SAP BLART (Document type) Data element field

  • Data Element : BLART
  • Description : Document type
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using BLART Field

ACCRCUSTAccrual/Deferral Profile
ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
ACESLN1000001Derivation Rule: Document Type
ADMI_FIDOCArchive Management for FI_DOCUMNT Object
ADMI_FIDOQEnhancement to Archive Mgt. for FI_DOCUMNT Object
ARIX_BKPFFI_DOCUMNT: Header-Oriented Document Index for Archive
ARIX_BSADFI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving Customer Accts
ARIX_BSAKFI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Indx for Archiving Vendor Accounts
ARIX_BSASFI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving G/L Accounts
ARIX_BSISFI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving G/L Accounts
BBP_DOCTYPE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Document Types
BBP_PCIACAccounting Data for Procurement Card Company
BBP_RBKPDocument Header: Invoice Receipt
BFIT_A0FI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Zero Bal.Postings for Bus.Area
BKPFAccounting Document Header
BKPF_ADDAccounting Document Header
BSACC_HIST_CUSTGeneral Settings for Account History
BSADAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
BSAD_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
BSAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSAK_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSASAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
BSAS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
BSIDAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSID_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Customers
BSIKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors
BSIK_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for vendors
BSIMSecondary Index, Documents for Material
BSIM_BAKSecondary Index, Documents for Material
BSISAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
BSIS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
BSIWIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
BSIXIndex table for customer bills of exchange used
BWPOSValuations for Open Items
CACS00_DOCFI_HData Transfer: FI Documents (Header Data)
CACS00_DOCFI_PData Transfer: FI Documents (Items)
CACSFI_ACSFIAccount Assignment of Stt.Types for FI Settlement System
CACSFI_DOCFI_HDSettlement to FI: Reference Document Header
CACSNO_NO_ACSFIAccount Assignments Notification Rules FI
CKMLAVRDOCITLines for Cumulation Posting Document
CNV_20000_MAPPMapping for the errneous table
COERSales Order Value Revenue
CON_FIN_TDOCTYPEAssignment of Document Type to Business Transaction Category
CRACCPayment Cards: Account Assignments in Card Master Record
CRNUMPayment cards: Card master record
DFKKORDERRequests: Header Data
DFKKORDER_SRequest Templates: Header Data
DKKOPBalance Audit Trail
DKOKPOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail
DSKOPBalance Audit Trail
EBKPFFin.Accntng Doc.Header (of Docs from Extern.Systems)
EQSESerial Number Records
ES340_OPRKEYOperation Key in Model - 340
EWUCUSA2EMU conversion: Document type and posting key
FAGLBSASAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
FAGLBSAS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
FAGLBSISAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
FAGLBSIS_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
FAGL_ALE_CNTRPROSingle Doc. and Summary Doc. Transfer: Central Processes
FAGL_BELNR_LDDocument Types for Entry View in a Ledger
FAGL_BW_LOG_ITEMFI-GL: Log for BW Extraction: Line Items
FAGL_DOCNR_LDDocument Types for General Ledger View in a Ledger
FAGL_VAL_LOGValidation of Document Splitting: Log
FDM_CCM_CORRTrigger Table for Manual Adjustments (Claims Management)
FERC_D2Documents per sender and account
FIEUD_FIDOC_HSAFT: FI Transaction Document Header
FIEUD_MFISAFT : Manual FI Invoices
FIPTC_BD_SPLGLMaintain Special GL Indicator for Bad Debts (Portugal)
FISAFTPTC_SBINFOSAFT: Customization for Self Billing File Generation
FM01AFM area control records
FM2BLTR1FM2BL - Define on FM area level
FMBGABLARTDefinition of Document Type for Adjustment Document
FMBGADTTRANSDocument Types for Postings in PCO
FMBLBASICBudgetary Ledger Basic Settings
FMBLEXTINSubstitute BL Doc Types for Invoices
FMBLFILTER_USERExcludes a user going through BL core (only for testing)
FMBLREGCCORegularization per Fiscal Year and Compeny Code
FMD1_F15_TAO2VSLF15 Interface - Request Document Type -> Processing Key
FMEPFI-FM Line Items
FMEUFCATCertifiable Document Types
FMFGAAPAYDOCTYPPartial Payments by Acc. Assign.: Supported Document Types
FMFGRCReason Codes for Invoices
FMFGRCT Reason Code texts
FMFGT_IPACEDUS Federal IPACed transaction information
FMFGT_IPACED_IDUS Federal IPACed transaction information
FMFGT_IPAC_ACCTList of DIT & FBT Accounts for IPAC Interface Process
FMFGT_IPCD_BLRTIPACed Auto Doc Creation: Default fields for Invoice
FMFGT_SS02Payment Statistical Sampling Process Rules
FMFG_BLART_EXCLDocument types excl. from BL source and posting type check
FMFG_DOCT_ADJInvoice Document types for adjustment delivered
FMFG_PO_SUBSETZEKKN number to correct invoices for SES
FMFG_PO_ZEKKNZEKKN data for all FI items referencing service POs
FMFG_REPOST_CNTLDocument batching/control for SL Repost for ECC 600 migratio
