BEGRU Field in SAP | Authorization Group Data Element using tables

BEGRU is a data element in SAP used for storing Authorization Group data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this BEGRU field in SAP.

  • Data Element : BEGRU
  • Description : Authorization Group
  • Data Type :CHAR

Authorization Group tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using BEGRU Field

ANKAAsset classes: general data
ASMDService Master: Basic Data
BBPT_T023Material groups
BCONTBusiness Partner Contact
BCONTAContact Activities
BCONTCContact Classes
BGMKMaster Warranty Header
BGMKOBJMaster Warranty - Object Assignment
BKK42Current Account Master Data: Operative Data
BP000Business Partner Master (General Data)
BP1000BP: Business Partner - Role
DKKOSBalance Audit Trail
DKOKSOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail Master Record
DPSOBContract Object in Collection and Disbursement
DRAWDocument Info Record
EAUSMove-out Doc. for Contract Acc.
EAUSVMove-out Doc. Contract Level
ECAMIOPRHEADIS-U: Parked Document: Header Data
EDEVGRMaster Data for Device Group
EDISCDOCDiscDoc.: Header
EDSCDisc.Header Data
EEAGInput/Output Group
EEDMSETTLDOCSettlement Document (Header)
EEDMSETTLDOCALERSettlement Document (Alerts)
EEDMSETTLDOCERRSettlement Document (Errors)
EEDMSETTLDOCRUNSettlement Document (Run)
EEDMSETTLDOCVARHVariants for Header Info of Settlement Document
EEINMove-in Doc. for ContAcc.
EEWA_CAPAB_HEADIS-U Waste: Capacity Planning - Header
EEWA_GUARANTORGuarantor Contract
EEWA_ROBCleaning Object
EIDESWTDOCSwitch Document Header
EIDESWTMSGDATAMessage Data for Switch Document
EINIDATCRInit. Data Cr. Doc.: Premise - Header Data
EKOGCommand Group
EKONFranchise Contract MasterData
ELACCLoyalty Account Header
EPREIMstr Pricing Table for All Prices
EPRESCLPrice Adjustment Clause for All Price Categories
EPROFHEADProfile Header Data
EPROFHEAD_TMPHeader Data of Temporary Profile
EPROPOwner Allocation
ERCHBilling Doc. Data
ERCH_SHORTHeader Data for Billing Document - Extract
ERDKPrint Document/Header Data
EREDEMPRedemption Document for Loyalty Program
ESCHBilling Schema (Header Data)
ESERVICEPoint of delivery service
ESERVPROVService provider
ETRFRate (Head. Data)
ETTAGeneral Rate Cat.(Header Data)
EUIGRIDAllocation of PoD to Grid
EUIHEADPoD Header Data
EUIINSTLNAllocation of Installation to PoD
EUILNRAllocation of Logical Device to PoD
EUILZWAllocation of Logical Register to PoD
EUITRANSTransformation of Internal/External Point of Delivery No.
EWACALENDERDefinition of General Non-Workdays
EWAEHSGPBusiness Partner Integration Table EHS/ IS-W
EWAEQUIIS-U WA: Additional Data for Equipment Master
EWAOBJHeader Data for Service Frequency
EWAROUTEHeader table of route
EWATDEVLOCProvisional Container/Container Location Allocation
EWA_BILL_RELEVNTValuation of Fields Relevant for Billing in Waste Bill.Cat.
EWA_EL_WDPPROCProcedure Within Facility
EWA_EL_WDPPROGRTransaction Group
EWA_EL_WDPPROTETransaction Template
EWA_EL_WDPPROTYProcedure Category
EWA_FAKTORFactors for Billing of Waste Management Services
EWA_ORDER_HEADHeader Table for Waste Disposal Order
EWA_VBSTable Supplement for Premise with Historical Data
EWA_WA_WEIGHOFFLOffline Weighing
EZWGRegister Group
EZWG_HEADRegister Group: Header Data
FIPR_PRODUCTProduct, Master Data
FKKCOCCVCorrespondence generation - control records
FKKVKPContract Account Partner-Specific
KNVVCustomer Master Sales Data
MARAGeneral Material Data
MARA_TMPFile for Incorrect Data in Direct Input
MVRACross-version fields for MARA
N2DRAWADocument Info Record
SMLSStandard milestone
T023Material Groups
TBKKAUTGRPAuthorization Groups
