CHAR20 Field in SAP | Char 20 Data Element using tables

CHAR20 is a data element in SAP used for storing Char 20 data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this CHAR20 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : CHAR20
  • Description : Char 20
  • Data Type :CHAR

Char 20 tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using CHAR20 Field

ACE_REPORTINGTimestamp of the last BI and Selfmon reporting of the ACE
ADIRACCESSTable to store keys for TADIR objects
AGSRBE_CUSTCustomizing Table
AGSWK_REP_FILTER(SP21) AGS workcetner: BI Reports'filters
AGSWK_REP_PARAMSAGS workcetner: BI Reports' parameters
AGSWK_REP_PMFUNCDon't delete, it is reused in Solman SP23
AGSWK_REP_PM_21(SP21) AGS workcetner: BI Reports' parameters
AGSWK_REP_PM_TXT(SP21) AGS workcetner: BI Reports' text parameters
AGS_BPCA_ISECT_DBPCA Intersection Display Setting
AGS_JMON_CONTEXTJob Alert Configuration Context
ALM_ME_DEBUG_SETDebugging Settings
AMRHApplication Monitor: Hierarchy acc. to TCODE/REPORT
ARCHLNK_TOAXYLink Table for ArchiveLink Stores from EOL Systems
BAPISDXTPItem Table for Test BO SBFADXT (DX Workbench)
BBPC_PRES_UNPLTemplates for Items in the Confirmation
BBPC_PRES_UNPL_TLang. Dependent Texts for Customizing Table BBPC_PRES_UNPL
BBPD_PO_METAOUTOutput-Relevant Fields of PO
BBP_PDHSSHdr Extension for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BBP_PDISSItem Ext. for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BC505EXTraining table for Oracle database administration
BC505INTable for fragmented index training, Oracle DBA courses
BC505TSTable for tablespace full training, Oracle DBA courses
BC510DSTable for dbspace full training, Informix DBA courses
BC510INTraining table for Informix database administration
BC510X1Training table for Informix database administration
BC510X2Training table for Informix database administration
BIBS_RPSTTable for maintaining action code and the repository object
BIBS_SCRTable for maintaining the screens, the action code and desc
BUTP_TPTP common data
CFX_NTF_TEMPLATETable for storing information about Notification Templates
CHKACCheck Table for Distributor: Generated Code
CMSDSYSCOMPCMS: System Components
CMSDSYSVERSCMS: System Component Versions
CMSSACTFILESCMS: Active Files for Steering SDM
CMSSDEPLOYINFOCMS: Deploy State and Information for Component Version
CMSSSDMSTAGINGCMS: Staging Table for Steering SDM
CMSSSTAGINGCMS: Staging Table for Steering SDM
CMSSSYSPROPCMS: System Properties for Steering SDM
CMS_LO_TRACECluster table for storing trace information
CNTLSTRINFAttributes of a stream
CNVC_SCNR_SCMD1Assignment NRIV-Object to data element
CNVTDMSBW_NRDIMNumber range table for DIMID
CNVTDMSBW_NRSIDNumber range Table for SID
CNVTDMSBW_PSATDMS 4.0: Table to store PSA tablenames
CNVTDMSSCR_KEYSTScrambling Keyset for rule
CNVWDCNV watchdog: Customizing table
CNV_20000_RESULTResult of the fiscal year analysis
CNV_MBT_ACT_LOGApplication log for DMIS Actions
COCF_SR_SUM_PDFSections for Interim Report
COCF_SR_SUM_P_ESections for Interim Report EAM
COMM_PCATREPLSTCatalogue Variant Staging Version Data
CON_FIN_TXTHASHHash Values of X Path and Node Key
CRMC_BL_DBXCHGCRM: Table for Generic Data Exchange