FMIFIHDFI Header Table in Funds Management
FMITPOCTCustomizing: Payment Transfer (new in Release 4.61A )
FMKW6Grace Period Rule for Public-Law Dunning Procedure
FMPYIS-PS: Payment Transactions
FMRECSteuerung des Quittungsdrucks
FMSHERLOCKClarification List (Payments to be Clarified)
FMT003Funds Management Flags for FI Document Type
FMUSFG_TSAAssign. of FI Doc Type/ Accnt/Fund to Treasury Subclass Code
FPCL_ACC_PARAParameter for the Posting
FPIN_T_POSTENDatabase for Penalty Interest (Chorus)
GLE_FI_ITEM_MODFECS: Modified FI Line Items (Header/Item/Currency Data)
GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIGECS: Original FI Line Items (Header/Line Item/Crcy Actg I/F)
GLE_MCA_TPRCCATPMCA Variant specific Attributes of Process Categories
GLPCAEC-PCA: Actual Line Items
GLPCA_CTProfit Center Documents
GLPOS_C_CTFI Document: Entry View
GLPOS_N_CTNew General Ledger: Line Item with Currency Type
ICRCAICRC: Items to be Reconciled
ICRCUICRC: Potentially Differing Document Groups
ICRCZICRC: Reconciled, Completed Items
IDCN_DOCTYPAssign Account Document Type for Vorcher Type
IDCN_DOCTYPEAccounting Document Types (Golden Audit)
IDCN_TR_MAPFI Document Types (Golden Audit)
IDCN_ZJFCOCDActivate Account Entry Closing Method for Company Codes
IDES_SIAssign Number Range for Self Invoices to Company Code
IDMX_DI_FIDCTPDigital Invoice Mexico: Special FI Document Types (SAT)
IDPL_SIAssign Number Range for Internal Invoices to Company Code
IDPL_SI_TAXAssign Tax Code for Self Invoices to Company Code
IDSAU_WT_NUMRAssignment of number range to withholding report
IFMPDCUSTPayment Directive Settings
IFMPDPKPayment Directives: Posting Keys
IHC_DB_DSP_TRAPOTable Structure for displaying the Posted Item Detail
ISJPSELECTIONSelection of line items for Invoice Summary
ISJPTAXADJUSTTax Adjustment Postings
JFXBPOSDLIS-M: Backup Transfer Internal Table XBPOS
JVPO1JVA: Plan Line Items
JVSO1JV LI Table with Objects for JVTO1
J_1ADISDOCConfiguration of automatic generation of discount documents
J_1ADTFSDocument type field status
J_1AWTH_TAX_DOCConditions per Document Type for Applying WithholdingTax
J_1BIMFIMovement Types for Vendor Invoices (Brazil)
J_1BIV02Nota Fiscal type determination
J_1HVAT_OFF_NUMVAT official numbering
J_1IEWTDOCKEYDocument Types for Extended Withholding Tax Processes
J_1IEWT_CUST Customer certificates ,Challan customizing EWT- India
J_1IPART2Excise Part II details
J_1ISER_BSEGTransaction table having the Invoices with Service Category
J_1ITDSClassic TDS - reference table
J_3RFIN_RATE_CLCDownpayments rate calculator for foreign currency - invoices
J_3RFTAX_EXTRDTax Extract Detail Lines
J_3RF_CORR_INVDefine Correction Invoices (Russia)
J_3RF_OPERTYPAssignment of Operation Type Codes to Tax Codes
J_3RF_REGCUS_INCustomizing for Incoming Invoice Registration Journal
J_3RF_TP_DOCTYPEDocument types relevant for company code
J_3RKAIDActivate Automatic Offsetting Account Determination
J_3RKKRSAccount correspondence line items
J_3RS_CCD_FIPOSTPosting Rules for Customs Fees and Duties
J_7LC15REA Data Filter: Document Types
MEV_C_GENCUST_MMPeriod-End Valuation: General Customizing MM
MHNDDunning Data
MKPFHeader: Material Document
MLITMBMaterial valuation document row information
MWMKPFHeader Table for the Interface
MYLAUFCUSTCustomizing for Balance Sheet Valuation Delta Run by Account
MYSEG_EXTRACTDocument Segment: Material
NFALACPIS-H: Case Accrual per Day
OIA10Exchange - Netting document item
OIRECHSSR PC: Clearing House table (IS-Oil SSR)
OIRECOMPACTSSR PC: Complaint action
OIUHS_JE_ACC_IDPRA: Journal Entry Posting Rules per Account Type
OIUHS_JE_ACC_TYPPRA: Journal Entry Posting Rules per Account Type
PPDHDTransfer to Accounting: Document Header
PSO36Assignment Proposal FI Document Type to Request Category
PSO41Assigning Request Category to Document Type
PSO42_BLARTApprove and Post Control Automatically (With BLART)
PSO52Earmarked Funds Information for Standing Requests
PSO54Posting Information Small Amounts
PSO55Negative Posting in Requests
PSOBLAFSTAssigning Field Selection String -> Document Type
PSOKPFRecurring Request Document Header
PSOWF2Assigning Company Code, Document Type to Workflow Variant
PTRV_DOC_HDTransfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV int. document
QALSInspection lot record
RBKPDocument Header: Invoice Receipt
REGUPProcessed items from payment program
RFIDPTAAVPro-Rata Asset Acquisition Value
RFITEMAP_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the Vendor Transactions
RFITEMAR_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the Customer Transactions
RFITEMGL_NO_ITEMItem wise detail for the GL Account Transactions
SER03Document Header for Serial Numbers for Goods Movements
SERISerial Numbers
SIPT_NUMBR_MMSignature PT: Relevancy of Self Billing Number range
SIPT_RBKPPortugal: Digital Signature for Self Billing Document
T003Document Types
T003ADocument Types for Posting with Clearing
T003BObject Types for Early Entry in Financial Acctng
T003DDocument Types for Enjoy Transactions
T003SDocument Types for Storing Documents (Log. IV)
T003TDocument Type Texts
T003_FSDocument Types
T003_IDocument types
T007L_ITGrouping Tax Balances Italy Black List
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