TBKKAUTGRPTAuthorization Groups: Texts
TBKK_4EYES_G_NTCNotice: Dual Control for Each Bank Area/Product/Category
TBKK_DC_NTC_AUTHNotice: Amount Authorization
TCNVSCCustomizing: Possible version number per version category
TDPR_PRODUCTProduct, Master Data
TE271Sample Lot
TE420Sch. Mast. Data: Portion
TE422Schedule Master Data for Meter Reading Unit
TFICA_DEFSamples for Contract Account Types
TFK020BShort Account Assignments for Transfer Postings to Cash Desk
TFK090AMass Activity Types
TMP_SPECModel Service Specifications
TPSOB_DEFSamples for Contract Object Types
TTONFTVDARLTest neue Fima: Grunddaten und VDARL
TZD0ADarwin: Customer default values per trans. type for KNA1
VDCORR_ALOILoans: Search Index for Correspondence (Document Finder)
VDCOTCondition Table
VDHOKOMain file header
VDMEKOCondition Table: Header
VDPOKOFile header
VSMLST_CNVersion: Milestone
VZFGDRelease data (Informative data for the release procedure)
/LIME/HU_S003Shadow Table for LIME - SSCC
/LIME/LOC_I001LIME - Location Key Plant, Storage Location (R/3)
/LIME/LOC_I002LIME - Location Key Plant (R/3)
/LIME/LOC_I003LIME - Location Key GLN
/LIME/LOC_I004LIME - Location Key DUNS+4
/LIME/LOC_I005LIME - Location Key APO Location (F&R)
/LIME/LOC_I006LIME - Location Key Location GUID (ICH)
/LIME/LOC_I007LIME - Location Key Partner (incl. R/3)
/LIME/LOC_I008LIME - Location Key Means of Transport, Code (incl. R/3)
/LIME/LOC_S001Shadow Table for LIME - Plant, Storage Location (R/3)
/LIME/LOC_S002Shadow Table for LIME - Plant (R/3)
/LIME/LOC_S003Shadow Table for LIME - GLN
/LIME/LOC_S004Shadow Table for LIME - DUNS+4
/LIME/LOC_S005Shadow Table for LIME - APO Location (F&R)
/LIME/LOC_S006Shadow Table for LIME - Location GUID (ICH)
/LIME/LOC_S007Shadow Table for LIME - Partner (incl. R/3)
/LIME/LOC_S008Shadow Table for LIME - Means of Transport, Code (incl. R/3)
/LIME/PN_ITEMTable to Save Prima Nota Item Data
/LIME/STOCK_I001LIME - Stock Key Material (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_I002LIME - Stock Key Material, Batch (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_I003LIME - Stock Key GTIN, Variant
/LIME/STOCK_I005LIME - Stock Key APO Material (F&R)
/LIME/STOCK_I006LIME - Stock Key Product GUID, Version (ICH)
/LIME/STOCK_I011LIME - Stock Key Sales Order Stock (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_I012LIME - Stock Key Sales Order Stock, Batch (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_I021LIME - Stock Key Project Stock (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_I022LIME - Stock Key Project Stock, Batch (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_S001Shadow Table for LIME - Material (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_S002Shadow Table for LIME - Material, Batch (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_S003Shadow Table for LIME - GTIN, Variant
/LIME/STOCK_S005Shadow Table for LIME - APO Material (F&R)
/LIME/STOCK_S006Shadow Table for LIME - Product GUID, Version (ICH)
/LIME/STOCK_S011Shadow Table for LIME - Sales Order Stock (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_S012Shadow Table for LIME - Sales Order Stock, Batch (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_S021Shadow Table for LIME - Project Stock (R/3)
/LIME/STOCK_S022Shadow Table for LIME - Project Stock, Batch (R/3)
/SAPSLL/L_IG01GTS - Location Table for Customs Warehouse IDs
/SAPSLL/L_SG01GTS: Shadow Location Table for Customs Warehouse IDs
/SAPSLL/S_IG01GTS - Make-to-Order Stock (Duty Unpaid)
/SAPSLL/S_SG01GTS - Make-to-Order Stock (Duty Unpaid)
/SAPSLL/S_SG02GTS - Shadow Stock
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