BU_PARTNER Field in SAP | Business Partner Number Data Element using tables

BU_PARTNER is a data element in SAP used for storing Business Partner Number data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this BU_PARTNER field in SAP.

  • Data Element : BU_PARTNER
  • Description : Business Partner Number
  • Data Type :CHAR

Business Partner Number tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using BU_PARTNER Field

AD01DLIDynamic items (DI)
AFWCH_STR_SAMPSample Customizing
AGSSMSY2CPSOptional: Mapping of SMSY Systems onto CPS Systems
AGS_EJR_PROCTYPEAllowed Process types for Job Request
AGS_JOB_HEADBackground Job Header Data
AGS_JOB_INSTANCEExecutable Entity of a Job (in System)
AGS_ORGMODELJob Definition Context Information
AGS_PARAM_MONBusiness Process Monitoring Parameters
AISDK_CF_OSS_USRService Provider: S-User --> R/3 User
ARCH_FKKOPFI-CA doc: Header-oriented doc index for archive
BBPC_IMSTREX_ECustomizing Table for Duplicate Invoice's Search Criteria
BBPC_IMSTREX_VAssignment of Delivery to Groups
BBPC_IMS_PROPIMS Exception Properties
BBPD_CTR_NOV_LOGNovation Protocol
BBPD_PD_INDEXIndex Table for Fast Access to Contracts and AVLs
BBPD_SUS_BP_DUPLSUS/BP: Staging Table for Duplicate Check
BBPD_SUS_BP_NOTFSupplier to be Notified for First Use
BBP_ADDRMAPMapping EBP Address Number <--> External Address Number/Type
BBP_ATTR_LOCBINEBP Backup Table for Unconverted Locations
BBP_BOBUSER_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Requester / Buying on Behalf of
BBP_CAT_ENTITYDefiniton of Allowed Catalogs
BBP_CU_TRACKStatus Tracking: Call Structure
BBP_GRCPLANT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Plants
BBP_GRCUSER_FAVUser Spec. Favorites for Goods Recipient (Person)
BBP_LOCATION_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Locations
BBP_LOCMAPMapping Table Business Partner --> System --> Location
BBP_LOCMAP_ADMAdmin.Information for BBP_LOCMAP
BBP_NEWVD_LOGList of Newly Created Vendors
BBP_PDBUPBusiness Partner Set
BBP_SD_LOGVendor's Entries in Vendor List
BBP_SIMU_WT_CUSTActivate Withholding Tax
BBP_SP_ALERTAlerts for SP1.0 from SUS
BBP_SUPP_MONIVendor Monitor for Changed Data
BBP_SUS_BPCMPMAPMapping Table for Business Partner (Buyer; Goods Recipient)
BBP_SUS_NEWSSRM-SUS: News Management by Purchaser
BBP_SUS_STG_ADRStaging address table
BBP_SUS_STG_BANKStaging Bank table
BBP_SUS_STG_FAXStaging address table
BBP_SUS_STG_MAILstaging mail table
BBP_SUS_STG_TAXstaging tax table
BBP_SUS_STG_TELStaging table for telephone
BBP_TMP_ZD_ASPTemporary: Request 'Bidder', Contact Person Data
BBP_TMP_ZD_ORGTemporary: Request 'Bidder', Company Data
BBP_VENDOR_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Vendors
BC001Business Partner: Assign Vendor - Partner
BCA_US_BC_ADDRAddresses Associated with Bank Cheques
BCA_US_BUT000US Specific Enhancements to BP
BCA_US_DEA_ESCHEscheat Accounts Data
BCA_US_DEA_HISTCorrespondence History
BCONTBusiness Partner Contact
BD001Business Partner: Assignment Customer - Partner
BEA_CNPL_PLHPrice List Header of application CNPL
BKK21Business Partner Aliases
BKK45Relationship: Current Account - Business Partner
BKK45_CORRCorrespondence Receiver Administration
BKK45_HISTORYHistory Table for BCA - BP relationship
BKKC12Gen. Ledger: New Balances for Bal. Sheet Preparation
BKKOVR_ACCNTItem Table: Accounts with Tolerated Overdraft
BP000Business Partner Master (General Data)
BP001FS-Specific Attributes; Organization
BP002Treasury attributes natural person
BP1013Differentiated Attributes
BP1070Do Not Use! Liability Risks for Business Partner
BP3010Additional Data
BPBPCABPCA for Business Partner
BPFRGOBSOLETE TABLE: Business Partner: Roles for Release
BPID001Additional Partner Numbers
BPOBIMMOBusiness Partner - Object Relationship: Real Estate
BPOBTABPartner-Object Relationship
BPTAXCBusiness Partner Tax Compliance
BPTC01Master Data for Total Commitment
BPTC02Flow Data for Total Commitment
BPTC03Contract - Role Category Link in Total Commitment
BPTRGP_ABGLBP: Match Existing and Migrated Partners
BPTRGP_WORKBP: Assign Treasury Partner to IS-IS-Partner
BPZGPBP: Conversion Table TR BP to SAP BP
BROK_SALDBroker Balance Table
BROK_SALD_VKBroker Balance Table
BUT000BP: General data I