CUSTOMER_HD_DATABanking Benchmark: customer hardware data
DB2JUTSO User on OS/390
DB2TBLXRFC - Table Extents
DDPROFDD: Settings for DDIC programs
DEVACCESSTable for development user
DIWPS_FAVORITETable to store user-specific favorites in the WPS Browser
DMC_ACT_RECActivity record - info about the execution of DMC activities
DMC_ACT_REC_LOGApplication logs assigned to a DMC activity
DSVASAPPL_QSRESQuicksizer Results
DSVASCUSTCustomizing for DSA
DSVAS_STABCopy of structure of table dsvassessadmin
DSWPCISURVEYCUSTConfiguration: Solution Manager Questionnaire
DSWP_NWBC_DBGTable to Display Navigation Structure
DSWP_TM_SHAREDShared Data for Task Management
DXATTRIB4Attributes of Task of Type MAP DMCW
E2EREP_TD_ENQControl table for test data generation
E2EREP_TD_TOCTestdata index
E2E_PIINTCONF_TE2E PI Monitoring: Status Detail Text
E2E_PIINTFLOW_TE2E PI Monitoring: Status Detail Text
E2E_PISTATDETL_TE2E PI Monitoring: Status Detail Text
E2E_TEMPLCustomizing of External Templates
E2E_TEMPL_CONTContent for Customizing of BW Content Templates
EDS_VERI_TESTTestdaten für Evaluated Data Service Veri-Test SCSM_EDS_OQT
EPIC_DUM_TRANSACTransactions of Dummy Bank
ESH_TST_EH_RTIReal Time Indexing Test Data
FAGL_BW_LOG_HEADFI-GL: Log for BW Extraction: Control Data
FIGL_USER_DATAUser-Specific Data for Individual Transactions
FINB_CONT_TXTHSHHash Values of X Path and Node Key
FMHBHFunds management budget header (held documents)
FPB_GEN_WEGIDEvaluation Paths for Generating Authorizations
FVERSIONDBCache for file information
GLACCREFHG/L Account Master Record: Create with Reference
GLACCREFIG/L Account Master Record: Create with Reference
GRFN_ESIG_TAB2master data table for grc pc fda e-sig, v3
GTABKEY_CUSTThreshold for GTABKEY Online Updates
HRBW_REC_HDPY-XX-RECON: Country specific reports header data
HRPAD007Additional Data PAD007
ICFALIASExternal Aliases in ICF Services
ICFBUFFERBuffer for URL Display in Service List
ICFSERVICEICF Service Tree in Internet Communication Framework
IUUC_MOD_DYN_NAVDynamic and unrecognized module calls (with navigation)
IWP_HDB_MODELSVDM's for HANA Model Replication
J_7LC33REA Internal Use: Dynamic Screen Control
LAWDESTCUSLAW: Customizing Table for RFC Destinations
LISPRODLIS: Calculated Product Versions
LOYD_MSH_MSDYNTable for Maintaining Points for diff point types of Tiers
LOYD_MSH_MTDYNTable for Maintaining Points for diff point types of Tiers
LXE_CSNObject Lists
MASSAENAMEDefined Application Exits
MASSAPPEXApplication Exits for an Object
MCSLOGFile for saving logs
MCSLOGDIRDirectory of MCSLOG Entries
MIGTRIGGERTrigger during DMO (database migration option)
MLOCKLOCtest table used in SQL Server Locking Veris
N1ANNOTATIONCustomizing Annotation Tool
NPRDVERSZu installierende Produktversionen im Schattenrepository
NSWFEATINCZu installierende inkludierte Instanzen im Schattenrep.
NSWFEATUREZu installierende Instanzen im Schattenrepository
NTECHUSAGEzu installierende Technical Usages im Schattenrep.
NWCHLS_NFALIS-H CH: ALIS-Fehlerhandlung - Falldaten (für Fall-API)
OBJ_COMPObject Comparison
OCS_ALLTABS_INFOTest of CHECK_FREESP. under Informix (Info for all Tables)
OCS_TESTFREE_INFTable for testing CHECK_FREESPACE under Informix
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