVERSBPCA: TBOM Avers of remote systems
AIROUTTAB_VERSAP Solution Manager: RoutTab Version
AKB_RUNLISTObsolete: Information for Decoupling Administration
AKB_SYSLISTObsolete: BCB System List for Replication
ALDWNTIMEDowntime of systems for availability calculations
ANST_NOTE_SEATrace Notes Search Header
APB_LAUNCHPAD_VLaunchpad with versions
APP_FCTRApplication ID Node Number
AVERSInformation About Updates of R/3 Add-On Products
AVERS_ORIGInformationen über die Updates der R/3 Add On Produkte
BANK_JC_PRFL_KEYAutom. Key Assignment for Process Flows (= Job Nets)
BBP_BW_TIMESTAMPTime Stamp for Delta Handling (Data Transfer EBP -> BW)
BBP_TMP_ZD_ORGTemporary: Request 'Bidder', Company Data
BBP_VDSYNC_CUSTCustomizing Table for Vendor Synchronization
BCONTBusiness Partner Contact
BDEOIO_INEOIO: Queue Management in IDoc Inbound Processing
BDEOIO_OUTEOIO: Queue Management in IDoc Outbound Processing
BDRGINALE: Inbound Channel Registry
BDRGOUTALE: Outbound Channel Registry
BKORMAccounting Correspondence Requests
BKORRAccounting correspondence requests
BMA_PROTBOR Migration: Log Table for Conversion Process
BORGR_EVENTSTable for Dialog Sychronization Two-Step GR Automotive
BSBWDocument Valuation Fields
BSPARTICLEGoods Table BSP Bookshop
CACNS_GENERALSave Indicators for Different Applications
CACSCD_DOCCD_PDSettlement to FS-CD: Reference Document Line Items
CACS_FFLTITFulfillment Level Item
CCCINFOClient Copy Control: Info on Table CCCEXIT Entries
CCPROCTABParallel Client Copy Processes
CIFMDVRVersion Management for MRP Area Changes
CKCMVCosting Model: Model Valuation
CKMVFM_EXTRACTTransaction CKMVFM, Extracts, see SAP Note 912984
CMP_VBFS_EXTStatus Messages from Mass Complaints Processing
CMS_MESSAGE_CRMKeymapping bei Datenaustausch via XI
CMX_XS_DB_HISTXSteps: Historical Objects (Change Status)
CMX_XS_DB_HOBJXSteps: Historical Objects (Status Table)
CND_MEM_INF_UPLLock Table for Initial Load
CNVA_COA_CONV_CAChart of Accounts to conversion analysis
CNVA_COA_CONV_CCCoA and Comp.Code to conversion analysis
CNVA_COA_CONV_VSChart of Accounts to conversion analysis
CNVBACKUPTABTables to be saved in cluster cnv_backup_clu
CNVCMIS_A_1_BADIExit: Implementation side: Attributes
CNVCMIS_POSTPROSCMIS: Status table post-processing
CNVCMIS_U_PLISTCMIS Upg: Piece list administration
CNVC_CCE_HEADData maintenance : runs
CNVC_SCWB_TRESTrigger results
CNVMBTDELPARAMSParameter for the generic deletion program
CNVMBTSCSOLTDMS4HCM: Classical Scrambling Sol. Activated for Package
CNVMBTUSRConversion: Lock and unlock users
CNVMBTUSRPROJConversion: User locking and unlocking
CNVMBTUSRSUBPROJConversion: User locking and unlocking
CNVTDMSBW_DSDTSDelta period between tdms erp and BI
CNVTDMS_01_EVALTable to hold From Dates and their Evaluation
CNVTDMS_01_INCONInconsistent Entries as per the package for 'From Date'
CNVTDMS_01_PERIOPosting Period Analysis
CNV_00001_USRConversion: Lock and unlock users
CNV_10510_FCVMAPMappingtable for conversion of foreign currencies
CNV_10996_ARCHIVArchiving sessions for conversion
CNV_20000_RESULTResult of the fiscal year analysis