BUT000_TDBP: General Data I, Shadow Table Time Dependency
BUT000_TDSBP: General Data I, Shadow Table Time Dependency
BUT001BP: General data II
BUT010GP: old, do not use ==> BUT020
BUT020BP: Addresses
BUT020SShadow Table BP: Addresses
BUT021BP: Address usages
BUT021_FSTime-Dependent Address Usages
BUT021_FSSShadow Table: Time-Dependent Address Usages
BUT030BP Where-Used List: Usages
BUT030GBP Where-Used List: Generic Nodes
BUT030GTBP Where-Used List: Generic Nodes, Text
BUT030TBP Object Usage: Application Table, Texts
BUT050BP relationships/role definitions: General data
BUT050SBP Relationships/Role Definitions: General Data
BUT050_CDBP Rel./Role Determination:Index Table for Change Doc.Access
BUT051BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship
BUT051SShadow Table BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship
BUT052BP Relationship: Addresses
BUT052SShadow Table BP Relationship: Addresses
BUT053BP Relationship: Company Interest
BUT054BP Relationship (not used yet)
BUT0BANKBusiness Partner: Bank Data
BUT0BKBP: Bank Details
BUT0BKUBP: Bank Details Usages
BUT0BK_SHDShadow table for BUT0BK (IBAN only)
BUT0CCBP: Payment Cards
BUT0IDBP: ID Numbers
BUT0ID_BIP_NOHITBusiness Information Provider: Logging of non identified BP
BUT0ISBP: Industries
BUT0VPBP: Business Partner Assignment and Links
BUT100BP: Roles
BUT150BP relationship: Attribute table (test different.type TBUKR)
BUTADRSEARCHMass Search Help: Business Partner
BUTEORTEnd of Retention Date for Business Partner
BUTP_TPTP common data
BUTSORTSORT Details of Business Partners for each Application
BUT_TDMISSBP Non-Distributable Time-Dependent Data (from BUT_TDTRANS)
BUT_TDTRANSBP: Index Table for Distributing Time-Dependent Data
BUXPRABusiness Partner: XPRA Management Table
CACS_BUPA1More Data on ComnContrPartner, CommnsClerk or Occasion.Agent
CACS_PERNR_BPAssignment PA Personnel Number -> Business Partner
CDBC_BRANCHMSA: Decimal places maintained for plants
CDBC_LOCMAPMapping Table: Business Partner -> Location
CDBD_BPTAXNUMTax Numbers for Business Partner in CDB
CDBD_BP_CLASSCDB Business Partner Classification
CDBD_BUT0ISBusiness Partner Industries (Mobile Client)
CDBD_BUT100BP: Roles
CDBD_TAXEXMT_ARMSA: Tax Exemptions for Business Partners
CMACBPSTBusiness Partner: Student
CMACBPST2Additional Attributes of Student Business Partner
CMACBPSTCABusiness Partner: Student Grant
CMACBPSTCA2Business Partner: Student Grant Detail
CMACCODDDue Date Schedule for Contract Object
CMACDB_FEEHDFee Calculation Document Header
CMSD_CNT_BP_XTContract Partner(s) Extract
CMSD_CNT_PWAC_XTContract Product - WAC
CMSD_GRP_MEM_MSTGroup Membership
CMSD_LKEY_PARTNRCMS : Cascade Registry -> Logical key for Partner
CMSD_TRANSM_LOGContract transmission Log
COMD_WEC_BP_CPCheckout Profile
COMD_WEC_BP_CPDDefault Checkout Profile
CRMBWT_VAL_BPAttribute Values for Business Partner
CRMC_BRANCHDecimal places maintained for plants
CRMC_BUPA_CONSUMBusiness Partner Consumer Template
CRMC_CIC_CTISLTMCRM CIC: time limit for reacting within Service Level
CRMC_COMM_INFOCommunication Information
CRMC_CPP_AVCProfiles for Tolerance control
CRM_OSP_T_BP_TSTable for Last changed timestamp of Business Partner
CRM_SVY_RE_TOBJACRM Survey: Recipient Attributes (BW Connection)
DFKKBPTAXNUMTax Numbers for Business Partner
DFKKSAFTBPSAF-T Business Partner
DFKK_BL_BPLocked Business Partners from GTS
DFK_NORM_BPNormalized Data for Duplicate Search for Business Partner
DIMABROKERIO: Broker-Specific Data in FS-CD
DIMAIOBPARIO: Insurance Object-Partner Relationship in FS-CD
DIMAIOBPAR_REOBSOLETE: Extended Insurance Object-Partner Relationship
DIMAPARBROKIO: Insurance Object-Broker Relationship in FS-CD
DIMAPARCORRIO: Correspondence for Ins. Object <-> Partner Relationship
DIMAPARPAYIO: Alt. Payt Recipient for Ins. Obj.-Partner Relationship
DIMAPARPPLANIO: Payment Plan Changes in Insurance Object
DIMAPARPPLAN_REVPayment Plan: Reversal Table for Whole Payment Plan
DIMAPA_REV_DETAPayment Plan: Reversal Table Detail Payment Plan
DPSCITIZENBusiness Partner: Corresponding Citizen
EAUSMove-out Doc. for Contract Acc.
EBP_ADDR_SERVICESearch Index for Business Partner Service Addresses
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