CNV_20200_SNAPBackup table for TFK021_SNAP: Acct Balance: Current Snapshot
CNV_ADT_DP_LOGT. Summary: Data provider execution log (single DP)
CNV_ADT_DP_LOGPT. Summary: Data provider execution log (whole package)
CNV_LICENCE_HWURequested License Keys
CNV_MBT_UT_CASESUnit test cases
CNV_TDMS_16_DRFCList of RFC destinations - DDIC Comparison report
CON_FIN_WQ_CTRLWork Queue Control Table
CON_FIN_WQ_HDRHeader Table for Transactions in Work Queue
CON_FIN_WQ_MSGMessages on the Transactions in the Work Queue
COVDATVOLCoverage Analyzer: Data Volume Monitor
CRCIFKAPIDObject IDs for Changed Capacities
CRFILEHDPayment Card File: Header
CRFILEPOSPayment Card File: Individual Records
CRFILESTATPayment Card File: Status Information for Individual Records
CRMC_CAPP_C_UIHSettings for Fields in Counter Application - Header Data
CTIMPEXCLogical import: exception table
CVERS_ACTActive Software Components in the System
DB4INDEX_HISTHistory of Index Sizes in the Database
DB4INDEX_STATIndex Sizes in the Database
DB4TABLE_HISTHistory of Table Sizes in the Database
DB4TABLE_STATTable Sizes in the Database
DBERCHZIndividual Line Items
DBERCHZ1Individual line items
DBERCHZ5Individual line items (unimportant rows)
DBERDZDB Table: Individ. Lines - Print Document
DBSNPDatabase snapshots
DBSTAIHDB4History of Index Sizes in the Database
DBSTATHDB4History of Table Sizes in the Database
DBSTATIDB4Index Sizes in the Database
DBSTATTDB4Table Sizes in the Database
DBVSETable for Oracle DB Snapshots of V$SYSTEM_EVENT
DDCDIMDD: Conversion, number of table lines
DDCNVCOUNTDD: Logeinträge der inkrementellen Umsetzungen protokolliere
DDCSTADD: Conversion, number of table lines
DDPARTDD: Partitioned form of TBATG
DELWBCROSSFind Type Group Deletion
DEVC_APPDevelopment Class Within the Application Hierarchy
DEVC_APXChanges Within the Translation Hierarchy (DEVC_APP)
DFK006BNote to Payee - Texts
DFK006ENote to Payee - Accounts
DFKKBICLFI-CA Batch Input - Error Change Logs
DFKKBOLBollo: Italy
DFKKCRCL_DOCSTable for Checks To Be Clarified
DFKKCRFRecord of Creditworthiness: Fixed Interest Periods, Releases
DFKKCRPCreditworthiness Record: Generating Actions
DFKKHUREPDSRecording Data for Domestic Sales Hungary
DFKKORDERHISTRequests: Document History
DFKKORDOPHISTStanding Requests: Document History
DFKKSUMCControl details for posting totals
DFKKTRACEKFKKTRACE: Header for a Trace Run
DFKKWEBPEBPP: Payment Data for Payments via Web
DFKKWOHWrite-Off History
DFKKWOHTMPTemporary Write-Off History
DFKK_PT_NUMSTobsolete Digital Signature PT: Document Number From
DFKK_RECLASSOI - Reclassifications
DFKK_SELP_RESFI-CA Selections - Result Records
DFK_JC_CNTRContainer for Related Jobs
DFK_JC_CNTR_MSGMessages for Background Processing
DFPAYMENT_KEY_IDContains ID for Payment Data Key
DIWPS_COMPReallocation: Conversion Storage Location
DIWPS_HEADReallocation: Conversion Plant/Work center
DIWPS_OPERReallocation: Conversion Plant/Work center
DIWPS_WORKReallocation: Conversion Plant/Work center
DMC_MDS_AVERSMDS: Information About Updates of R/3 Add-On Products
Application Platform Tables
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